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Found 8 results

  1. Today, I was looking through the Steam store pages, and for no certain reason, went around to Astroneer's one just to see what others thought of in the review. Well, did I read anything good? No, coz the whole review section has been VANISHED!!!!! I've written a review to this game on Sep.16th (in Japanese) but not only mine, EVERYONE'S review had been vanished. I feel that this is not a kind of thing that devs should do to cover up the real opinions of the players. Although it is early access version, players paid to play the game. I thought we had rights to say our real opinions on what we paid for. No frequent updates, only every month with only a little change or gave us a good load, but only too much - just giving us a bugging data. Makes me feel that there's not much debugging going on at all. Usually, online games' updates (that I've been playing for over 20 years) even if it was alpha or beta, updated data doesn't crush our old saved games. They only adds, balance things or deduct things from them. Not crush them into pieces. That's because debugging team is working correctly not to crush the already structured data with the new ones. Seems its not the case here. Forums are not working to communicate with devs. Really not sure if the devs are looking though the reports that players writes. Only seeing reply to the members who frequently writes up, not to those new players or those who are new to forums.
  2. Chepelink

    Shredder review

    The shredder mechanic/scrap is quite interesting in term of resource management. It allows the player to decide what resources they can get, making it quite a nice addition to the game. It also makes an alternative resource reward for exploration, a thing that I gladly welcome. Well, at least in theory. The reality is that it is not quite right. There are some inherent problems with the mechanics. Medium shredder: Kind of useless because it cannot shred much so there is nothing to say about it. It is better to spend a bit more research points and aluminium to get the Large one from the get go. Large shredder: Energy consumption: Extremely bad, particularly if placed on a rover to shred while exploring. The idea of getting the scrap to shred while exploring is very nice, but the problem is that it slows way too much the exploring part. Even if you just explore to get scrap it is quite slow, not only because of the shred speed, but also because the energy consumption is too high to bother to move while shredding. Shredding speed: Slow. The shredding speed is a bit slow. This is also a problem when trying to explore and shred what you find in your way. It seems that it is better to just ignore the debris while exploring. Lack of buffer: Seriously? Only one object at a time? If the shredding speed is not bad enough, the fact that there is no buffer to add more debris to shred at the same time make it even worse. Or let say in another way, if you add a buffer the shredding speed would be of less concern and the exploration speed would increase making it viable (if the energy consumption is lessened a notch or two). Rover are not equipped with a dump box: As far as I can tell, it is not possible to easily move the small debris around, you know, like a truck with a dump box. The lack of options to move the debris makes the collection of debris almost non-existent unless you put the shredder on a rover (and the energy consumption...). The amount of scrap is good enough: Even-though I don't particularly enjoy the lack of buffer and the absurd energy consumption of the shredder, I feel like the amount of scrap that you can obtain is good enough. It is not too much that make gathering resources useless, but is not too few that make it worthless. I would say it is a bit on the low side if you take into consideration the previous points, but if those are fixed the amount would be good enough or even better (though that may need a bit of a nerf, small nerf). Not all debris are shred-able: And I don't mean making those big crashed space stations. I mean things like broken platforms. I hope that this get into the next patch. Scraps: The scrap as a trading currency is great. For most part I feel that is balanced, except for the higher tier materials (lithium, titanium). I think that these are a bit too expensive. Reducing to a 1 per 3 scraps may do the trick. Also, with the high energy consumption of the large shredder, lithium is more valuable more than ever (particularly on the rover). Closing arguments. The shredder idea is a great one in terms of enriching the game-play. It allows for diverse strategies mostly tied to exploring the planet. But the lack of a buffer and the energy consumption of the large shredder, or the lack of a dump box for the rovers, make exploration to slow down too much. It seems faster and more entertaining to just quickly explore the debris and hope to find rare materials like lithium. Also, not all debris are capable of being shred to scrap. If this are fixed I feel that the shredder might get better.
  3. Chepelink

    Tutorial Review

    If I were to grade the tutorial in general it would be: Ambient: 12/10 Tutorial: 3/10 The ambient, the feeling of dread and loneliness is superb. First time I felt that strongly in Astroneer and I'd like to feel like that from the start of any new game. There are not enough words to tell how brilliant the ambient was designed. I'd gladly say that I got the chills like when I first played Super Metroid in the Snes so many years ago. Now, the tutorial. It was bad. Bad in several ways. Keep in mind that I'm looking the tutorial like a complete newbie that does not know what is even a tether. 1) Show, don't tell (as much as possible). And the first thing I encounter is that I don't even know what and why should I care about tethers, much less how they work. They are just laying around without any indication of what they do. You didn't show. The idea of starting without the oxygen tank is great. And the sense of "Ohhh, I'm dying from lack of oxygen" is even better. But that was a wasted opportunity to showcase the tethers. For example, instead of trying to reach the vehicle, it'd be way better to try to reach a tether. This would show the player "Hey, look, these things give you oxygen, they are important". Now put three or four tethers until you reach the broken rover (show that the form a path); "and they are tied to important objects". This would give the player a feeling on the tethers, how they work and why they matter. 2) Ensure that the players have what they need to have and to know to continue. When you reach the base, it suddenly became open, too open, without any clear direction to what is the next step. This is a tutorial, it does not matter to be a bit more linear and less convoluted. The idea is to teach the player of the functions, thus, focus on a linear path that teach them. For example, now that they know about the tethers (still not in base), it is a great moment to teach the player how to get more tethers and to introduce the gathering and buy research of Astroneer. Have a dead Astroneer at the end of the tether line with the terrain tool functional and with the research capsule to research tethers (but not with the oxygen tank fixed). Once he knows how to make more tethers it is time to show him -the base-. 3) Even in the base try to focus on a linear path. What it is the next step on any new Astroneer game? Energy and Research. Focus on the need of energy and research by having it power it up the research chamber. Make it that that the research pod is not enough to complete all the research available in the tutorial. This could come in handy later to show the exploration part of Astroneer. Now that they have unlocked the small generator and the research pod disappears, "open the field" by pointing out the cave. Use the curiosity that the player have to push to explore the cave. 4) Ensure that there is not alternative and unintentional paths that deviate the player from the tutorial. In my first try on the tutorial I ended inside the cave looking on how to reach the "Special Area" inside the cave. I didn't had the terrain tool. What happened was that I was so distracted with the base and to see what was in there that I complete ignored the research capsule I got from the dead Astroneer. I managed to get into that special part of the cave without the terrain tool and I could not make the thing that give you the 1-sit blue print to work. In a sense, this getting lost and trying to find your path is what makes Astroneer, well, Astroneer. But this is a tutorial. If you are going to play Astroneer with its usual quirks, why bother with the tutorial? I mean it in a good way. Thus, it is imperative that the player have the knowledge and tools to follow up as easy as possible. 5) The puzzle idea that challenged the player inside the cave was the best part of the tutorial. This, this was great. This should be the puzzle that tell the player "now that you have all the tools and know-how, try to get that". Thus, this also exemplify why the tutorial was bad; I got there without the proper tools, it was totally lost on me. As you can tell, the tutorial should be divided into two parts. The 'get your tools and knowledge', and the' puzzle that let you taste what Astroneer is about... solving problems and exploring' parts. I know that I'm repeating myself, but try to keep it as linear as possible until the end. Now, I'm not going to say that I know how to do a good tutorial, but I can tell when I find one. There were good things here, but the implementation was lacking.
  4. Hey Everyone, Just posting this video that I made. It's essentially just a quick review of Astroneer and if it's worth buying(it is worth buying). I've also pointed out the things I love and hate about the game. Thanks and Enjoy!
  5. Mark the Space Engineer ;)

    Feedback v0.5.0.0 Dec2017

    Version - Research Update New player since Dec 2017 after above update. Current fav game: Space Engineers Me: 41yo male, picky gamer, worked in 3D Character Animation for 3 years, artist and overall space-man-guy. Hi Team, Here is a quick review\feedback of your current game. Before I start, thanks for all your hard work and I hope you continue to push the game to completion. It really can be something special. Pre-Owned... The game first caught my attention due to the wonderful art style on Utube. I personally don't like 'realistic' looking games as I find them rather dull to look at. Your style is cute, clever and just overall beautiful. Unfortunately I put off buying the game as I focus on gameplay before graphics and it looked like your game was very "grindy". In other words, the game-play looked more like work than play. Lucky for you I was bored and purchased it anyway. Thankfully I did. First Impressions... I love how you start your game in the menu by simply choosing your character (and thats it!! Great!). This game makes me want to explore. As soon as I landed I wanted to find a cave or climb a mountain. Couldn't stop playing! New planets!! Current Experience Fully upgraded character. Created bases on all planets. Can pretty much build and do whatever I want. Only thing left to do is to explore further on all planets above and below. Pretty much finished game within 60 hours. The Good... Quick to start game Pick a character (always fun if not lacking in choices) Game looks great Animation is cute Weather! (needs more) Base creation Music and sounds (needs more but currently good) Don't need instructions There is no 'grinding' -- Too many games force players to work, not play. Finding materials to upgrade\build your game world is actually fun in Astroneer. Although you're forced to find materials to build stuff its done in a fun way. Keep the worlds interesting, making players want to explore will allow them to find these materials anyway (cause and affect). Your current design is simple yet well designed. Also no need for 1000 different materials to build 1 thing! The additional machines to create materials also helps stop any boredom of 'grinding'. Great work. Clouds! They look amazing. Weather effects really help bring some atmosphere to the game and additional challenge. I would really like to see this trend continue. If you add more world effects such as rain (lighting), earthquakes, falling stars and even volcano explosions (sounds good, not sure how to implement that one!) that would just add to the awesome atmosphere. Even better if they actually affect gameplay. Getting to a new world should have new challenges. No instructions. I actually like this as it forces experimentation and the game is simple enough to figure out. Some hints and tips could be displayed such as TAB to flip a vehicle but otherwise its fine. The Not So Good... Starting character choices all look the same and I went with the only one that had some changes =The Orange Guy. More designs in the future would be great, especially with helmet design and a female option (Aliens too?). Vehicles are like pack mules: They hold your gear but are slow and clumsy things. If it wasn't the fact I needed oxygen I would leave the vehicle behind as soon as I got lost. The darn things are too slow. I'm not sure if Booster mods work on vehicles but I had one on a Large buggy without additional buggy's hooked to it and still found it terrible to use. I could build roads for my vehicle to get from point A to B much faster but the game would turn into a grind and so not something I'm willing to do. Allow the Drill mod a much larger area to clear rocks and other obstacles. This at least would be a possible fix. Currently the drill only has one use and frankly isn't a necessity. Also allow Booster mods or something similar to increase the power of a vehicle. Too many times I got lost on the surface of a planet and couldn't find my base. I won't ask for the game to have GPS, maps or a compass but its weird a space man can't have a way to return home. This might be an opportunity to build a 'Large Beacon' or similar type of machine at the base? As is, in future, I'll add far more beacons but I think this issue should be discussed. At one stage I had a full x4-vehicle connection fully loaded with materials and it took me hours to find my base. Overall I really like your planets but they all share too many similarities which can stop them feeling original to the others. I feel a real need is required to push the planets from being too similar. If, for example, you make all the planets the same textures, how do you tell them apart? How do you not get lost so easily? I'd like to see additional surface changes such as different clouds, more extreme land formations, landmarks (smashed space ships, old alien bases, rock formations, rings around a planet etc), further changes to cave systems, additional new alien life, removal of similar alien life to other planets, new weather effects, really massive objects\structures and additional game conditions that impact the player. New planets should bring some real challenges, especially the further away you get from your home base. Dynamite only destroys dirt. Not aliens. Low-End PC Settings Unfortunately I'm forced to play Astroneers on my laptop. It was a good game rig 5 years ago but Astroneers really pushes it on lowest settings. Additional changes for low end PC's is required. My 2 Cents Right now new planets in other games really only allow new textures and very little to content or depth. Astroneer allows some great exploration opportunities which is more than other games but feels repetitive once you have been to a few new planets. If Astroneers planets are changed further to stand out from each other and new environment conditions are added to challenge the player then this game really has a positive future. The Exotic planet had some great land changes and challenges with its multi-level design. More extreme changes like this would be very pleasing indeed. The Desert planet has tumble spikes and although its a new challenge its more of an annoyance. End game worries me. Once I have all upgrades and seen the planets what else is there to do? Explore of course. Give players more reasons to explore even if its just for new player and ship skins. Allow new upgrades to be found in ancient alien temples. Find new types of dynamite (big bombs!) just for some extra player fun (items you can't research and build but can find and use). Add far harder planets to explore with extreme conditions and landscapes. Thats it. Hope you enjoyed my feedback and look forward to future patches. Cheers team.
  6. Issac

    An honest review

    After spending 60+ hours playing ASTRONEER I have come to a verdict based on the following; -Game playability -In-game content -Bugs/Crashes -Exploration and Discovery elements -Building and crafting -Grinding To start, the game is very enjoyable and can retain that enjoyability for quite some time. It is easy to say the experience is well worth the price. The in-game content is slightly shallow, which is to be expected for a pre-alpha title, heck it surpasses most expectations. That goes without saying, there is still a lot to be desired. Something I look forward to experiencing. In terms of bugs, glitches and crashes, this game has plenty to go around. I have witnessed the dedication the devs have to troubleshooting these issues and a wonderful community that helps along the way. Its very refreshing to see. The biggest issue thus far has got to be the lag. Lag is VERY real. The exploration and discovery element can feel empty at first glance. Once you start digging around (in-game and on the web) a whole ton of new discoveries will be waiting. Not to mention the exploration is very massive. Its not very difficult to get lost in the game or even in the beauty of the game. Building can be a bit overwhelming or underwhelming, depending who you ask. Base building is fairly straightforward but as a result is very simplistic. Using the deforming tool can be a bit janky and has a learning curve that can be easy to overlook. The crafting is very clean and easy to understand, but there really isn't a whole lot of crafting to be done. Beyond solar panels, batteries, storage and maybe trucks if you prefer truck trains, most other craftable items will only see a few uses. The grinding in this game is modest at it's worst. Most resources are plentiful and easily accessable. Comparing to my previous experiences where grinding can literally cost a week of your time (For those ARK players). Spending 5 hours and attaining enough resources to build a few, fully functional, bases is a welcome relief. Overall I give ASTRONEER a solid 9/10. It's a wonderful game and seems to have an intensly bright future. Definitely worth the meager $20.
  7. Branmonster

    20 hour review

    First forum post, sorry if there is a section for this just thought I would send some feedback. So after 20 or so hours of trying this game out, I absolutely LOVE it. Astroneer brings some of the gameplay I loved in mine craft, with a prettier albeit more peaceful environment. That being said, I also love the chaotic environmental storms and how each planet differs in weather, Gravity, light/day cycles. I feel like astroneer is the perfect mix of Minecraft to No-mans Sky. The graphic aesthetic is also the same as another game I love, Darwinia (I wouldn't be surprised to hear some of those designers are on this team). For being a very unfinished game, it's certainly a good one! I cannot wait to see what updates, changes, and additions they make as this games development continues. For some of my critique on this game I'll use a simple list format to wrap things up quickly. The good: -Very pretty game with a familiar aesthetic -great attention to detail on audio and effects. -atmospheric effects are intense and exciting. They're done very well without bogging down the fps. -crafting system is decent and familiar -exploring new planets is exciting and interesting. I think that as long as you continue to accomplish this and provide new places to explore, then this is the point that should be driven home with this game. -the interface took a bit of getting used to but I really like it. -one awesome touch in this game is being able to find downed satellites and other space vessels. Finding these is interesting, and the idea of making it a goal to find/research them would be a good addition to the game. The bad: -my biggest complaint with this game is definitely the bugs. Obviously the game is not finished and such things are being worked on, but the feedback is the most important tool for that. So I encourage others, please offer your critique as well! -crafted objects have a major impact on the games fps. Once you have a decent sized base (1 of each structure, tethers, and a vehicle) the game runs about half of its original fps. -In particular, tethers seem to have the largest impact among the player built items that affect fps. I have taken to building a truck and not using tethers at all. -the trading station just makes this game too easy. However, it makes no sense not to have it either. It may be a good idea to have the trade station NOT accept hydrazine, as it can be crafted in a few seconds from stored energy. If the trading station only excepted all minerals except hydrazine, it would be a much more balanced system that encourages the player to explore more. -while I do love the peaceful atmosphere of this game, it certainly is lacking something. Aliens! There are all kinds of crazy "what the hell is that" flora and fauna around the planets. Where are the 5 legged monstrosities that want to eat my face off? Or floating sphagetti monsters that are interested in a trading resouces with my space colonies? Even if not all planets have intelligent life, I want to encounter something on at least one of those planets that I really really really have to run away from. I think I remember seeing someone's idea for giant space monsters underground. That sounds great! -no objectives beyond survival! One of my biggest bores with minecraft was that after I had built my base and explored a bit, there's wasn't really a next step other than to survive. Astroneer parallels this in that it could certainly do with some primary and secondary objectives. Hunting, gathering, search/recover, recon, you name it. Pretty much any idea could be incorporated here because things are so open ended. -one bug in particular that I keep getting: my trucks somehow disappear into the ground! I took a few videos of this, yes they are hilarious. -the crafting system feels a bit too simple. There's a good formula here for sure, just could use a bit of expansion. If enemies/weapons/defense structures are incorporated then new minerals, recipes, etc for that should be perfect. -the lack of a tutorial! I had to search the forums and look online to really figure out what I was doing here. With as simple as the game currently is, a tutorial is going to play a MAJOR part in retaining new players that try the game. If a player cannot figure out how to use the interface and crafting system within the first 5 or so hours of playing, then odds are they are going to set Astroneer on the shelf. Perhaps a quirky companion robot to help show the way? The ghosts from "Destiny" would be a very welcome companion in this lonely game. -a craftable gps system! I got lost in my truck a couple of times. Once on the surface and once underground. Had a terrible time of it trying to get back home but it was pretty funny. ----------- I suppose that's what I have for now. I will continue to post feedback, ideas, and report bugs! Thanks Astroneer devs for an awesome game, can't wait to see where this game goes!
  8. Astroneer is the most exciting Early Access game - actually, forget the "Early Access" bit - that I've played in several years. Its visual style is, to my mind, absolutely perfect. Better than perfect: it's refreshingly different from any other game out there. The gameplay is engrossing - so much so that you'll not notice the passage of time whilst playing this. The exploration side of things is even more compelling that MineCraft's ever was. The crafting is, at the moment, quite simple and straightforward but already well-polished. As is survival: although not as intricate and nuanced (yet) as, for example, MineCraft, it works perfectly within the scope of the game. Oxygen and energy (power): that's it. Sounds simple, right? Yeah, not so much. You will learn to take a tactical approach to everything: especially exploring the planets you come across. And you will die. A lot. And you will love it. I'll add more to this review as I experience more of the game, but let me just say that this is one of the two best Early Access games available on Steam as of this moment. Don't let Astroneer's "pre-alpha" status put you off. This game already has more than most "completed" games of this genre (yeah, looking at you, Sean Murray). My opinion? BUY THIS RIGHT NOW! You will not be disappointed. If you are legitimately disappointed, you can send me your fecal matter through the postal service. That's how confident I am that you'll love this title. If you've ever played any game ever, then you'll fall in love with Astroneer within the first 20 minutes of gameplay. 11/10.