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Found 2 results

  1. I know alot of these are already being considered and brought up before, I just wanted to put in my 1864.85 Ngultrum. Storage silo - a built structure that takes 2/4 units that can hold 20-ish items. (most people just dig a small hole in the ground and load all your resources into that, however sometimes they fall into the planet and welp, vanish) Driods. Space isn't the same without droids, and I haven't even seen Star Wars. we need more Rails and carts for caves and transport; moving players, research cubes, etc! Pleaseeeeee! As a fatty astroneer, I can't afford to walk that far! Lights - you can make that are brighter then tethers UI: A quit button, and editable control options would be nice. The Terran planet seems a but small, should be bigger 10-30%! Ambient light range for tethers underground are a bit low, wish they where 8.72% brighter and had 12.24% further lighting range. Dedicated Server - please save my FPS! Also Habitat and Bacon indicators are hidden are hidden by clouds ALOT - Maybe make clouds semi-transparent in regards to beacons and the HAB) The ability to change the indicators colors for the HAB and beacons would be amazingzzzzz Anyway, thanks for reading See you in game! Ciao!
  2. Need rails and rail cars for tunnels and caves. Need ladders to help going straight up at times. Need signs or arrows or breadcrumbs to help us in caves as its easy to get lost.