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Found 3 results

  1. We need a way to remove vehicle's (rocket, rovers). It's really annoying having that tier 1 rocket sitting next to your tier 3 rocket. All you can really do is pack it up and set it to the side. Cant even scrap them. Now it would be nice if we could scrap them while there packaged. So why is this not a thing devs? You realize that to many things like vehicle's can cause lag right? Plz allow vehicle's to be scrap able.
  2. Removabillity of modules All base modules, such as the conectors, and buildings, and perhaps the starter player capsule, should be removable. Along with the modules that are build/printed onto the vehicles.
  3. So i woke up this morning at 7 am, checked the forums just in case i got some new replies before i jumped out of bed. Came to see that the reputation feature, and the possibility to like posts and topics had disappeared from the face of the earth. Not that i really liked it to begin with as it adds more of a competition than a general purpose. Even so, i felt i could achieve a goal with something like the reputation system and so on. Would just like to know why the administrators of the forums decided to remove it. Also, the text "reputation" is still showing on other people's posts when