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Found 1 result

  1. Artorius

    Recycling Machine

    Basic idea: Add a machine that lets you recycle things. How it should work: You could turn anything into its base materials. The recycler should be able to be mounted on a truck. If you built a platform for your base in the wrong spot; recycle it. If you built the wrong machine; recycle it. Found an extra seat? Recycle it. Accidentally built a second rover? Recycle it. The scraps from crashed ships should be recyclable. You drive out with the truck and the recycler eats the scrap like the vacu-gun sucks up minerals. Great way to clean up. Would make the game more organized as the player progresses and be a simple and sensible way to deal with 'deleting' stuff. Possibly only give back part of the materials used to build the item. Final thoughts: This would be very helpful and would fit within the way the game works.