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Found 5 results

  1. Was playing on a friends co-op file. He was hosting with PC, me okln Xbox. We were exploring Vesania when we came across what I can only describe as a marshmallow research farm. Just a bunch of research items all stacked into each other. Not sure if this is supposed to happen or not but it was a pretty good haul of bytes in the end.
  2. When you find high byte count research items, the time to research them even with overflowing power is quite slow. I think the higher research items should have higher research speed graphs.
  3. josh albright

    Improved Research System Idea

    I am pretty new to Astroneer but from what i know every time you research something and get a schematic the chances of you getting another schematic for a new technology reduce. When i first started playing the game i had no idea if you could go and explore other planets or moons so i looked it up on YouTube and got super exited about being able to create a shuttle so i could land on another planet and colonize it too. I started getting as many research items as i could, but never researched a shuttle or a spaceship. Today i have researched as many research items as i could and still haven't found one that gave me a shuttle or spaceship, and I've gotten to a point where all I ever get from research items is compound, titanium, filters, etc. and i haven't even found half the items that you can get schematics for. I decided to start another world in hopes of finding a shuttle schematic before I can no longer get schematics out of the research items, but i had no luck there and again didn't get the shuttle or spaceship schematics. TL;DR = I found out that you can explore other planets via the shuttle but in every world i have started so far i have gotten a few useful schematics but mostly schematics to items i will probably never use, and none of the schematics included the shuttle or spaceship. My idea is: instead of making the chances of getting schematics reduce every time you get a new tech schematic, make it so that the chances of getting a new tech schematic are always at a constant percentage chance. for instance make the chances of getting schematics always be 75% or at least 50-50. Or instead of making it a single percent chance forever, make it so that you start off with a 100% chance of getting a new schematic then slowly reduce the chances until its a 50% chance of getting a new schematic and limit the lowest chance to 50-50. The reason i came up with this it because it seems like after you have found a set amount of research items and researched them you are no longer able to learn schematics and are only able to get materials. (The numbers on the x axis of the graph do not represent the real rate in the game)
  4. 000_xxX_SpaceWizard_Xxx_000

    Research items cliping through the ground

    If you move your camera fast enough while holding a research item from one point to another then quickly let go, the research item doesn't have enough time to get to your pointer so some parts of it may have been going through the ground the, making whole research go through the ground and get stuck in deep caves out of reach, or the center of the planet. This happened to me a lot of times while playing on pc(steam), with mouse and keyboard at version 153. Tons of people probably wrote about this already, so sorry if i wasted your time
  5. Well, sort of... The more I tried to fix it, the more I messed it up. The problem was that the smoothing tool makes skinny walls and I couldn't get a wide enough surface to sit them on. 2 of the items have since disappeared so this is as good as it gets for now I stored them in a cave while I was collecting so they'd stay put! Mild spolier below if you haven't seen all of the items yet.