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Found 3 results

  1. I want to play with my 2 friends but every time they try to join it says the server is full and I tried it on a new save and it still did not work i even used invite but still both times it was just me in the game and neither of my friends could join so its not just on their end pleas fix honestly I'm kinda pissed about not being able to play with my friends but it's ok if you don't fix this immediately a short term fix for this would be removing the "server is full" error when joining session
  2. Hello Good people, I am Sidegamer and I had a great idea, for more vehicle attachments here is a list and their uses in-game, as well as any logistics or other needed information (Such as ideal placement on the vehicle) If you find any other logistics, loopholes, problems, or anything else, please quote the category, module, and all other descriptor and follow from there So here you go: Truck ONLY Bulldozing module On front or back of Truck--take up two spaces Would be able to push rocks, destroy land (Not giving any materials) or smooth land--configurable on control panel on side Ramming Module On front or back of truck--take up two spaces Would be able to ram unknowns, LARGE ITEMS (such as solar panels, storage, wind turbines, or large batteries) , vehicles, plants, or animals (once added) to make them go flying, or do damage Tether-placing module On BACK OF TRUCK ONLY-- take up two spaces Place tethers from storage or from player’s backpack--ONLY PLACES TETHERS AT FULL EXTENSION Once out of tethers, would alert player via node Vacuum module On front of truck ONLY-- Takes up two spaces Sucks up small items (such as compound or organic) from the ground, or ores that poke out of ground (like 02 and other surface-materials) and puts on storage on the player’s back or on a storage module Would NOT suck up tethers or unknowns Crane ONLY Claw module Takes up two spaces on the crane hand Grabs small and large items (with a capacity of 5 and 2 respectively) and transports them Can also grab flora and fauna (once added) Seat module Takes up two spaces, made out of standard seat Can transport players up to high areas and down to low areas Single and multi-player compatable A player sits in ROVER SEAT and operates, but the veiwpoint of the crane until exited is at the standard crane seat Does NOT UNEXTEND (so player can be taken back to the vehicle) SEAT IS ALWAYS UPRIGHT Builder module Takes up two spaces on CRANE MODULE ONLY Builds terrain like the terraformer on player Adjustable radius and shape Spaceship ONLY On- Board Fuel Condenser Takes up FOUR spaces Is a fuel condenser Takes coal, organic, compound, Astronium, or power element to make fuel Autoflight system Takes up only ONE space--can be used on spaceship and spaceshuttle Automatically returns to set home (determined by player) no matter the distance or fuel amount A use for Astronium Uses significantly less fuel Thats all my Ideas, if you have any more, please tell in the comments Thanks for your time, Sidegamer
  3. I Have seen a LOT of complaints about material transportation, mining, and vertical shafts I would like to suggest an idea of an elevator module/vehicle that you could place somewhere and have it extend down a player-made vertical shaft. It would have an item storage on the sides, and a place for vehicles/players on the inside, like a moving platform. In addition, it could be like the 3-D elevator (Capable of Moving on 3 axis) like in many movies, such as Harry Potter when the characters are in the Ministry of Magic At very least, there needs to be a ladder, staircase, or a "Wind-Up Winch" Please Tell me what you think of this Topic in the comments, Salutations, Sidegamer