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Found 1 result

  1. Guys, it is apparent that you are still struggling with getting the balance right for the Research procedures. To my mind, something like the researching procedures has to be challenging. In the early stages, the research process was far to easy, posing very little challenge to establish a base and find all of the items necessary. Then you introduced the Research Curve, which made finding research items more difficult to the point where it was pure grinding. This caused players to quickly let you know that this was not a good idea and you subsequently changed the research process back to a point where it is almost as simple as it was in the first place and is again not challenging. The key is to understand the difference between something that is challenging and something that is just difficult. To be challenging, the process need to be not difficult alone, but needs to also be interesting with some form of logic to the process that can eventually be identified and applied. As the system currently stands there is no reward for effort ie A player can climb to the top of a mounting or go down to the depths of a cave to gather research pods that will give them Compound. But they can pluck a research pod off a tree next to their base that will provide the Blueprint for a Spaceship. It makes very little sense. I would recommend that the Research returns be based upon the degree of difficulty required to gather the Research Pods, as follows: Level 1 Research – Pods that contain items essential to survival. These Pods should be relatively easy to access. Out to a distance that is slightly further than the distance that one batch of Tethers will reach and down to Level 1 in the cave system. Level 2 Research – Pods that contain items that will enhance the performance of the base and the player’s ability to gather resources. There distance from the base should be greater and down to Level 2 in the cave system. Level 3 Research – Pods that contain the items necessary to leave the planet. These Pods should be the hardest to access and contain items essential to leave the planet. This process would create a degree of difficulty, help to maintain interest and install a degree of logic to the process. It will also give the players a feeling of control within the game, as they will be the controllers of the amount of research necessary. For example, if a player has no immediate desire to leave the planet because they wish to do some serious Terra Forming, they need search no further than Level 2. Further more, with the introduction of the Research Curve, the Printer and the Vehicle Bay were not initially available, which caused some angst amongst the playing community (myself included). The problem was not that they weren’t initially available, but that it was so difficult to find the Research Pods to get them (no logical pattern). I would suggest that that is fine as long as the necessary Research Pods are relatively close to the Base. To this end, I would suggest that to start a game an Astroneer should only have the Blueprint for the Research Platform and his Backpack should contain 1 x Small Solar Panel and 1 x Tether Batch, but no Blueprint to build more (a player will quickly learn to use Tethers to search in one direction before gathering them all back up to search in a different direction). Each level of research should provide a logical progression of capabilities as recommended below: Level 1 Research should contain the Blueprints for the Printer and the Smelter; the Small Solar Panels, Tethers, Small Battery, Filters and Small Generator, as well as some random minerals, Level 2 Research should contain the Blueprints for the Vehicle Bay and land vehicles plus vehicle attachments; the Large Wind Turbine, Large Battery and Large Solar Panel; plus all of the remaining Backpack items, as well as some random minerals. NB I also think that the Space Shuttle should be here too but only if it is limited in its capabilities. It should be a Base Planet Explorer only – not capable of inter-planetary travel. Level 3 Research should contain the Blueprints for the Spacecraft, the Fuel Condenser and the Trade Platform. Sorry if this was long winded but I hope that it helps.