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Found 8 results

  1. Today, I was looking through the Steam store pages, and for no certain reason, went around to Astroneer's one just to see what others thought of in the review. Well, did I read anything good? No, coz the whole review section has been VANISHED!!!!! I've written a review to this game on Sep.16th (in Japanese) but not only mine, EVERYONE'S review had been vanished. I feel that this is not a kind of thing that devs should do to cover up the real opinions of the players. Although it is early access version, players paid to play the game. I thought we had
  2. The shredder mechanic/scrap is quite interesting in term of resource management. It allows the player to decide what resources they can get, making it quite a nice addition to the game. It also makes an alternative resource reward for exploration, a thing that I gladly welcome. Well, at least in theory. The reality is that it is not quite right. There are some inherent problems with the mechanics. Medium shredder: Kind of useless because it cannot shred much so there is nothing to say about it. It is better to spend a bit more research points and aluminium to get the Large one from the g
  3. If I were to grade the tutorial in general it would be: Ambient: 12/10 Tutorial: 3/10 The ambient, the feeling of dread and loneliness is superb. First time I felt that strongly in Astroneer and I'd like to feel like that from the start of any new game. There are not enough words to tell how brilliant the ambient was designed. I'd gladly say that I got the chills like when I first played Super Metroid in the Snes so many years ago. Now, the tutorial. It was bad. Bad in several ways. Keep in mind that I'm looking the tutorial like a complete newbie that does not know what i
  4. Hey Everyone, Just posting this video that I made. It's essentially just a quick review of Astroneer and if it's worth buying(it is worth buying). I've also pointed out the things I love and hate about the game. Thanks and Enjoy!
  5. Version - Research Update New player since Dec 2017 after above update. Current fav game: Space Engineers Me: 41yo male, picky gamer, worked in 3D Character Animation for 3 years, artist and overall space-man-guy. Hi Team, Here is a quick review\feedback of your current game. Before I start, thanks for all your hard work and I hope you continue to push the game to completion. It really can be something special. Pre-Owned... The game first caught my attention due to the wonderful art style on Utube. I personally don't like 'realistic' looking games as I find them
  6. After spending 60+ hours playing ASTRONEER I have come to a verdict based on the following; -Game playability -In-game content -Bugs/Crashes -Exploration and Discovery elements -Building and crafting -Grinding To start, the game is very enjoyable and can retain that enjoyability for quite some time. It is easy to say the experience is well worth the price. The in-game content is slightly shallow, which is to be expected for a pre-alpha title, heck it surpasses most expectations. That goes without saying, there is still a lot to be desired. Something I lo
  7. First forum post, sorry if there is a section for this just thought I would send some feedback. So after 20 or so hours of trying this game out, I absolutely LOVE it. Astroneer brings some of the gameplay I loved in mine craft, with a prettier albeit more peaceful environment. That being said, I also love the chaotic environmental storms and how each planet differs in weather, Gravity, light/day cycles. I feel like astroneer is the perfect mix of Minecraft to No-mans Sky. The graphic aesthetic is also the same as another game I love, Darwinia (I wouldn't be surprised to hear some of thos
  8. Astroneer is the most exciting Early Access game - actually, forget the "Early Access" bit - that I've played in several years. Its visual style is, to my mind, absolutely perfect. Better than perfect: it's refreshingly different from any other game out there. The gameplay is engrossing - so much so that you'll not notice the passage of time whilst playing this. The exploration side of things is even more compelling that MineCraft's ever was. The crafting is, at the moment, quite simple and straightforward but already well-polished. As is survival: although not as intricate and nu