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Found 3 results

  1. papau ruby

    Can not see the Reticle

    I run my game on a big monitor at 3180x2160 so the reticle that was small and hard to see is now impossible to see. and there is no UI scaling option . Maybe this should be looked at now that more and more screens are getting these features? As it is I can not really play till this is addressed . :(
  2. Launfal

    Terrain tool Tweaks

    I'm on Steam and using a mouse and Keys; pardon the long sentences. When I'm manipulating the ground, I've noticed it's hard to tell what the tool is going to do. Here are a few suggestions: Lock the adding/subracting to a certain region until mouse is released and re-clicked. Imagine you're looking at the side of the letter U and cut through the one side. I'd like it if I didn't have to worry about destroying the part of my build 20 feet behind the part I'm working on just because I didn't instantly let go of the mouse button. This is an even bigger problem when the game doesn't register I've let go of the button and just keeps on mining in a straight line. It would feel nice if the tool mined through a surface, but stopped mining when it hit air, needing a re-click to keep going. maybe by checking for an air gap in the line of sight between the first and second surface? Give the "flatten" tool a larger/clearer plane reticle (CTRL on PC). With the amount of freedom them camera gives you, it's hard to tell what angle the flatten tool is snapping to. My ideas would be: a larger version of the current reticle a minecraft-esque 3-axis marker stuck in the middle of the current one a permanently-level disk in the middle of the current reticle, with a line showing the "middle" of the slope Make the immovable area under the modules smaller. I like multilevel bases and being able to have a thinner "ground floor" would be nice. (I'm ending up with a lot of certain resources just kicking around my base and tripping me right now, so I'm doing a system of caves under my habitat for storage).
  3. First off, I love the game concept, and I am impressed by the play-ability at this early stage. The feature I would like to request has to do with reticle/camera while in vehicles. While driving, if the reticle is off-center of the direction of travel, it seems to have a pulling effect on the vehicle and any vehicles attached behind you. This makes it difficult to drive precisely, such as along the edge of a cliff. It would also be nice if the camera angle could be changed in a vehicle without the controls inverting. That's my two cents. Again, great job on the game so far.