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Found 2 results

  1. Summary: The research icons missing Description All of the research icons and pictures in the backpack are missing or hidden. I have reinstalled the game, deleted the old world and tried a new one, and updated my graphics Version: v0.6.8.0 Platform: Steam Computer OS: Windows 7 Home Premium | 64bit | v 6.1.7601 CPU: Intel Pentium CPU 63220 3.00GHz GPU: Intel HD Graphics RAM: Samsung 1x4GB DDR3 | 665MHz Drive: 931GB ATA TOSHIBA DT01ACA1 SCSI (SATA)
  2. Currently research items are the driving force of our techological progress and it's fun finding them and bringing to the base. But I can't stop thinking that it doesn't really make much sence. I mean, we find an alien object of unknown nature, reseach it and find out how to build a solar panel? Why?? My suggestion is that these artefacts don't contain any "human" technology, but something of alien nature like chemicals, substanses, maybe misterious stuff that could be utilized. Maybe, some kind of a "bingo" once in a while. Also these research items or their contents could be traded via platform for "human" technology, say, blueprints or something, that you could install on your printer and create the mentioned solar. What do you think? You could trade like 2-4 items for a blueprint. Probably, make them less abundant too, because so far it's way too easy to get a bunch of them (imho). Just to make technological achievements more rewarding. Oh yes, and maybe in this scheme they would still be of some more value than now to the point when everything has been researched. Also it's a neat way to add new thingies in later addons. Guess that's it. Loved this game at first click, it's awsome!!! ))