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Found 3 results

  1. Well, i think that the "most difficult planets" (glacio = hard, atrox = very hard) are not that hard really, so i think that a good idea would be add 2 different suits for each of those planets, for glacio the Heat Suit (or Anti-Freeze Suit or something like that) to avoid the cold that could kill you slowly, but it will kill you, and the Radio-Hazard Suit for atrox, to avoid a very strong radiation in the surface of the planet, this radiation without a suit could kill you quickly. I don't know if this is a requested post but i'd like to add that for more difficulty because you can't really notice a real difficulty addition except for gateways (requires more energy) and the enemies.
  2. Jani Turunen


    Small RadioBeacon what can attach to astroneer Backpack and for planet side base to base medium radiobeacon then for planet to plane bases large radiobeacon so like radio in real life exploration radios could be used local communication and Small work by Small distance like radio range and medium one need other medium radiobeacon to operate. with multi-astroneer exploration would be nice even they could use discord for example but radiobeacon can be more local and need to unlock those radios by bytes
  3. Great job and great game. Navigation is certainly an issue at this point in Astroneer. Beacons work well, but are limited over-the-horizon. Radio navigation is an easy, non-satellite means of setting up a ground navigation network. To deal with over-the-horizon issues, this requires an altitude solution. Instead of gathering immense amounts of materials for a tower... IDEA: Use radio balloons. You can craft balloons from resin. Build a gas extraction module using resin, compound, aluminum (tanks), copper (electrodes). Gas produced could be helium (from propane source) or ammonia (from biological source; maybe add a greenhouse or algae fermenter module to help). A wind turbine-boosted beacon could be attached to the balloon, tethered (using packs of tethers for desired altitude) to an anchor (maybe a resin box filled with dirt using the terraforming tool). A carried tracking device would initially only detect signal intensity as a crude indication of the beacon direction using only one beacon. With additional "stations" (anchor, tether packs, balloon, boosted beacon), signal channels would be set for each station. Stations would still have limited range, but would be greatly extended by altitude (up to a limit). Advanced navigation would be via crude triangulation by estimating direction from ratios signal intensities from two selected stations. Example: traveling from the base back to a distant mine site, one would maintain a heading of about 70/30 off of Station 3 (70% intensity) versus Station 4 (30% intensity). BONUS: Other devices could be attached to the balloon, up to a size/weight limit, such as meteorological devices, cameras, a low-tech land-sat imager for resource identification.