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Found 5 results

  1. Demon_Child84

    Idea "Games saves"

    due to many glitches i have the idea of game save to reload a game before it had bugs i dont know how if is for non steam users but the game auto saves me where ever i was when i killed the game enter main base / seats will give a hard save and will save the last 3 hard saves of your current save becomes bugged you can load the one before to make sure you did not have the same issue. maybe a quick save / load button, allowing you to have more then one save
  2. Hello, I want to report a little bug : my shuttle spawned maybe 10 meters away from the vehicle bay after reloading the game. When I tried to get in, the shuttle went tumbling into the air and went pretty much far from the vehicle bay. Nevertheless, I managed to rise it up with the deform tool and land back on the vehicle bay. (for those who care about what happened next x) ) Sorry if I made English mistakes ^^'
  3. 1. Controller: Xbox One Controller 2. System: Xbox One 3. Doing previously: Loading Saved Game 4. What to reproduce: Find a natural cave entrance; reshape the ground, paying attention to remove the "solid" larger stalagmites which block vehicular travel; smooth the ground back to near original surface. Return to base, save game & quit. Reload game, revisit cave. Stalagmite will have returned (as will, if you have reshaped the interior of the cave system, many of the decorations (stalagmites, stalactites, wall outcrops, stones, etc.).
  4. Hi, Everytime I reload a game I do see the previously living? entities underground again. They also do spawn the research items again, so it's a possible resource exploit. Kind regards, Matthias
  5. Basically I put a habitat on my rover, left the world and when I came back this happened: Guess that means 2 rovers less for me. Unfortunately the other one acted as trailer and didn't want to let his buddy leave this world alone. Having the habitat triggered at places where it's not supposed to surely leads to funny results.