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Found 1 result

  1. vXxo0oxXv

    Game Objective?

    So, I've banked only about 7 hours into this game so far. I've built almost everything, with the exception of the drill and the spaceshuttle. I've loved my experience so far with the game. It's a really cool concept, but I feel like there isn't really much left to do. It's like, I can build a space shuttle to go to another planet, but what will I do once I'm there? I could mine more resources, but for what? To build more spaceshuttles, so I can visit more planets, to get more resources, to.... build more spaceshuttles? I don't really know what to do with resources anymore. The resource gathering in this game is awesome, and very well done, but the resources themselves need more utility. Right now, your resources can only help you get more resources. The resources themselves aren't a means to anything more than more resources. The game definately needs a lot more crafting. More backpacks, more gravity guns, more buildings, more construction options, maybe some enemies and weapons. As it stands right now, there isn't a whole lot of ways to develop your astronaut, and there isn't a whole lot to use resources for. If the game simply relies on gathering resource to be the main objective in the game, I don't see if growing much larger than it is at the moment. Sorry, not trying to be negative, just wanted to give my perspective on the current state of the game. I know it's still pre-alpha, but that makes now probably the best time to give this kind of criticism.