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Found 2 results

  1. Ok its one of my old ideas; but I have developed the concept a little more. The principle is simple: -an energy shield capable of protecting the player and his base or equipment from environmental hazards like sand storm and tumbleweeds. -the device need to be placed on platforms or other equipment with enough room (like vehicles) -it should be possible to determine the size of the energy shield “dome” , using a interface tool placed on the Energy Shield generator. Three possibilities: small, medium and large -when activated, the energy shield should consume energy; so an important energy source is needed to use it. the energy consumption should be scalable according to the energy shield size. -it should be possible to nerf the system by adding a charging period to start the machine for example, or other possibilities in order to not make it Over Powered. -a medium printer should be needed to create such device, and the resources used could be a rare or extra-rare ones. (2 titanium or 2 Astronium or 2 hematite)
  2. Heres another idea from me and a friend about a new device inspired by the recycler charge from Prey. It could replace the dynamite system because its pretty useless; I don't Know if anyone is using dynamite on astroneer but not for exploration and resource gathering i guess. So the concept is: -A little device craftable in the backpack , using one rare ressource (thought about Aluminium) or one extrarare ressource -Designed like a metalic little ball, the device can be placed on any structure like the dynamite and activated in the same way -When activated and after a short time, the device create a "air blast" (not an explosion like the dynamite) which is instantly remove all matter inside the radius of the device "blast". The new feature is that all resource in the "air blast" radius , like for example a compound deposit , would automatically be transformed into stacks of resources. -Be taken in the "air blast" radius would result in instant death. -Like the dynamite, the device is destroyed in the process. -The research cost for this device should be high, at least like the dynamite (ATM 3600 bites) , but it could also be more (between 5000-6000 bites) This device would be more efficient than dynamite, and more in the spirit of Astroneer, with no Weapons and Guns.