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Found 1 result

  1. There is a good setup for this, but instead the recipes are provided at random. For example, there is this theme of 1 point item, 2 point item, etc. a 1 point item fits on just about any slot including your backpack. a 2 point item can only be fit to a base node or vehicle node, etc. Additionally, many items have a 1 point and 2 point version of themselves. Example, solar panels. However, there is another layer of temporary item, small permanent and large permanent. Example, power cell, small battery and large battery. That probably confused the issue but it's a bit of a let down when i do research and discover a power cell when i already have a reusable battery. It doesn't matter that the power cell is easier to make, since i am not likely to need it. i know that the game is kind of in fast mode for testing range, but i would enjoy a progression of items from cheap temporary to more efficient to high capacity in a reliable fashion.