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Found 3 results

  1. I know alot of these are already being considered and brought up before, I just wanted to put in my 1864.85 Ngultrum. Storage silo - a built structure that takes 2/4 units that can hold 20-ish items. (most people just dig a small hole in the ground and load all your resources into that, however sometimes they fall into the planet and welp, vanish) Driods. Space isn't the same without droids, and I haven't even seen Star Wars. we need more Rails and carts for caves and transport; moving players, research cubes, etc! Pleaseeeeee! As a fatty astroneer, I can't afford to walk that
  2. Need rails and rail cars for tunnels and caves. Need ladders to help going straight up at times. Need signs or arrows or breadcrumbs to help us in caves as its easy to get lost.
  3. Earlier, I made a post about transferring power from base to base and how this could improve the game play of Astroneer (post can be found here: After thinking this idea over for a while, I have began to think about inter-connectivity within the game on a wider scale, mainly through the addition of roads. After driving around in both the truck and the rover, I have come to the retaliation that the physics engine freaks out when vehicles attempt to pass over the various rocks and fauna that litter th