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Found 7 results

  1. I build a large storage on a shuttle, but now the seats don't work. Since is not possible to remove, now I'm stuck with a shuttle where I used all my resorces to build, filled with hydrazine and completely useless. So I ask for suggestion on what to do now. Also, Please: remove this "feature", if I'm not supposed to do that, don't let me (or at least let me fix my mistakes). Thank You.
  2. i know it's probably been stated before. but i just feel very little reason to do much other then collect funky space lumps when there is a cloner and trade center. it feels like creative mode almost. my crew just mines dirt all day and clones anything they want. we don't use the trade center, but i hear it's pretty over powered too. we don't even need to explore for funky space lumps once we get one unit of astronium and or hematite to research.
  3. On PC Steam version I was trying to remove or blow up the Cargo Drop pad as I figure it was no longer needed and taking up space in minimal design. Once TNT is placed on Drop Pad it is no longer possible to interact with the TNT.
  4. I found it would be a very good Idea when we can remove existing buildings from our base, maybe with a little recycle process that we get some materials back.
  5. I think the ability to redact things such as the printer, smelter, vehicle bay, etc. along with the simple connector implacements would be extremely advantageous to the gameplay. Since this is a building type of game, I think the ability to remove or destroy the places you build is an important aspect to the experience.
  6. Removabillity of modules All base modules, such as the conectors, and buildings, and perhaps the starter player capsule, should be removable. Along with the modules that are build/printed onto the vehicles.
  7. 1st. How do/Can I remove Base Pieces? 2nd. Is there a way to destroy created items, and will you add a recycling module? (i.e. small solar panel) 3. Is there a way to adjust the height of platforms branching off from Pod after they have been set, and will you add this later as a function/special tool? 4.Is there a way to remove add-ons from a vehicle? (i.e. Storage Module) Please respond with the answers for all supported game platforms for everyone convenience. (i.e. Xbox, PC, ect.)