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Found 1 result

  1. I know there are many drone suggestions, but I feel like they could really fit into the game and I'd like to throw mine in too. I wanted some kind of organisational system. First I thought about conveyer belts, but I thought they'd be too finicky. They'd also add a lot of clutter to the layout of a base unless I was very deliberate with how I placed everything. Then I thought, maybe drones could do it? Suggestion: A 2-slot equipment module (like a solar panel), called the "hive" which has 4 drone-sockets on it. How it would work: For every stack of aluminium placed on a drone-socket, it will produce a drone. During the drone building process, the socket is transformed into a black reflective charging panel. If the sockets remained, items placed there would interfere with the drone's charging - and I think it's a neat way of building without going through menus - as well as being an immersive way of limiting it to 4 drones. Each drone would be capable of moving one stack at a time, and would move relatively fast. It would have to charge at the base-module for x time after flying for y distance, I dunno what specific amounts would be balanced. While I like the idea of not having to go through menus, I don't know how this would work without SOME kind of menu. I did think that maybe you could tap a storage plate to the drone pad - saving the items on it as a 'template' of what to keep it stocked with, but that seems very fiddley What I settled on is, once built, a 'logistics' button is unlocked, when within range you can hover your mouse over storage units, revealing a button that when clicked, takes you to a top down view of the storage sockets with a menu of thumbnails of items. When you hover your mouse over an items icon, its name appears in white font. You can drag as many of those items onto whatever sockets you want, with the addition of 'ANY' and item categories (ore, compound, etc). To save immersion, only items that have have been handled by the player are visible. When done, press ESC or ENTER or whatever button, and return back to the game - to see a bright blue projection of each of the items in their designated slots until they are filled, which returns when they are empty. If a storage unit is used for a blueprint and taken away, that blueprint is stored until another storage pad is placed. If the wrong item is placed on a designated slot, the drones will move it to a free slot somewhere in your base as long as there is one. That's it. I feel like while it's a more mundane suggestion to others, I really like this as a luxury item - you could do all of this stuff yourself like you already have been doing - or you could choose drones over power generation, item storage, power storage, and whatever other 2-slot module stuff they come up with. I feel like this could be a good starting point for drones. Possible additional feature: I also really like Nowhereville's suggestion: This is something I'd love, I have a lot of trouble using the default terrain tool to make flat ground, I feel it could be a part of what I've suggested. However, I don't think it should do it's own thing over the player by default, it needs to be limited in some way. The way I imagine it working, is that you press TAB to get into the habitat, then press T to enter terraforming mode. In terraforming mode, you take over the camera of a drone over the charging pad. While controlling the drone, you can see a clear outline in the distance of how far you can travel before before a return trip is impossible, this distance will shrink, faster while you're flying, reflecting the amount of time you have remaining. Once the outline reaches the drone, (it only has enough fuel to get back to the station if it leaves right now), it will kick you out and fly back to the charging station. From the Drones camera, you can paint areas to be FLATTENED, RAISED or LOWERED. Q-E to cycle through each, left mouse button to paint area, shift click to drag a square from that point. Areas painted will (only from the drone camera) have a thick coloured outline - which will also blink UNTIL it is confirmed. Once you are happy with the changes you've set, press SPACE to confirm.