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Found 7 results

  1. I recently saw that everyone who bought the game before the release of the 1.0 (February 2019) received the Retro Suit, I bought the game on December 28, 2016 but I never received anything. Did I misunderstand something ?
  2. My Retro Suit has vanished from the list of available suits to choose from. It was there after the patch, but now it's gone. Not sure if it's a continuation of the known issue of it being sometimes unavailable, or something else, but figured it should be mentioned. Oh, and my current suit changed palette colours on its own. On I was rocking the Exo Red Palette, but after the latest update i found it had reset to Exo Standard (Blue). Have been able to change it back, no problem, but thought it was worth mentioning.
  3. Hey guys, bought Astroneer a couples of years back (pretty sure it was close to release but not sure as cannot find on steam purchase history) and loved it, had a long break from the game and just come back today to see all that has changed long story short I noticed there was a retro suit available to those that played the beta and wondering if that is something i still need to claim or did i miss a distribution back in beta Thanks
  4. I will get right to it. I logged in to my Astroneer after 1.0 had released, and I went to create a new game/character, and I noticed that my Retro Suit from early access was missing. It has been 2 days now, and it hasn't appeared yet. I got Astroneer on steam at mid 2016, and I had the suit before 1.0 released, but it just disappeared after. Not really any instructions, because I have only seen a few people talking about it, and it seems pretty rare. Its in the main menu, not the pause menu. My forum name is my steam name, if that helps at all. I've already tried clicking the locked ones and empty spaces, to see if its just invisible, but I had no luck. Please help me figure this out! Thanks!
  5. Finished the game and now all unlocked suits, colors and dances are gone, no way to re-unlock since all the puzzles have been completed. Retro suit is also gone.
  6. I have just gotten back into the game after hearing about the 1.0 release. But when I go to equine the retro suit in the menu and in game, it’s not there. I have had this game for over 2 years and have been here from the start and remember playing with my retro suit equipped. I would just like to know what’s going on and if I’ll get the suit back.
  7. Noticed that the Retro Suit was missing from the suit menu. I have owned the game since 2017 and was wondering how to get the suit back. I am also wondering if anyone else if experiencing this?