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Found 237 results

  1. Summary: – Steam – Research Items falling through ground Description: Research Items under plants falling through ground into caves underneath. Very annoying. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home | 1803 | 17134.523 CPU: Intel i5-4460 3.20GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti RAM: Kingston 2x8GB DDR3 800Hz Drive: Western Digital 1TB (WD10EZRZ-00Z5HB0)
  2. InfamousAC130

    re-searchable description

    It would be very helpful especially to new players to add a description of all the items we can unlock with our bytes. Sometimes I forget what they do or have no clue what they even are or used for.
  3. CopperyMarrow15

    Flora Idea

    I have an idea for a new type of flora for the game. It is like a big flower with 4 flaps that open up at night. Inside, there is a researchable object that emits light. The light goes out if you pick it up but it can be researched for about 2000 bytes. They grow mostly in the flatlands so they are easy to spot if you are far away. Another of their features is that they have several sacs at their base. Each has a 'Use' function that adds a small amount of oxygen to your tank. These sacs grow back after 5 minutes. If you kill them, they explode with acidic gas like an Exploder but give 3 seeds that can be planted to grow another plant. Please let me know what you think.
  4. I realize that this might be a strange type of request, to make a part of the game less efficient for the player, but I think this is a clear example of something being too good and taking away from other aspects of the game. On an Exotic planet I have set up base on, there are creatures in the caves that hang off the ceilings. They are effortlessly destroyed by digging them out, which causes them to drop a few research samples. Each sample seems to give between 150-300 bytes. These Cavern Lures can respawn, and sometimes they spawn in strangely; they can be on the ground and multiple creatures can be in one spot. When the latter situation happens, several thousand Bytes-worth of Samples are dropped. See the attached screenshots. Needless to say, as I was exploring the caves of the Exotic planet, I didn't bother using a Research Chamber because simply killing Cavern Lures and looting Bytes for free is much more effective than the normal Research loop of lugging research items back to base and consuming power with a Chamber. It feels broken to be able to circumvent one of the main mechanics of the game. I suggest significantly reducing how good Cavern Lure research samples are, and any other similar sources of easy Bytes. By comparison, the amount of Bytes received from plant and mineral nodules feels correct.
  5. Surely Exo Dynamics will have listened to Astroneer feedback and added an External Timer to the Research Chamber, so busy Astroneers can just glance at the Research chamber to know when their object is nearly complete? Well hopefully they are working on it! 😊 Allow the Astroneer to keep tabs on the current research task easily by displaying an external timer on the control panel. This way a busy Astroneer can just glance at the Research Module, rather than having to open the control panel to see how much time is left. See picture:
  6. Carson St. Amand

    Long-Term Research bases

    Add a "Long-Term research" that you could cue up multiple research objects on but it takes more resources to make and takes longer to research but it's for like research bases and stuff. Also add a shuttle that only has enough fuel to get to a planet and back, but has a internal storage to carry a ton of stuff for building bases, so you could ship tons of stuff from a base. And internal storages that have like a catalog on the front that shows what you have in it so you don't have to have tons of medium storages and despawn the resources that go into it so it is easier on the processor. Also add terrestrial bases that you can add stuff inside of like a garage to store rovers and have a bed to pass time during storms and options like have the long term research need to be on the base. And you can like walk around in them. And space stations that can hold resources and fuel and you can ship stuff to them and then refuel there. Oh and last thing more options for the controls and a better camera on xbox.
  7. Okay so in the beginning of the game it can be a bit slow as you try to get new research and sit there and wait while your stations slowly grind down at the pods but what if we could assist them. When a research station is active you could turn on manual research in which you do some sort of mini games and the faster you complete them the faster research goes in order to save some time
  8. I think the current system for research is fine for the basics, but by the time I was ready to leave Terran to find new resources, I already had all of the research points I needed to unlock everything, and a bunch of extra resource pods that I had dug out but never carried back to base. While I ended up creating a research scanner on the next two planets, I wouldn't have needed to. That seems strange to me - research is one of the few base components that you don't really need to build after Terran. And yet, there are many varieties of research pods, and they are on every planet. It seems like a waste to put all of that diversity into the game just for me to ignore most of it. I think the game needs some of the randomness of the original research system put back in. Basically, give me a reason to want to scan the additional research pods, even when I have already unlocked the core blueprints. My suggestion: add upgraded versions of the core blueprints into the game, and make them random unlocks when you scan a new type of research pod for the first time. The upgrades I am thinking of would be things like: a cylinder that holds 50% more soil, or an oxygen tank that holds 25% more oxygen. Generators that produce more power, etc. Basic upgrades like this wouldn't require visual changes to the items themselves, just to their values in the game. Maybe some of the unlockables could be new items that are not critical to gameplay: a parachute that saves you from falling damage, for example. This idea accomplishes two main things: gives the player incentive to keep looking for the new research pods and scanning them, and adds some variety to the game.
  9. So an idea popped into my head today while playing... Wouldn't it be cool if the generator would know when to stop generating when my rover's battery was fully charged then i thought it would be cool to have smart generates that not only auto shut off but grabbed resources from other nods on the same platform. I got a couple ideas too. If there was a module that was like a research center that granted more abilities or improved abilities. Perhaps increased tether range/ brighter tether lighting. more torque for rovers more backpack nods increased backpack battery increased backpack oxygen the ideas kinda write themselves super easy to think of different things to upgrade. and i think this would give you more game to play with having more things to earn.
  10. For me the most annoying thing in this AMAZING game is carrying research items around. It’s clunky and hard to walk, especially on console. My solution: Have a dedicated single slot on the backpack for research. If you have a research item in said slot you cannot pick up another research item with your cursor and you cannot operate vehicles. It has the same effective functionality as the current system but doesn’t have the annoying mechanic. I love your game and have been playing for a long time! Thanks System Era!
  11. So i've been trying to figure out how to get the medium rover, amongst other items, but the schematic doesn't appear in the research menu. The ammount of bytes I have is irrelevant; the schematic doesn't show up for me to research. Saving and quitting or making a new save file doesn't appear to fix the issue.
  12. UndeadDragonKnight

    Gravity physics

    In my 65 hrs of game play in astroneer, I have noticed that objects only have gravity and bounce physics when the player is a certain distance away from the object. The reason I know this is true is because of cave exploration on Terran and ramp building. Usually when walking on the ground of the super low level green caves, research falls from the ceiling. Since the green caves are wide open and tall, I assume that those research objects were on the floor above and you just entered there physics bubble, but because they are only at the outer part of this edge, the game temporarily breaks the terrain physics allowing objects to fall through. Another reason I have come to this conclusion of objects having limited physics reach, I was building a ramp into the sky, just big enough for the small rover, and made with about 60+ canisters of dirt, I drove all the way up and got out to start doing more when the rover rolled right off the edge. At first I wasn't worried, but when I walked to the spot where it should have been, it wasn't there. When I found out about the flying seat glitch, I flew all over for fun, and that is when I noticed that my missing rover was floating in the sky, I got it down because the flying seat, which was actually helpful instead of game breaking. I don't know what can be done about this without totally overworking everyone's system by calculating everything on the entire planet at once (PC, X-Box) but I just wanted to suggest that someone finds someway to improve the physics so that rovers are not lost and free research is not raining from the cave system above.
  13. Cyruss Anderson

    Chose between start up packages?

    I think it would be a great feature in the game to choose what you start with i want to hop in a world and get a moble base asap but by the time i have the materials i dont need the moble base. It would be a waste of resources.
  14. I found a small item with flat top and bottom but rounded sides, in white, with red spot on top. It's tagged as researchable but the research workstation does not recognize it. Neither will the shredder recognize it to shred it. Any idea what we can do with it apart from playing kickaround with it lol?
  15. Starkness

    Research chamber Cancel

    Please please please make it more difficult to cancel research at the research chamber. I've twice already accidentally press E twice when trying to do something else while that window is still up. can you please at least make the second press a different button? to start research is fine. but canceling is too easy. maybe a pop-up window you have to click. no button press. also, I have to press Esc to close a machine window, but I can just click off of my backpack or research catalog. I think the fact that these 2 similar windows have different ways to close them is causing my above issue. I think I'm clicking off of the window to close it because that's the way my backpack and research catalog work and when it doesn't close right away, I'll find myself accidentally pressing E E thinking it should have closed.
  16. I feel like I can pretty much unlock everything in the game inside of a 60-90 minute play session. I know there is a balance between being demoralizing in terms of pace and just handing it out but I just feel like it all goes by too quick. Would be cool if things like the large spaceship, rover, etc were 4-5 times more expensive and the research items on the starting planet capped at X research. This would force the player to build a small shuttle to go to other planets in order to get research that is worth more. Then with the large spaceship you could go to even further planets to get even more valuable research. I feel like there is a foundation for a very solid progression system, it just isn't there quite yet. All that said, loving the game and excited for the future
  17. I was in a cave and a bunch of research items just fell from the ceiling wherever the world was loading in in front of me. Feel like they aren't supposed to do but maybe they were just chillin on the ceiling and I surprised them or something.
  18. Some people might know that cave dynamite (dynamite found in caves not crafted) can be transported easily by sticking it to a research item. I know the devs might not have intended it to do that, but I think it should be kept in the game, albeit nerfed a lot. As of now you can stick it to all of the research items and stick as many on there as you want. However, it might be better if you could only stick it to one of the rarer types, so if you're the person who likes to keep dynamite around to blow stuff up, you can store a lot of it, but at the cost of potential bytes.
  19. Whenever i find some ore, and i want to mine, i find myself wanting to scan the area, if there was some item that if you powered it up, it could send out a pulse, and let you see the nearby minerals for a little while. If you find a research sample in the end of a long path, you could scan to see if there is more around. If you are digging a long tunnel, you can scan, and see if there is anything nearby… Should probably be something that takes some effort to keep using, so you cant spam it, but if it takes power…. lets say you would have to charge a battery full to send out a couple of pulses...
  20. Hey guys, I've been for some time bordered with one object of the game, that object being the Research Catalog. So today I've decided to try doing what would say it could be an "improved version of it" (in my perspective anyway...) Maybe it goes a little bit against the overall design in which this type of objects are implemented in the game, but anyway, it was fun to play with it... Please tell me your thoughts.
  21. Placed and unpacked a research Module on the forward half of a Large Rover, then tried using it, but it will not let me place the research artefact onto the Module. At first I thought it was because of the camera angle, but have tried from every which way and still no luck. The Rover has power, so it's not as if it shouldn't work. Anyone else had this happen?
  22. Having Exactly 200 bytes left, am unable to get Small wind Turbine which costs 200 Bytes. Guess it doesn't like Exact Change.
  23. (Steam version The Research Module when filled with any unknown object wet to be researched, when opened its module menu in order to start its function...(one mouse left click uncover button cap, second click activate green button, but when accidentally pressed following a third click it immediately cancel the research eliminating the current object. Consider adding a 1 to 3 second cooldown so this can be avoided. Also, add to research items, a short description for each.
  24. Gofynono

    Can't see research

    my research console has no icons and no changing animation the only thing i can see is the words changing
  25. Before the 0.7 I was already thinking there was too many research items underground. I even think there are more now. Items are even not buried. Here a video to show you part of it but I can assure you it was only a small part of what was in there. ASTRONEER-0.7-research-items.mp4