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Found 24 results

  1. Version 1.0.15 on Steam User Story: As a player with multiple shelters on the same planet, when I die my respawn point should be the last (most recent) space ship or shelter I entered/exited/saved at. Observed behavior: Back on Sylva after completing the game, if I save at my secondary base shelter and then die miles away underground I am resurrected at the initial starting base shelter, which happens to be half-way around the world from where I want to be.
  2. Summary: – Steam – Soil Fragments respawning Description: I don‘t know how often I removed this and other fragments. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home | 1803 | 17134.523 CPU: Intel i5-4460 3.20GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti RAM: Kingston 2x8GB DDR3 800Hz Drive: Western Digital 1TB (WD10EZRZ-00Z5HB0) Bug Report Counter: 17
  3. My brother & I were playing & I traveled to Arid. I suffocated & died. The dropship landed me on Terrain with my brother. Our shuttle was still on Arid. I only got to keep the things in my back pack. This has happened multiple times. Once, my brother died from suffocation and respawned on Barren where I was! Also, We exited & saved our game yesterday when I was on Exotic & my brother was on Terrain, but when we reloaded the game today the dropship landed me back on Terrain without my shuttle & with only the things I had in my back pack. - Platform- Xbox One & Xbox One S - To recreate this bug: In multiplayer, travel to another planet & suffocate. When you respawn it might respawn you on the same planet that your friend is on. OR In multiplayer, travel to another planet, exit & save, reload the game. The dropship might land you on Terrain. - Notes: This hasn"t happened EVERY time just MOST of the time. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF ANYONE ELSE IS EXPERIENCING THIS PROBLEM!
  4. Player 2 visited Tundra to drop supplies off for me; a bit later I bit the dust and found myself back on Terran. Could the respawn be linked to the last planet /anyone/ landed on, rather than the dead player?
  5. ok this is what happens, bugs everywhere with vehicles that fall underground, so we need a respawn vehicle station, maybe to maximize performance too. Maybe options for the vehicle station: 1- List all the vehicles you have in the real world. 2- select, choose vehicle from the list of vehicles, option to eliminate, reappear, dismantle, recycle. 3- Information on the current location of each vehicle: start the emergency light to rescue it by means of a minimap or gps, then they would have to do gps? LOL
  6. A long series of bugs that i have experienced due my friend flipping over in a vehicle BUG 1: Flipping vehicles. I am the host player and i usually play with a friend. My friends rover constantly flips when she drives it, mine works perfectly. However when we switched rovers, she still kept flipping over and I on her rover would apparently flip over randomly even while keeping it stationary. Sometimes the rover would be found flipped even though nobody was interacting with it. BUG 2: Only host can exit flipped vehicle Having her flip so many times made me realize that only the host can exit a flipped vehile. Which would require me to get off and help her. Usuallly digging a hole. However sometimes even after making a hole, she wouldn't get out. So i just picked up the seat from the rover. This in turn would make the rover fly. Sometimes it would come back after a bit of flight. Or it would just disappear. BUG 3: Host and 2nd player on the same rover If both of us are on the same rover and it flips accidentally, the moment i exit the rover and flip, it literally goes sky high taking both of us in the air. Enough height to kill us both, we were lucky to be next to a huge mountain. The rover was never seen again. BUG 4: Driver seat and Inventory Now leaving my vehicle so many times led to another bug. I could no longer interact with anything. I could only dig. Seemingly going in and out of the driver seat can fix this bug but also cause it. BUG 5: Respawn prefers Host When we both die together and respawn together. She cannot get out of the Habitat(dropship) that respawns us because my habitat lands directly over her habitat. Even after i come out and it leaves, she still cant get out.
  7. Summary: 0.4.101215.0 - Steam - Can't respawn after glitching into space. Description: While playing Multiplayer my character fell into a hole with an unknown research ball, and it completely freaked out, killing me or throwing me into space (can't tell) and after I respawned, I couldn't leave the ship when I pressed the (use) key I tried rebinding it, but it didn't fix it. I don't know if rejoining the server would fix it, because it was the world from today's dev stream and someone else took my slot. Here is a video of what happened exactly. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 0.4.101215.0 Specifications: OS: Microsoft Windows 10 (build 15063), 64-bit CPU: AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti RAM: 16gb Drive: -
  8. I died in the caves of the barren moon, respawned down on ghostly earth. Ghostly, because there were none of the surface featueres. No grass, no resources (only the hovering texts), no rubble. This kills my game because I can't get back to the moon, because my spaceship is up there and no resources down here to build a new one. Respawn must be on the nearest Habitat or space ship. Context, I flew from earth to the moon by shuttle. Discovered the spaceship blueprints and build a spaceship on the moon, detonated the shuttle on the moon. Went into the caves exploring, died. Have 2 Habitat bases on the moon and 2 down on earth.
  9. A thread in the Bug Reports & Crashes section of the forum spawned (pun intended ) a discussion about how to support different ways of playing the game: It turned out that a feature similar to Minecraft's sleep bed would allow the desired gameplay with less punishment for dieing, and without sacrificing the current style of gameplay. I thought about possible realizations that fit into the theme of Astroneer, and here are some ideas: A special kind of beacon that sets the current spawn point when put down and activated. Activation could work similar to the way dynamite is activated. Only one such beacon could be active for any given time. Not sure if such a beacon should be reusable or be destroyed each time another spawn beacon is activated. It could also be possible that the beacon is destroyed after it had been used for one or some limited number of respawns. Another option is to allow several such beacons and you always spawn at the nearest one. A special kind of seat (spawn seat, "comfy chair") that sets the current spawn point each time you sit down in it, in addition to saving the game. This would allow you to adjust the style of gameplay simply by choosing the appropriate seat and without having to use any additional backpack or storage slots. I am not sure whether it's best to respawn at the seat itself or at the last location where you entered the seat. To communicate the different functionality of such a seat to the player, the "Saving game" message could be accompanied by an additional message, e.g. "Spawnpoint updated" or "Safepoint set". Thoughts? Additions?
  10. Can the respawn location be changed to your last save location instead of the last spaceship location? This game is about exploration and it is counter intuitive to spend hours going out and exploring a planet only to die and go pack to your start location. I love playing this game but it's kind of a buzz kill when that happens. Thanks and keep up the great work!
  11. Hey there, Since there are, at least for now, many bugs of getting stuck somewhere - the habitat, a platform or right in the ground - I thought of a pretty simple way, of killing these gamebreaking events, so that Players do not have to start all over again. -> Why don't you implement some key-combination, or button in the menu, so that the player would respawn at his original base. That would help to reactivate all those broken savegames we all have, since there is often no way to unstuck.
  12. Hi! Bought the preview for Xbox One last night and have loved it so far. However, tonight I keep respawning underground and once it actually crashed the game. Hope this helps!
  13. So this thread is in so many places so I hope it is merged soon because there are WAY too many to reply to all of them. I have noticed as well as many other that you can fall through the ground. I have found it can be forced if you are in a hole and dig over yourself enough. Doing this caused my game to crash and force close.... nothing saved which was sad but that is okay! I did it for science!!! I fell through the abyss for approximately 60 seconds before the game crashed. The glitch can also happen randomly when digging or changing the terrain (more so when building up the terrain directly underneath the character). But personally, I notice this bug the most when I respawn. I respawn on my habitat, and my character is rendered underneath the habitat. The habitat seems to just force you under the ground until you can respawn next to the habitat instead. When this glitch occurs, the first place that I died will not be marked with the 'X' beacon to go retrieve items from the backpack. The items will be present in the shape of the backpack with no backpack there. The items can still be received except for the gun it will just hangout and float there. Platform: Xbox One RASPBERY Respawn Fall MP4.mp4 Forced Fall MP4.mp4
  14. Where other players could keep their inventory, after leaving/crashing, and rejoining another's game. So if each player had an individual save log when they joined a game(Kinda like Minecraft) Also... If the game could automatically save every 30 minutes or so, that would be pretty handy. Another thing about guests/ other players in ones' game; If guest players could spawn on the planet they died, it would improve the satisfaction the game puts out. My friends are tired of dying, and spawning at the first habitat, we believe that the game should spawn you at the nearest habitat, not the first.
  15. 1. Controller: Xbox One Controller 2. System: Xbox One 3. Doing previously: Loading Saved Game 4. What to reproduce: Find a natural cave entrance; reshape the ground, paying attention to remove the "solid" larger stalagmites which block vehicular travel; smooth the ground back to near original surface. Return to base, save game & quit. Reload game, revisit cave. Stalagmite will have returned (as will, if you have reshaped the interior of the cave system, many of the decorations (stalagmites, stalactites, wall outcrops, stones, etc.).
  16. Playing on: Steam Controls: Mouse/Keyboard Situation: Got hit by a rock and respawned. My spaceship has been launched once and landed back in the same place. Bug: Respawned under my spaceship. Can still press tab to get into ship and then get out, but can't deform the ground underneath to escape that way.
  17. I died while caving. When i died, i was holding on to the plant thing that can be researched. When i respawned, the item teleported with me to base since it was bound to my mouse.
  18. After dying and respawning I was still holding the research ball. Not sure if it works on things besides research.
  19. Is a nice idea to put a button in the habitats to set your home and respawn location.
  20. I saved on an habitat when i left the game, but when i came in i appeared in my spaceship. This isnt so problematic, but when a friend wants to join my game, it appears in the first planet when im in an habitat in a base in another world. I dont think it is a hardware or potency of PC problem, so im not gonna post it.
  21. Hi guys, Ok so... no bugs were really infuriating, only few crashes, graphic bug or fun stuff... even the jumping vehicules bug is fun BUT THIS ONE... My god I was sad. I was deep drilling in a cave to go to the core and found some secret stuff... encountered a mine of Astronium... Had to disconnect while in the cave because of emergency. And then, when I loaded back my game, I got teleported through the ceiling of the cave, slowly, slowly, slowly to the surface... Obviously in a zone far away from my different stations, dying suffocating with all my stuff. This is a heavy bug. Can't we just respawn... where we were, underground ? Anyway, next time I'll go back to my pod life to save before quitting ! See ya
  22. Two Steam clients on the same local network. Host running Windows 8.1. Non-host using Windows 7. On death, the host respawns at the base as expected. However, on death, the non-host (i.e. the invited player) often respawns underground, almost "swimming" through the landscape. Digging downwards can create an escape tunnel for this player. Need to test more, but it may not be possible for the underground player to do this for themselves as the world is effectively transparent for them (surface artefacts are visible, tethers reach them if they're close enough to the surface). This doesn't happen every time; for example, if this player dies while embedded underground, they often successfully respawn at base, correctly. Without strong evidence, I suspect uneven terrain near the landing pod at the base is partly to blame.
  23. Scenario Scaling a high structure such as a mountain and sustain a fall big enough to kill player. After player dies the corpse continues sliding down hill and taking fall damage, this damage effects the now respawned player who can die again from this damage sustained by the corpse. Summary Fall damage applies to corpses and impacts a respawned player
  24. I noticed on other streams and on my own game that solar panels in the top/side slots are transferred to your resurrected body. Reproducing: 1) Build a small solar panel 2) Put it on one of the top or side slots on your suit so it gets sun 3) Die 4) Revive at base with solar panels, but no other resources Expected: Revive at base with no solar panels (or anything else) and no resources.