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Found 23 results

  1. Version: 1.5.8 (Steam) I noticed something strange about my battery and see this. The bars are off to one side. Don't know whether it is related to my computer. Spec: i7 7820HQ (OC 4.2) NVIDIA Quadro M1200 4GB w/ 431.94 Driver DDR4 2400 MHz 32GB *By the way, the new update felt really buggy, I had the resources stuck in the soil centrifuge and chemistry lab and some other rendering issue, too.
  2. So love the game been playing since pre release so i want to let yall know and im sure my Gf and i are not the only ones having this issue. so When my gf or i place tethers in single and multiplayer the game will lag also when playing on multiplayer if we get to far apart the game will lag extreamly bad to the point close to making it unplayable this is on the xbox version of the game. it seems like the game is trying to render what she is seeing on her end as well as whats on my end making the games lag out badly. as i stated we love this game. keep up the good work devs!
  3. Hello all, first of all, sorry for the book... Really good new base-building update, the potential for this game skyrocketed(no pun intended). I don't wanna be a downer here, but I don't know if it was the new base building update or a different one. Now I experience jitters most likely caused by poor rendering optimization in the game and unneeded clutter? I do realize the game is in alpha stages, but all the other updates I have played from the very beginning when the game first came out, I didn't have this issue(btw I haven't changed my pc throughout the years of playing astroneer)... With
  4. hi guys, i have a problem in game. I built a human on the top of a mountain and i can't see it from far away. my friend(who has a worse pc than mine) sees everything normally. can i change it somehow?
  5. I'm playing as a 2nd player, the person that's hosting is right near me. After rejoining the server I went back to a cave I was exploring and the lower levels of that cave were completely empty of resources and terrain decorations. I could still see enemies (plants), satellite debris, dead characters artefacts and some occasional resource patches but I was missing about 90% of the content (compared to the host who was sitting right next to me). Rejoining multiple times changes what items are being rendered but the % is still the same.
  6. Hi. I have problem on my xbox one version. When traweled on my buggy, terrain is not rendering too fast for me and every few meters buggy STOP and sometimes FREEZE and cant moving again. Every freeze i must push by my hand buggy to move again. Plz fix rendering on xbox one thx.
  7. A friend and I were exploring a cave on Terran, and then we found this:
  8. I really dislike the way clutter (aka ground details) is rendered in Astroneer. It appears suddenly and in the form of these square 'chunks' and the radius in which clutter is rendered is very tiny. Here are some suggestions to improve the clutter: 1: Clutter LOD Clutter should have multiple LOD levels until it becomes invisible, so the render radius can be increased. The chunky and abrupt rendering of clutter will become less visible by doing this too. 2: Clutter should fade in (not quantum teleport) This really bothers me because it is a downgrade for the awesome graphics
  9. I started with a new save and began playing. When I saved the game and came back later I noticed several bugs. First, the tires on my small rover appeared to be "smoking" like I was a drag racer burning out on the starting line. (see attached screen shot) Secondly, on my first exploration through a cave I found a patch of Malacite. When I exited the game and then came back later, the mineral was gone, but ground was still indented from my earlier visit. Other vegetation was missing as well. Several saves and visits later, the malacite and most of the vegetation was back again. A
  10. Description: When walking around mineral patches near the starting base green indicator rings are shown around the patches (even when fully mined, but that's another bug). It would probably be better for performance if this wasn't the case + it doesn't look so nice. Expected behavior: ring to be displayed on the floor only, not casting glows on nearby items, platforms, players, UI, etc. Actual behavior: ring is displayed on the floor but also affects outline of backpack, terrain tool and texts. Platform: Steam Version: 0.6.5 Syst
  11. I launched the game and I noticed that all the items in my backpack were sticking straight out a few feet and floating. Also my Oxygen line wasn't showing up when I was near my base or by a nearby tether. I was still getting Oxygen but the line wasn't show up. on my backpack I grabbed the items and put them back in the slots and they stayed in place. i really enjoy the game! Thank you!!
  12. When I was hopping between planets I noticed that in the solar system overview the rendering of planets got buggy, and resulted in multiple planets getting cut into quarters. These pieces of the planets would be spread out and show the interiors of the planets. See the attached picture for an example.
  13. When I land back at my base, the ground does not render right away and creates a void that swallows my vehicles and any unattached storage. When I travel in space it has happened before that it is extremely hard/impossible to travel back to Terran. I had to visit other planets' orbits in order to get back
  14. The frame rate satrts getting slower, at first everything runs perfectly but after a while is starts getting slow, it crashes, while saving the game just stops. It´s a good game but it has a lot of prblems with the frame rate.
  15. So I found a crashed solar panel, spent a few "openings" of the world to find the research for a winch to move it, and found it to have gotten stuck even though it wasn't actually in any bit of the ground. Digging around didn't help, so I decided to try one of the strategies mentioned on the steamcommunity forums: build those connector things (the 1 resin ones) to make a line all the way to it, then connect via vehicle. However, I also found that this line of buildings is constantly being rendered, even though most of them are never in sight. (Probably doesn't help that they also always seem t
  16. I have a base that I built into the side of the mountain. The mountain very close to where the spaceship touches down, perhaps 20-30 feet. When I return to the planet and land, it appears that I have no base and the mountain is untouched. However, when I take a few steps towards the mountain, the giant opening and my base inside appears. Everything is there, it just doesn't render correctly on landing.
  17. So i have the Xbox version and i started on my planet and built a base and explored a bit. i made another habitat in an open cave area that led deeper into more caves. When i went to explore other planets and then came back to this cave area, there where huge chunks of the area gone and i had to bridge my way back. going deeper in these caves revealed even more chunks. and they don't load back in, they are just permanent parts of my world now.
  18. Game version: Steam, (Keyboard/Mouse for control) Game is installed in "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\ASTRONEER Early Access" so there's no Windows permission issues. - Planet Exotic. Plants are white when they should be colored. (planet might not matter) - Initially they were colored, but after restarting the game they became white. Not all of them are white, I think freshly generated plants are colored. Not 100% sure of this. Steam screenshot link of the issue: How they normally look: http://ste
  19. I am playing on Xbox One. Finally got the resources for a trip off-planet. I returned and found my land vehicles had disappeared. In this case, if you have a vehicle near your base or within sight as the terrain begins to render, your land vehicles (which seem to render quicker) will drop through the world due to the slower rendering of the terrain. It also turns out that if you exit your shuttle before the terrain is fully rendered, you will also fall through the world. You could try to recreate this by having a truck/rover near or on base, take off in your shuttle, then just return t
  20. So i bought the game tonight for the Xbox one, and I've realized there is a bug that occurs when I have a beacon on my backpack. All other items on my back pack hover away from the bag instead of being attached, although they still act as if they are attached. I can open the bag and manually reattach them. I am pretty sure that is the beacon causing this because it hasn't done this when i don't have a beacon in my bag, and the beacon is also the only item that doesn't move from the bag itself.
  21. Bug 1; Revisiting an exotic planet playing co-op all the plants lost their color and looks like the picture. Worked fine playing solo. Bug 2; look at the pic, i put a base pod on the spaceship and logged out, logging back in it has settled itself on the ship and is now operating as a base. Windows 10 64x, GTX 980 ti, 16gb ram, intel i7-6800 My friend has windows 10 64x running a GTX 790
  22. Playing on a PC, Windows 10 Enterprise, nvidia M4000M, full screen When standing on the ground (happens either planet surface or in a cave) and filling ground below you, I'd expect to either a) have the ground push me upward or b) it simply do nothing. What happens, however, is that the ground builds above me, and I'm suddenly through to the "wrong side" of the render. the avatar is making a falling motion, but I can move around. I usually eithr move to a wall and clip back through to the "right" side, or dig back around me, although often I can't get the earth mover to "lock" onto
  23. Steam, PC version, Window 10: Game renders details on other planets when you're not on the planet (also doesn't bother rendering them on a planet, lol), After exploring a planet for a while, if you go to another planet this causes a pretty severe framerate drop when this graphical glitch comes into view. (see screenshots)