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Found 3 results

  1. The Trading Post has a few exploits that need to be fixed. Now as much as I kinda like this exploit (especially in times of need), it still needs to be fixed. The problem with the Trading Post comes in the form of Ores and Purified Materials. Say you were trying to build a Vehicle Bay, and you needed that aluminum to build it. You have 1 lithium, which you can trade for either 1 pure aluminum, or for 2 Laterite. Here's the thing, is that 1 Laterite = 1 aluminum on the smelter. So why use the lithium to get one, when you can get 2. I've seen (and used) this exploit fairly often. Only trade-off you need is a few bars of energy. This needs to be fixed and reworked, as to make the game as fair as possible for everyone.
  2. The fuel condenser can be unfortunately exploited easily to get any resource you want. With just being able to convert energy into free fuel, you can gather these with no effort at all on a sunny day, and use the trade platform endlessly to get resources for free. I propose that the fuel crystals you mine be raw, like copper and aluminum, and the fuel condenser converts them into the liquid fuel. Maybe even add a production cost of a compound to make the container for the fuel during the process. This would eliminate this exploitation and add a bit more depth to fuel harvesting.
  3. So there may already be jet packs and I'm just not that far in. I love the game so far, it's really fun. I was hoping to see some changes when it comes to carrying objects, specifically research objects, it feels like when you're moving with something it has a tendency to drag your camera a little bit and you can get stuck on things. Also, there was a crashed spaceship I went inside to collect resources in and I ended up dying in there because the camera was panning through the spaceship and I couldn't see where my character was. One more thing, I wish the plants/terrain would render a little sooner. I didn't like that about NMS, how you could see terrain features just popping into view 50 feet in front of you. Is there a possibility of a point system? I wouldn't mind having little objectives to complete or having certain survival/creation/terrain deformation perks that you can achieve by completing tasks. Other than that it's been very pleasant so far.