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Found 4 results

  1. I like many other people would like a rail system of some sort added to the game. The idea of a rail like system would to be transportation from either a far base or from your mining operation deep below the surface. I know some have pointed out that the rovers should travel along a rail, but I think that just takes the freedom away from the rover. So to expand upon this idea I made a " moc-up ". My idea of the " Space Rail " system is have the platform being attached to your base and being able to attach multiple items/tools to the moving platform. The movement would be restricted being forward and backward as they would follow these almost semi-circle supports as a rail. ( Standard height ) The rails would be planted into the ground like a new habitat would for placement around the world. These rails would have a range between them kind of like tethers show as they are placed. Rails have options such as rotation and height variation to make the path you would like the Space Rail to take... ( Height difference ) The Space Rail would be controlled by this UI... The arrows pointing left and right respectively confirm travel down the rail , the ' # ' sign representing how many checkpoints the Space Rail would pass ( you'd have to type a number in ( I know its not a great UI )) and finally the "reset arrow" ( at the bottom ) would make the Space Rail travel to the point where the "reset arrow" was pressed. If seats were attached, the UI would just appear larger than default so you be able to select, Or even manual control as 'W' and 'S' key would control movement along the rail. This is a very broad idea , of course there would have to be check points the Space Rail would stop at and a way to automate this in the future maybe... I'd love to see such a system added to the game see that it would make transporting resources back to base after a long trip in the deep caves, instead of using the rover and driving all the way back up. Having a more forward transport from base to base... Below tell me what you think about the idea or even expand upon it...
  2. thecarlocarlone

    Rover on Rail as Minecart

    When you go inside a cave for miles, you start thinking: "Damn, i should bring a rover down there" But we all know that rovers are useless inside caves... So why don't add some placeable rail for a rail mounted rover? (such as minecarts) You can place rails like you do with tethers (maybe?), and then a "rover" will only follow its path without get stuck or lost inside a bottomless pit.
  3. Would be nice if it has a train vehicle that follow rails through down the mining caves instead deal with stuck cars/trucks or waste a lot of time doing this by foot. To be more fun, trains can only be powered by cord line, so we need to put the rail along the cord.
  4. butterflug

    some idea

    Hey, while playing some ideas came to my mind. (Maybe something i already read in this forum.) - walls and gates to fortify the base a bit - kind of a bulldozer to get a flat area for a nice base - the ability to change bigger modules of the vehicles (like the storage, so the vehicles could be reused if they are misplanned while building) - a heavier feeling of the truck, i think it jumps to much (if it depends on the gravity of the planet i'm more or less fine with it like it is now) - "normal" steering-based controls for the vehicles - a rail and piston system to build a big (modular sized) quarry to use the crane and the drill in an industrial way (rails for x and y directions and Pistons for z) - the last point will be handy with a automatic resource movement between base-modules If somethind else comes to my mind i'll keep track of it in this topic. Best regards butterflug