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Found 2 results

  1. Description: When walking around mineral patches near the starting base green indicator rings are shown around the patches (even when fully mined, but that's another bug). It would probably be better for performance if this wasn't the case + it doesn't look so nice. Expected behavior: ring to be displayed on the floor only, not casting glows on nearby items, platforms, players, UI, etc. Actual behavior: ring is displayed on the floor but also affects outline of backpack, terrain tool and texts. Platform: Steam Version: 0.6.5 System specification: OS: Windows 10 Pro (legal copy, fully updated) CPU: I5-4690 MEM: 16GB RAM GPU: GTX 1070 (latest drivers) Controls: keyboard + mouse
  2. Hello ! I want you to submit great ideas for your great game !!! 1. This is a new kind of spacecraft (shuttles) 2. Being (monsters) 3. Ground transportation (such as planetary walker for non-flat surfaces) 4. What I dream to see in your game, so this ring from the famous game "halo" !!! This is my dream)) I would love to work in your team, you have experience)) I still have a lot of cool ideas! Which surely you will like! If that's my mail and skype: skype: andrey3062001 twitter: @No_Mans_Sky1 (Andrey) P.S I am Russian ! Translated text from google (I will be glad to any your answer!)