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Found 120 results

  1. BarnBurner


    Adding some sort of drones that can mine for you would be awesome, or some sort of railway system with automated trains that can bring materials to and from a mine to home base and automatically put them in a smelter or something. Having to EVERYTHING manually gets kind of annoying after a while so maybe adding some sort of automation.
  2. For gas storage you'd have a "pump" or "pipe" construction that you'd place like an extender with two ends and you'd bury it by building a wall on it with the ends sticking out both sides, one you'd connect to a machine or something and the other would check if it's side was a sealed volume whenever you try to turn it on and if so it'd act as gas storage equal to the area's volume, naturally if by digging it's ever connected to a volume that's too large or not sealed it would all be lost, if it's connected to a volume filled with some other gas(like air) it would instantly mix and be unusable until filtered which could be an attachment to the pipe. there would be other possibilities like having an airlock that'd be like a pipe but would allow passage without gas flow so you can build atmosphere specific things, for example titanium refineries would only work without a purely unreactive atmosphere like IRL or planters would only grow with their home atmosphere and a source of lighting(or transparent terrain to let the sun in). Beyond that you could have simple liquids that would just fill up an indentation up to a flat level depending on volume, once the level reaches an edge it would send out a "stream" that'd follow the steepest slope from whatever point it's at until it either reaches another liquid surface or a point where there's only up slopes at which point it would make a new one into which the overflow from the originating reservoir would flow into the new one, if the new one fills to the point that their levels are both the same then they mix and continue upwards as one, if they drain past that that point then they split again. you could also do something with multiple levels of different density fluids and if you have a reservoir inside a gas room then the gas room would have a reduced volume depending on how much the liquid takes up. In short I feel the dynamically modifiable terrain should be more important to construction.
  3. I am wondering if the shredder will eventually generate scrap metal if it is fed smelted ores. Right now it is not possible to trade resources since the shredder does not accept metal ingots from the smelter. I assume that more of the wreckage we encounter in the game will eventually be able to be shredded.
  4. I was going to build the medium rover i had just unlocked, so I put some aluminum on the vehicle bay/printer by shift-clicking the hologram. I didn't have enough aluminum, so I left my piece and went and got more in the caves. I came back, smelted it, and went over to the bay to find my aluminum gone. Was it the shift-clicking? I don't get it. To clarify, there have not been any bug fixes since the crafting update.
  5. Astroneer's resources are exceptionally cool. From the little unique symbols they each have, to the musical tone- sound effect when they're collected, to the way each little particle stacks into the shape of the resource. I think I can safely speak for most Astroneers when I say that when new resources are added, its incredibly exciting. The first time I played a world enough to have every machine, and everything unlocked, I decided to go on an interplanetary expedition and collect every resource. I also made a point of trying to collect every tier 1 research object, just for fun. (I don't think I accomplished that, there are a lot.) I put all the resources on a storage system and upon doing so, I realized that there were several resources that were just raw elements off The Periodic Table. Of course they were, but at the time it seemed interesting to have a handful of perfect elements. The collector in me decided to line them up by atomic weight for decorative effect. After recent updates, more elements have been added, and I've never been more thrilled. With 0.9.2 came Tungsten and Iron, and then with 0.10.1 came Argon, Helium, Hydrogen, Sulfur, Carbon, Nitrogen, and Zinc. I believe this has been the most elements added out of any update. Looking at all off them now, we have (in order of weight): Hydrogen, helium, lithium, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, aluminum, sulfur, argon, titanium, iron, copper, zinc, and massive jump to tungsten. I' pretty sure that's all of them. Several of these are in order, or at least very close to it. Lining them all up this time gave me this idea: What if we had a Tier 3 module/machine to put one of every element into? It wouldn't serve any functionality other than decoration/information, but imagine how cool it could be to put a resource on a machine, to have it sucked in and stored on a computer for display? The interface would be just like the rest of Astroneer's (gorgeous) graphical interface, perhaps closest to the research catalog screens. One big screen would display the entire Periodic table, while a smaller information screen would be positioned to the right of it. After you put an element into it, the corresponding panel on the table would light up, or be checked off in some way. On the bottom of the machine would be a directional input pad, letting you navigate the table. Selecting any element would open the information window, describing the stats on the element. Additionally, it could include the recipes the elements are used in, and or where to acquire them. This module wouldn't serve any real gameplay purpose, but I think it would be a great addition. Astroneer is about the excitement of exploration and discovery, and a way of cataloging your discoveries along the way is a perfect way of giving the player a sense of accomplishment. For me personally, the exploration is thrilling enough, but being able to physically track your progress as a scientific explorer would make an excellent addition to this awesome game. When I was young, I wanted to be a scientist. I know, that's what every kid says, but I meant it. I've always been genuinely fascinated by the science around me everyday. I loved The Periodic Table from the moment my father taught me about it in Kindergarten, and it STILL intrigues me now. For as long as I can remember, my family has always brought me and my sisters to all kinds of science museums. As a kid, going to these museums let me discover things like chemistry, astronomy, electricity, magnetism, and world of things too small to see. Cells, then molecules, then atoms, then quarks. Learning about the world around me through chemistry, biology, physics, and everything else has always been the way I'd try to quench my insatiable thirst for knowledge and discovery. I think that's part of the reason why this game speaks to me the way it does. I don't know if anyone reading this can relate, but this game makes me feel something I haven't felt since I was a little kid, running around museums, scared of black holes, in love with Tesla coils*, and perplexed by the several states of matter. playing this game invokes a sense of childlike wonder, for me at least. Having a machine in the game to show that, would be golden. (please add gold) Attached to this, I've included a rough sketch I made, with some important details of the machine itself. I think a logical crafting recipe for this could be one plastic, one aluminum, and one glass. alternatively, adding this to the game alongside silicon would logically make sense since its a computer JUST SAYING. I mean come on, its the eighth most prominent element in the universe, by mass. It also makes up a whopping 90% of Earth's crust, in one form or another. I don't think silicon would be ideal for this, but I think it would be really cool to have a resource only available at the top, or near the top of Terran's mountains, since almost all resources are just found on the ground, or underground. It would make for some nice variety. Also, Astroneer is really lacking in some heavy elements. give us some radioative ones, at least some of the well known ones like plutonium or uranium. Maybe the radiation could kill you if you held them too long? They'd be used for expensive and dangerous , yet powerful and efficient reactors. On the topic of power, cobalt is often used in lithium-ion batteries, and I'd love to see you make a bright blue metal resource for us, since they're all gray and red. Perhaps water or ice coolant would be needed to keep the reactors from exploding or giving off radiation? That would be the risk if they aren't taken care of enough, and the reward would obviously be an enormous source of power. Another good excuse to add water and ice. Ice would obviously be found all over tundra, but also on top of Terran mountains?!? I'm getting distracted sorry. Anyway, I hope you like my ideas. Another small additional idea that could also be massive, researching objects would put them in the computer. This would be a separate tab from The Periodic Table, but on the same machine. every artifact could be given a name and a sentence or two about lore or purpose. maybe the machine would have a tier 1 input, and a tier 2 input as well, so you'd have to sacrifice the bytes for the coolness of the computer. Maybe putting them in could also unlock/check-off some elements you'd never add as resources to the game. you'd only have to say that said element was a part of the composition of said artifact. This could also be a way of explaining some cool or fun lore of the zebra balls, even if it just said "unknown" Just as a disclaimer, I'm by no means saying you need to add every last element to the game to make it cool, I'm just saying that more elements are always cool, no matter if they're particularly useful or not. Thank you for your time everyone. * Tesla coils or lightning rods would be super cool. you could add thunder and lightning to storms sometimes. the lightning could strike you (with a 90% chance of killing you instantly) or your base, destroying machines or perhaps just making explosion craters around the point of impact. lightning rods would serve as protection within a certain radius. lightning striking them would give a huge amount of power instantaneously if they were attached to, or next to batteries.
  6. Jcgeek2000


    I've recently been thinking about the backpack in Astroneer. Overall, I think the systems and layout of the backpack are great, but I think an upgrade system could fit in Astroneer. Of course, any extension to the backpack should be tremendously expensive, or almost exclusively late-game. I think the way it could work would be rather simple. At the small printer, you'd use expensivve resources to print a chunk of the backpack. It would be like 2 bars of the battery, and two slots for additional items.essentially, they'd just be extra rows of two added onto the bottom. Two or three would be more than enough, and anything past that would be too much. On the upgrade topic, this idea gave me another as well. Using titanum (like the old days) and glass, you should be able to permenentlu increase your oxygen capacity. Even if only by about 10 seconds, any upgrade to the backpack tank would be awesome. The last thing I thought that pertains to this is the strangest, and has the smallest chance of being implemented in any way. I think it would be quite interesting in the late game to be able to hold ONE tier 2 item. The way this would work would be a tier 2 item slot on the top of the backpack, above the oxygen, and made in a similar way to the other backpack extensions. OR, two item slots on the backpack could be melded together in some way, creating the large slot. A good way of making this NOT overpowered would be a decrease in speed for the player. I don't wanna say removing the ability to run, as that'd be very similar to how carrying tier 2 items works anyway, but maybe.
  7. when playing in multiplayer mode, materials that appear in the host computer are not appearing in the client side. if the client digs the area where they should be, all they get is dirt. Here is a list of clips from the stream.
  8. Mortime

    Resources deleted ?!

    Hello, I have a big problem. I had many resources stored in holes. Then I drove around with the rover. When I came back, all resources were gone! I do not understand what happened? I would be very grateful for help Thanks. Mortime
  9. ElliotBatman

    Resource Locator

    I think it would be very helpful to have a device that can point you in the general direction of a resource you need. It took me forever just to find two units of aluminum then I died and can't find them again so I think it would be helpful just to have something to point you in a general direction.
  10. Idk if this has happened to anyone else, I searched but couldn’t find any other info. I play on Xbox One, and since 0.9.0 but also in 0.9.2 (I’m playing on fresh saves for this update) I’ve encountered a strange audio bug when I’m harvesting resources (like compound, resin, the like). I’ve noticed it specifically when using the Inhibitor which I unlock very early so I can clear the area around my base after I’ve flattened and smoothed it. I don’t recall hearing the weird audio when otherwise using the terrain tool to dig out resources normally. It seems to develop over time after using the Inhibitor and I’ve not associated the bug with anything else that has occurred in the game (other phenomena or stuff I’m doing at the time, not yet anyway). What happens is, as I’m harvesting resources (“mowing” them off the terrain) using the Inhibtor I’ll notice gradually there is a change in the pitch or tone of the sound made by the resource that’s collected (often the tone used for the sounds are somewhat musical in nature, those used for ore precursors are more musical than others). The sound morphs into a warbled, disharmonious sound, almost like it’s being duplicated but not fully (like it’s partially overlapped but not the sounds aren’t in tune idk). It reminds me a bit of what we’d call a “trilled” note in music except not a constant held trill, more like just trilled once (sorry, that probably doesn’t make any sense, but it’s not an easy thing to describe). Anyway, just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this. If it were just the odd sound, it might not be so bad. But clearly something else has gone wrong in the game because once this weird sound occurs the game starts to freeze. Not just a little either, I’ve never seen Astroneer freeze like this. Lag, sure. Hitch up a bit when a storm forms or you’ve printed something or you save, yeah again I’ve seen all that before. But actually freeze up for a few seconds, not like this anyway. I thought it was just an audio bug and kept going, but the game clearly doesn’t like it and I wasn’t right by the habitat when I first noticed it so when it first froze up I thought oh well the game is going to crash. It didn’t, so I kept going but it froze again....longer. I started back to my habitat which thankfully wasn’t far, but I almost didn’t make it. It froze for about 10-15 seconds, thought for sure it would crash. Not sure why it didn’t, but once it released my character I saved and exited the game. Since then, it has happened several times, in other saved games. Now when it happens, I know to stop harvesting resources immediately, save and leave my game. Unfortunately just leaving the game and reloading back in doesn’t fix the issue. I have to close Astroneer completely and reload the whole game itself. I don’t know what this bug is, but it’s a pesky one. The way the freezing behavior was going, I’m concerned it would’ve locked up my Xbox for who knows how long, and I would’ve been forced into a manual shut down (since it didn’t crash, which is what Astroneer usually does). Anyone using the Inhibitor (to clear their bases of clutter or for harvesting resources) who notices a strange sound when doing those things, one that is almost like a duplicated but warbled or garbled sound (trust me you’ll know, it doesn’t sound right at all) you should stop doing that and save your game right away. Save and exit, shut down Astroneer, then reload into it. Should be ok at least afaik. Hope the Devs will look into this, the freezups are concerning.
  11. Mined out a base area that had some resource in it, rejoined the game and did a dig down into the base and all the resource that I had previously mined reappeared. Was able to mine it again by doing an up dig but it didn't appear in my backpack.
  12. Max Level Adventures

    Currency Balance and MEGA-Modules

    Hello, System Era! First, I would like to say that I genuinely enjoyed the 22 hours I've played so far. The lack of a permanent UI is probably the most underrated part of the game. Well done. I began with the tutorial--which was completely necessary. Thanks for that. After starting a full game, I researched, built, and used, at least one of everything. I drilled to the core by transporting a Rover for Oxygen, which is a gentle way to say "dropped repeatedly for nearly 30 minutes," mined Astronium, then dug back out with tethers. The storms on Terra were interesting and cool, but I do wish we had something to do while we're sitting inside the Hab--even if that just means access to Tier 1 crafting. I loaded up a large shuttle when I felt like I was done on Terra and took off to the moon--mostly because that felt like an obvious progression choice. The new terrain was littered with "rare" resources and research objects that I should have been excited to see, but I no longer needed. However, the new flora and day/night cycle provided a welcome challenge. I look forward to exploring the other planets for the same reasons, but I don't have the avid lust to play like I did during the first 15 or so hours. All-in-all, I'm excited to see where the game is in a year from now! I read the roadmap AND the list of requested/planned features. Please forgive me if anything I say is redundant or not in line with your vision. I also searched the forums, but didn't find anything specifically related to my suggestion, so here I am Bytes: Bytes are the most abundant resource in the game, but you have no use for them after the first few hours. Research objects were SUPER exciting until I purchased every schematic, then I felt disappointed every time I saw one--which is extremely often. I know you're planning to add customization for the player. Maybe that could be a use for it beyond the necessary? Trade Platform/Mineral Extractor The Trade Platform and Mineral Extractor completely remove an expected desire to mine other planets. I found enough Titanium just by exploring salvages to make a winch and several oxygen tanks. I found some Lithium in wrecks as well, then used the Trade Platform to acquire a few more to make a couple backup batteries. These modules completely remove any necessity for visits to other planets--or even deeper drilling into the current one. Maybe you don't want forced visits to other planets. That's fine, but it seems weird that you can easily have an unlimited supply of "Rare" Resources without even going to other planets. Rares Resources Like Bytes, they aren't very rare and have no use after you've made a few Batteries and Oxygen Tanks. For a resource found only on other planets that's suppose to require a drill, Lithium and Titanium are much too easy to acquire. I didn't have to leave the planet, build a drill, use the Mineral Extractor or Trade Platform; I found plenty just by exploring nearby wrecks. When I finally flew to the Barren celestial body, I discovered Lithium and Titanium veins! I was excited until I remembered that I didn't have a use for them by that point. They became just like the once-exciting research objects. Travel Implement user-control for Shuttles. This would massively improve and encourage exploration. It would also add tons of value to Hydrazine since you would need more of it. Not only that, but imagine searching for a large asteroid in space to mine its unique resource! Come on..that's pretty cool, right? Though, honestly, travel is currently pretty fun. Stringing up a bunch of Rovers to go exploring is hilarious and a total blast. Future Resource Uses: MEGA-MODULES! Each one of these structures would require a MASSIVE amount of resources and many modules to construct. Modules currently cost 1-4 resources and require 0-1 base modules. This is cost seemed pretty low throughout the entire game. Adding Mega-Modules would offer a reason to visit other planets for unique resources. These Mega-Modules would require massive amounts of energy. You could even require a constant funneling of Bytes to fund the projects. Wireless Energy Site: Nikola Tesla was working on this back in the 1800's. It's not a stretch for a game like this and could give us a reason to explore and expand. This project would provide the massive amounts of power required for other Mega-Modules, giving value to every past, present, and future base the player creates. Celestial Drill: This behemoth is capable of drilling a wide hole to the core of any planet. Currently, the process is slow and boring, but this would give us a reason to continue exploring and gathering those "rare" resources to supply additional shafts, support columns, and drill bits. Elevator to Hell: This could be built onto the Celestial Drill by swapping out some modules since the Celestial Drill would be immobile. Once the drill is done, you could swap out some modules to lower yourself and a large rover to branch mine for Coal, Astronium, Hematite, and whatever else you add. Interplanetary Teleporter: This would allow instant travel between other teleporters anywhere in the solar system. You wouldn't even need a 3-D view of the solar system, just a list of functional teleporters. The high resource cost wouldn't make sense for bases within a close driving distance, but it would save time and be a cool option for fast intra- and interplanetary travel. TL;DR I love the game so far and look forward to future updates, even if they don't include any of my ideas. Who knows? Maybe something I said will spark an entirely different idea that's super rad! Cheers, Max P.S. I did read the thread suggesting that separate ideas be split into multiple posts. I didn't do that because I had no idea my post would turn into this beast...
  13. Many people mentioned the problem that you dont even need to build a shuttle and visit other planets. The tradeplatform was one of the reasons. I suggest that it would need certain augments to be functional the way it is now. Let's say without augments it could only convert scrap to resources.There is one augment-type per planet, and you could only find the research/resource needed to craft it on said planet. E.g. if you attached the terran-augment, the tradeplatform would be capable of trading the resources found on terran. But that means the resources also need to be more planet-specific.
  14. DarkPhosphorus

    Machine modularity

    What about forges, where u can store metals as liquids and require constant power to keep it melted? that would be fun. that would make automation possible with obtaining and refining metals. Vehicles are too easy to make. can we have a LOT more modularity? It would be so cool, fun, and challenging if I had to obtain a motor, a battery, a vehicle frame, and a seat before i could drive. | Copper + Space ship part --> motor | 2 aluminum --> vehicle frame | lithium + compound --> battery | what if you could build ur vehicles with parts like these as if they were legos?? SO COOL!! I wana design my own space rover! I would play this game forever if i could build my own things with more basic parts! To me it feels like this game is missing something, and i feel like adding this would really fill in that gap! and finally, sorry for grammar.
  15. I'm playing as a 2nd player, the person that's hosting is right near me. After rejoining the server I went back to a cave I was exploring and the lower levels of that cave were completely empty of resources and terrain decorations. I could still see enemies (plants), satellite debris, dead characters artefacts and some occasional resource patches but I was missing about 90% of the content (compared to the host who was sitting right next to me). Rejoining multiple times changes what items are being rendered but the % is still the same.
  16. Jonny Rimes

    Resources flying off

    Can we not have resources flying off when you change the printing item, it's a pain in the butt having to chase them.
  17. So we all know that tethers are used to mark where we have been, as a way back and also for oxygen, but what about using the top of it and different colours to have like the small to large rover or storage to transport research or resources. so using the modals of the rover or platforms and maybe have a hovering affect above that follows the tethers blue line. So we could use it to transport cargo to and from bases in caves to bases above the surface and vis versa.
  18. Richard Darrington

    New Interplanetary Rocket

    I'd like to have the ability to build a larger Rocket where you can store store multiple items. Make it so you have to build the rocket in 3 stages. Each module requiring at least 4 resources each but of various resources coat. ENGINE module, STORAGE Module( 5 DOUBLE SLOTS/10 SINGLES AND COMMAND module. The engine module would have its own internal tank and hydrazine cataylser which woukd require ammonium to be processed prior to take off. Would require the equivalent of 12 ammonium to be full of hydrazine. The storage has double doors that open while landed to allow access and the engine module produces processed oxygen and power much like the hab. Ship design based of of Vintage rocket design. Streamlines with 3 fins that act has landing legs with a ladder up the side for command moduke access or leave it for the astroneers to build a ramp up to the command module
  19. I am on the Tundra planet at the moment, and found many Titanium & Lithium deposits (far too many in my opinion but might be wanted for the alpha?). From the wiki: It's seems ok to me that you can get a little resources with the Terrain Tool ... but not so much. I can get at least 1, almost 2 just with the Terrain Tool. I think we shouldn't be able to get a complete LIthium or Titanium from only 1 deposit without a crane. In fact, I think the entire deposit should only provide resource to create a bit more than 1 Lithium or Titanium. So without a Crane we should only be able to get less than 0.5 of those. Wiki again: Well, it is not rare at all. The "worst" part of it, is that at the moment there is so little things you can do with both (worst for the titanium as you don't need many tank and winch, and you will probably find tanks before a titanium deposist) that I don't mine them anymore (I know you can use them for the research but there is also too many Collectibles) In fact I think there is too much of everything at the moment (even for an "easy" mode) Maybe this is intentional for the alpha to help players to go faster (and because you have to start over often), but even for that purpose you could reduce the amount of deposits/collectibles by 2 without realizing it. What do you think?
  20. Summary: First Bug: I used to walk throught a passage which I had created inside a cave, exploring and so on. Few hours laters, may be after an update, a deposit appeared right in the passage I was using, half buiring the tethers. Second Bug: When I jumped in my shuttle with the backpack printer auto-locked on a compound blueprint , the compound stack I left on the side of the shuttle autoloaded inside my backpack printer. I'm not sure if it is a game feature or not, but in my opinion it is not , so here the topic about it. I tried again and it is doing this every time (it's not a isolated bug). Here, the compound on the shuttle and my empty backpack. I'm inside the shuttle, and the compound stack is gone. In fact, it's in my backpack, loaded inside the printer. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Family x64 V 10.0.16299 CPU: Intel i5-6200U 2.8 GHz GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M 4GO RAM: 8GO DDR4 Drive:
  21. Add a various amount of different creatures to the game from which you can harvest food and resources from adding new survival elements to the game by needing to eat and drink also add farming to the mix giving that same outcome but to also grow certain resources so they never will run out maybe having some seeds only obtainable on some planets maybe some creature will attack your base so you'll need to add defensive weapons to protect the player and there base.
  22. ramalamafizzfaj - Steam - Vanishing Items

    I picked up a unit of Aluminium using the "E" key while holding it (in case this matters), five minutes later when i needed the Aluminium it was not on my backpack. And i had to harvest more.
  23. TheThiccness

    Can't build storage

    I researched storage finally but when I go to the printer I can't find the schematics for it, do I need to do something or is it a glitch?
  24. When uprooted, the Ceiling Whacker beasties in Barren caves sometimes drop items (tethers, batteries, resource, or nothing). The dropped resource is still named "Item Name", "Item Description". It is purple, but visually distinct from astronium. The resource drop is always the same unnamed item. The other bug with ceiling whackers is that they respawn in the same place after every exit and reload of the save (tested only on Steam). Happens every time, to every instance. It's a great way to farm batteries, but I doubt it is intentional.
  25. In 0.6.1 world generation is sortof broken. Whenever you leave an area in a cave it saves bigger things like big plants, dead astroneers, satelite crashes, etc. But for some reason it doesnt save resource locations. I've discovered that a few times when I marked a big copper vein for example, only to return to nothing (and yes, I'm absolutely certain I was in the right spot). However, next to this issue, it also generates plants again, while also loading them. This causes tons upon tons of plants to stack up, and a cave which was pretty much empty when I found it has been turned into a forest of deadly plants. Besides being very annoying, my computer doesn't like it either, and my FPS drops considerably when I enter that cave. Save file attached. Specs: FX-8350 @ 4.0ghz, 8gb DDR3 Ram @ 1333mhz, HD 6570 2gb Sapphire @ stock. AUTOSAVE_2_2018.02.24-12.26.15.sav