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Found 4 results

  1. This is a shortened list of ideas I've had for Astroneer (the original list was twice as large). If anyone wants to hear an explanation or my thought process, ask about a specific idea in the list. [Gameplay concepts] Craftable thrusters Solar array repair/crafting Organic pyrolysis for coal Rockets use oxygen/nitrous Tanks used for all liquids and gases "Oxygen" item replaced with ice Limited base oxygen Repair/repurposing of satellites [Base modules] Item retriever (pulls items from around base, arrow-based selection) Module upgrades (speed, secondary product, etc.) Storage/warehouse module (high/expandable capacity) Water condenser Growbed (slowly grows organic) High capacity trade platform (paired slots, counts items in storages) Greenhouse (slowly produces oxygen) Large vehicle bay (can print and connect to 2 vehicles) [Resources] (placed on separate planets to promote exploration) Emerald (terran + tundra) (refine for vanadium) Nickel ore (radiated + barren) Bismuth ore (tundra + arid) Tellurium (radiated + tundra) Ruthenium (exotic + barren) Rhenium (exotic + arid) Fluorite (terran + radiated) [Vehicles] Throttle valves for thruster Vehicle upgrades -efficiency -suspension (nickel) -transmission (iron) -gyro -regenerative braking (copper) -boost -connected vehicle drive -glider (aluminum) [Items/objects] Camera drones -1 slot Rebreather (reduces oxygen consumption) RTG module from New Horizons satellite Semiconductors (used for geothermal, water condenser, etc.) Nickel-Ruthenium/rhenium alloy (used for thrusters) -2 slot Retractable winch Spire siphons (for all 4 current resource spires) Stackable batteries (if not stackable, then at least make batteries have 2 slots on top that accept anything other than batteries) Capacitor bank (a large battery with 1/2 storage and 2x charge/discharge rate) -1,2, and 4 slot Stirling engine (1.25x fuel efficiency, accepts all fuels) 1 slot: 1.5 bar/sec 2 slot: 3 bar/sec 4 slot: 5 bar/sec -Tank fluids Water (I know it's already been suggested and assets are partially implemented in the game) Methanol and methylhydrazine (more stable than hydrazine, unless nitrous explodes nearby too) Nitrous oxide (oxidizer) CO2 Acetylene (also reactive to explosions) Chlorine trifluoride (yes, the infamous "nope" chemical that burns glass) -Secondary products Slag (from refining metals) Water (from hydrazine production) (the Raschig process produces water as a byproduct)
  2. Hello All, My name is Charlie and I have been playing Astroneer for just over 15 hours now. I would like to make a modest suggestion for a possible feature in the game. It seems unlikely that this would become a priority, but I thought it was an interesting idea and it does not seem like it appears anywhere in this sub, however I may not be searching very well. Anyways, my suggestion is just to add persistence to the debris in Storms. In this way, the rocks may begin to accumulate in predictable ways, for example on what geologists might call the "lee" side of a given slope (diagram here), and not dissimilar to how sand dunes form and migrate. Debris may also begin to fill in holes and caves and the like. This may introduce some challenges as far as interacting with piles of debris and such, as well as who knows what else, and I make my suggestion notwithstanding those difficulties. The idea was a somewhat natural progression for me given my bachelor's in Earth Science/Geology and experiences thinking about how sediment moves around landscapes - as trite as that sounds - and so I just wanted to throw it out there. Thank you for your time in reading this, and in any consideration that you happen give to this unusual idea! All the best, Charlie edit: Added link to diagram
  3. Greetings! In game play, solar panels, be them small, large or satellite sized, automatically produce power when the sun is above the horizon. However, unless someone has done some calculations proving otherwise, it's a strictly on/off affair. Problem is solar energy is not realistically gathered in this manner but it's fairly simple to introduce these factors to this environment. Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating 100% realism of this game. For example, planets currently don't experience Summers or Winters. Though as a moderate measure of realism, solar panel efficiency should be dependent upon the angle and intensity of the sun, as it is calculated using real solar panels. And it should depend upon the weather. Currently, none of these factors appear to inhibit the production of solar power. During a sandstorm, really? Solar panels continue to work at 100%? Polar locations, although sunlight can be continuous they receive far less exposure and intensity, yet receives the same game advantages as players on the Equator? Let's please balance this out a bit providing not only more realism but varied gameplay and strategies. This can be implemented in flavors, where more advanced gameplay has more pronounced and nuanced effects on solar panel efficiency and beginner gameplay could be simple 3-4 level effect (e.g. morning, noon, afternoon, dark) What do y'all think? And thanks for paying attention.
  4. Proposal: the Materials do not change the scale moving with a backpack on the workbench. As well as a tool of the character also does not change size. I think it will make the gameplay realism that suggests itself. If inventory can reduce the materials and a vacuum cleaner, why this technology does not apply in the rest of the equipment? If the scale material is always the same, then such issues will not arise. Suggestion: a game Mode with one life. This game mode will make players more cautious to explore the world and add excitement.