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Found 5 results


    Problem with retro things

    Hi, I recently started playing on a new computer on the same steam account. I first played Astronner in early 2018, after added retro visors and suits, so I got them. I didn't have them anymore after I started playing on a new computer. It bothers me. I need to know how to get them back. Thank you
  2. Unlocked the retro outfit in July and have been playing on/off since then. Played this morning and now the outfit is locked out. Went back to Desolo and re-took picture and no
  3. I've had this game for quite awhile now, and though I haven't been active on here as much, I never got the Retro Suit at release. I had it right before, which was odd. Is this a bug maybe or what?
  4. Nur-Taher Kejje


    Someone can find the retro suit that was up to those who had bought the game preview?
  5. Exoplaneteer

    Retro-Futurism Suit Idea

    Hey SES! Barry here (y'know, the Astrodoggo guy)! I know you're working crazy hard on E3, so I hope that you don't stress over suggestions. I have a pretty good idea for a new suit. So, you know those cheesy 50s sci-fi futurism movies? Well, I really like the style, and I thought that a suit like that would be awesome. It could have a huge bubble helmet, be crimson red with shiny silver decals, and have 2 giant tubes connecting to a red O2 tank, or something like that. I'll include some images in this style for reference (credit to whoever made them, since I just found them on Google). Or this I think that the glass bubble helmet could be more Astroneer-ed, in that there could be some sort of "exo-skeleton helmet" that covers some of the glass. This is so the whole thing isn't opaque glass, making it look like the head is a giant ball (since Astroneers have no faces and the glass wouldn't be clear). I hope that you can take this into consideration, and good luck at E3! o7 - Exoplaneteer, A.K.A Barry the Astrodoggo⚡