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Found 1 result

  1. fluffyarmadillo

    Tether Calculations

    There is an issue with tethers calculating connections with other tethers and/or connections with oxygen and power. I noticed after a while that it was taking 4 seconds to drop or pick up a tether with is connected. And it got worse as 8 seconds, when I realized that it must be trying to trying to calculate all the tether connections every time you drop or pick up a tether. I know this is true as I removed linchpin nodes to reduce the number of loops occurring and it sped up and I could add more and more tethers without it slowing down. I would suggest looking a loop collapsing to stop need to processing closed loops. Also, chunking volumes and only processing the tethers up to where they enter or leave the chunk, so you can tell if it is sending or receiving power + oxygen. If you don't deal with this now, it is only going to get worse later on and cause worse headaches to the multiplayer part of the game with the same issues.