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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone, I am fairly new here, but the only reason I joined this was to say something I have noticed about this game. I bought ASTRONEER in December of 2017, so there were many things under development in Alpha stage during the first month of playing this game. As much as I love this game, I really have one issue with the way this game updates: I may not know how game development works entirely, but I am not a big fan of the idea of restarting my game every time you guys have a small patch update. When the building UI was updated during the summer, I was totally fine with restarting my game since I needed a fresh start. Once I played for another week, I landed on Barren to continue building up my base. The following week, I get the notification saying that I must create a new game to access all of the new features. I kind of rolled my eyes and said, "again?" Now I am back at it again this year playing ASTRONEER, and I noticed that the update released just this week has created a bigger issue.... ASTRONEER is now significantly more difficult because your developers managed to recreate every formula for each building structure. Where the hell do I begin to find Iron? Where am I supposed to go to find Tungsten? (More specifically, 'Wolframite'). I built my trade platform this week out of 2 ALUMINUM! Your team has made this game almost unplayable. Anyone with a passion for sandbox/survival games will definitely play this game, but even then, they might get stumped from time to time by the complexity of the game. As for the rest of you average Joe's, this game has become more difficult to understand, play, and progress in. All of you may just give up on this game and say, "I am either an idiot or I have been ripped off." Unfortunately, I would agree with the first one. I personally love this game and I can keep up with these updates, but as for the rest of the crowd, they may not want to give this game a try due to its complexity. All I want is for your game to succeed! If everyone can learn and play this game, then ASTRONEER will be relevant for years to come! Best of Luck, Lemonaidz