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Found 18 results

  1. Title says it all, any help? xbox one? saves file looks to be about 250mb, put to much time in to restart again feel like uninstalling it Cleared cache & restarted, uninstalled, re-installed, still crashs every 5 min Was fine in this state last night (picture), now have ALOT less but keeps crashing
  2. Is there a master list of bugs and/or new feature requests managed by the developers that players can review and check on the status of correction/development??? Inquiring minds want to know ... instead of us just posting and reposing the same bugs over and over
  3. * * * Please Don't Report Bugs+Crashes In This Thread * * * Anyone looking for a Format to report Issues can feel free to use and modify what me and my friends use. To many times "Bug Reports' consist of "It won't work anymore" or "My guys stuff was lost" with no details on what platform or idea what they were doing at the time makes it hard for others to share their input and for developers to know enough to do anything. If the Devs, Moderators, or Fans reporting Bugs have any heading modifications for the list below please share them below. Just Copy and Paste the list and delete what doesn't apply to your report and add your description and information that does.
  4. hello mistake which appeared in my room is a little annoying because every time I run the game I have to enter the settings and to turn it down or to turn it up, my sound settings are all at 20 after restarting the settings are different or everything at 100 or at 0 I would ask for fixing it because it's annoying
  5. Dear System Era, I cannot pick up some part of wreks once splitted when I put in the LARGE SHREDDER. It seems that I cannot touch phisically... to move from my base I just drop on it any other base building, then i just roll away from the place where I drop it... Check my screenshot. Thank you for your job!!! Best Tom
  6. Summary: Bug with Medium Printer. Cannot Use. Description: Many times after building a Medium Printer, it cannot be used. I noticed this on a few new games but even starting a new game it happens. Sometimes I can build 2 or 3 and finally get one working but many times not. Link to Vid of Issue: Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K (Skylake) 8M GPU: eVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti 6GB SC+ Gaming ACX 2.0+ RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (4x 8GB) DDR4 3000Mhz (PC4-24000) C15 Drive: Samsung 850 EVO 1TB Sata III SSD
  7. Found this new bug with modules that even though the module is already built, it acts like the module hasn't been built, and will automatically pull in the resources to make it, and even has the button to press that prints the module, but the button does nothing. Only found it with compound and the new research module and the smelter. Haven't tested it with any other module yet. Also derp planet.
  8. Sorry if it's been reported already - the game still has the bug in it. If you go to a 1-seater and press TAB and click it to move it at the same time, it allows you to virtually fly anywhere you want without taking damage or losing oxygen. Please fix
  9. I built several buildings & think there is one called a printer that I can't make with my current base config, It would be nice to be able to break down / destroy a building. Or to be able to move them around if you are in the central starting / saving pod.
  10. Summary: basicly my computer shuts down, did not have the problem yesterday Description: So i played yesterday again with a friend of mmine (big update wuuuu) and today i wanted to play again with him but just after he joined my computer shuts down, no crash, no bluescreen, just shutted down twice. Not Sure if it has to do with him joinging (first time he already landed, second time he not even appeared in the sky but it crashed the second he accepted the invite) Platform: Steam / Computer Version / Build Number: newest from 20th october '17 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Ed CPU: i7-6700k 4.0Ghz GPU: AMD Radeon hd 7890 2gb RAM: 16gb ddr4 @ 3200Mhz Drive: ST2000DM001-1ER164 2TB HDD
  11. When I customize game controls the game resets them when I change world or when I restart the game. VERY ANNOYING!
  12. So hello everyone! My name is Sebastian and I am a Game developer with almost 4 years of experience today. I just bought the Astroneer game and I enjoy it really much. I really like the idea of System era making it possible for the community to come up with suggestion on the game and what to improve. So mostly what I have seen is people wanting to expand the game and keep adding more stuff to it. To that i say No! I am a game developer myself as mentioned above and I do know the feeling of having a game that people enjoy. It makes you want to add more too it etc... But... This game does not need to have more stuff added to it at its current state. IT NEED OPTIMIZATION. As boring as optimization sounds it is one of the prio 1 things to think about making a game. I have seen people saying that they reach a very low FPS etc even if they have a beefy setup. Why? Well, because the game is poorly optimized at its current state. I do know that it is pre Alpha and it is in very early development. But guys! A game that has alot of features but is laggy as hell is not going to work at the end. Starting to work on the optimization part and fixing for example the multiplayer part, crashes, low fps drops etc will be alot easier than it is after adding 100+ more features to the game. I think I got my subject all clear... Please System era, prio the optimization/bugs and then start to add more cool features to this awesome game. Thanks!
  13. me and my friend have found some problems in the stable build of the game patch 121 i think it is in right now??? here are some pictures hope this will help
  14. So I've noticed that the XBOX ONE Astroneer Game Preview crashes a lot when you have lets say 3 or more vehicles, or just 4 players. The game needs to be updated to where it can handle its own components if possible. The PC game works just fine so far.
  15. Running Steam v. Machine: Win10 Pro 64-bit, CPU: Intel 5820k, RAM: 32GB DDR4, GPU: AMD Fury X. Using keyboard + mouse. Minerals that can be collected aren't always showing up for both players: When playing the host player could always see all the minerals, however the joined player cannot see the minerals (sometimes). The joined player would see the host player vacuuming terrain (but not minerals) however you would see the gun/backpack fill up. If the joined player vacuumed the exact same area that the host player said there were minerals, the joined player doesn't get any minerals from it, also the minerals are lost since they are not added to the joined player's backpack and the host player watched them get vacuumed up. If collected packed minerals are dropped with the above scenario, the joined player cannot interact with the packed minerals: The joined player can see the packed minerals on the ground, when hovering mouse over the packed minerals, the UI would recognize them, but clicking and trying to move the packed minerals would do nothing, as if the game doesn't think they're really there. If the host player picks up the packed minerals, then places them in the backpack of the joined player, then the joined player can interact with the packed minerals. When adding packed minerals/additions to platforms at the base, the joined player still sees the x-ray of what is needed: For example, if there was a blank platform that is showing an x-ray of two resins to complete the platform, then if either the host or the joined player adds something to the platform (other minerals, solar panel, etc), the platform will still show the x-ray for both resins for the joined player (not sure about host player). Using the Trading Platform: When using the trading platform, cycling through the minerals doesn't show the correct mineral you will receive for the joined player. So if you cycle to Lithium (it states you'll get X number of Lithium), send off the trade rocket, then when it returns you actually received X number of some other mineral. Also there now seems to be a glitch of a double rocket, for example, you send off the trade rocket, hear the sound of it going to space with the minerals on it, then a moment later you will see a silent empty trade rocket go off to space. Dropped packed minerals sometimes not loading textures: Joined player would only see the connector port of the packed mineral, everything else was not rendered for the packed mineral. When in cavern, large section of textures not loading, able to see under world: This only happened once, however there was a large rectangular section in a cavern that didn't load for joined player. Once texture was manipulated using the vacuum gun, then the textures rendered. Driving vehicles for joined player shows both players sitting under the vehicle: Both players were still able to drive like normal, and getting in and out of the vehicle didn't cause any problems, however when driving the truck vehicle, the joined player saw both his and the host's character sitting under the vehicle, positioned below where the seat was located. Driving two separate vehicles and vehicle not responding: If two players are driving two different vehicles, if either one gets out of vehicle, it would cause the other player's vehicle to stop. If your character was the one to get stopped and are still in your vehicle, the only way to get your vehicle running again was to get out and get back in. Suffocation sounds and sprinting speeds stuck (specific scenario): One player is losing oxygen, starts suffocating, second player takes full oxygen tank off their backpack and places it on suffocating player's backpack. Player stops suffocating/dying but the suffocation breathing sound as well as the limited movement stay. The sound and movement will only be reset when your primary tank is filled up by tether or gathering oxygen minerals. I'm not sure if these were issues in previous versions but the above bugs/glitches were only seen by me after the latest patch update. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  16. Hey, I think it could be a bug that you can click a new base to build itself it can lay on the ground. Here is a Picture of it: I play on a Windows system, with steam.
  17. I was making me another base and when I built the printer I was very close and I got stuck and I can not get out.
  18. I'm guessing a lot of us have played early access games before, but I just wanted to remind everyone since the game has OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED! Please report all the bugs/glitches/issues you encounter while playing to the Devs. This is our way to make this great game even better! It's important to not just ignore the issues, because you're probably not the only one having them!