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Found 5 results

  1. Before you judge I want to say I love the new update with the compass, missions and large wind turbines and solar panels, but me and my friends think that some of those rewards make the game too easy. I am not saying they should be removed, but let me tell you this: All our playthroughs before the update went something like this: - Land on Sylva, research items, gather resources for a small space shuttle and gather some zinc for batteries later (1 - 2 hours) - Travel to Vesania for titanite and lithium (for medium batteries), make batteries and collect resources for later (1 - 2 hours) - Next Planet is Calidor for wolframite for things like the chemistry lab. Here we usually get the medium Shuttle and travel with more resources (about 1 hour) - Glacio is next because of iron. We usually end up staying here the longest because we mostly have all the resources we need and can work on RTGs (4+ hours) - After all that we travel to every planet and power the structures on there to finish the planets The reason to why we spend so much time on some of those planets is because we mostly have to wait for power or just think about what we should do next. Because of the rewards from most of the missions we ended up spending half or less of the time on one planet than before. I mean on Vesania we got a large wind turbine and large solar panel thrown at us just for gathering lithium and printing a medium battery. From this point on we almost never had to wait for power anymore. I have nothing against the QT-RTGs. Those are pretty neat, but they also kinda just get thrown at you. Same goes for some of the schematics. I rather have to work for something hard to get it than just some "space god" sending me stuff for gathering 3 pieces of lithium. Because when I work for something hard to get it it feels more rewarding than just getting it gifted for something really easy. What I'm trying to say is that most of the missions give you rewards that feel too overpowered. At least for me and my friends. Now what do me and my friends really want? I do understand that those rewards help beginners a lot and make it easier for them to understand the game, but I rather have the option to disable those missions or have like a difficulty setting which then adjusts the rewards of the missions. I could imagine it being like this: Beginner - Rewards are the same as how they are now Normal - Rewards make the game a bit less easier Veteran - Rewards basically only consist of bytes and rarely include small things like QT-RTGs I don't need help - Missions, but no rewards or just rewards consisting of a few bytes (just to have like a guide you can follow) I know what I'm doing - No Missions, No rewards Those difficulty settings don't have to only influence missions and their rewards. They could also cause other stuff to get harder or easier too (more or less sandstorms on some planets for when they get added -wink-) I know we could just not use the mission log, but we still get those missions and it also kind of feels weird to not do something a game gives you. That is why I rather have a setting limiting those rewards to add an extra challenge maybe.
  2. so i managed to get the suit. but now when i put the packed gifts on the exo request but i cant send it out. the green button never shows up i really want the rest of the frosty set but how can i get it when the gifts that i collected cant get sent up.
  3. How about being able to unlock and access stuff (suits, colors, achievements etc.) while off line? I have a PC that is small enough that I can take it to work but I don't dare connect it to the works internet, I want to keep my job. As you can see from the photo I have the 'thing' from Desolo planet engine but the colors are still lock (and no achievement) because I done it while offline. Other games on Steam allow you to unlock stuff offline so why not Astroneer?
  4. Hi ! i love this game. What System Era think about the quest and reward in game ? something like items in the inventory of steam or more cards you gain when complete a quest.
  5. No I'm not suggesting guns. Well, not exactly. What about as an "endgame" reward, you have to collect a marble/zebra ball (whatever you want to call it) from every planet and place it on a pedestal (high research cost, rare materials to build) and upon doing this you receive a "golden gun", a skin for your excavator that turns it gold (or even a whole new outfit for customization) it could be a temporary thing, only usable on the save file you collected it for.