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Found 4 results

  1. Most of the time in a playthrough with a friend I was unable to use the Research Station because the green button wouldn't press (though it still made the beeping sound), the only way I could fix this is by restarting Astroneer, but half of the time when I restart I couldn't join my friends game unless I also restart my steam. Thank you
  2. Client player can't push button on research station.
  3. My research station was researching while I was staying in the base and then quit the game. I left the game running for a while and the research had completed and then i quit the game. When i came back the sound the research station makes while it is researching continued even though it had completed the job. I unplugged the station and the others and moved them away, but the sound continued to come from the same place.
  4. I was messing around with 2nd single research base to look power supply requirements, timing & how long supplies last in seconds* The timings aren't going to 100% accurate I know as I haven't done nearly enough timings to make sure that it isn't doing anything too weird (solar & wind were added to supply time just because I didn't like the empty gap ) i.e. compound needs 2 minutes at 100% & 8 at 25% and would need 4 Large Batteries at full to complete without any other power *I wanted to work out how many batteries I need for a large item so I could see how it well research works when you're away from planet, now I need a bucket load of lithium (time to tunnel through a mountain again)