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Found 9 results

  1. Hello I'm making this post because I just destroyed the shell of a pit worm but it just keep floating in the air, according to the gamepedia you can not do this but I used dynamite and this happened, so please me them killable by destroying the soil underneath even tho you need to use dynamite in order to do so.
  2. While playing today on the Xbox One S, I visited radiated to collect sulfur with an atmospheric condenser. Upon arriving at radiated, which I'm sure more than enough people have discussed poor performance issues about on the Xbox so I will not go into detail on those here, I set up the machine, and collected three canisters of sulfur. I've been interred my small shuttle to return to Taryn. Upon entering the shuttle the game crashed. When I restarted the game my file was as if I had never left terran so I used the opportunity to set my inventory more optimally. Then I arrived on radiated, collected the canisters again. when I left radiated and arrived back on home planet, my astronaut could not Sprint, and had his hands in front of the visor as if there was a storm. It was daytime and perfect visibility. There was a storm beginning on radiated when I left. To troubleshoot, I used the small shuttle to orbit the home planet one time to return back to base, and the phenomena persisted, again with perfect visibility. Thanks!
  3. Summary: - Steam - Periodically stuck on the spot while running on the surface of a Radiated world Description: I've been having this random occurance of occasional no movement while running on a radiated planet. I run fine for the most part while moving my character around, but every once and a while I suddenly halt in one place (running animation still takes place) (there is no obstructions) and after sometimes split seconds pass it returns to normal, the problem is though it seems to happen only on un-terraformed terrain and can at times hold your character in place from anywhere from 1-5 seconds at random. The other 3 planets I have visited I haven't had a issue at all either (Terran,Barren,Arid) Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 64bit CPU: Intel i5 2500 @ 3.3ghz GPU: 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti RAM: 16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 532MHz Drive: 1TB Western Digital HDD
  4. I found My brand spanking new base had been teleported underground after i updated my game on steam. I had just finished and was ready to explore the resource-rich radiated planet but could not because i need the modules that are now trapped underground. I flew back to terran only to discover the base there had been buried as well.
  5. When you try to build, especially when trying to make flat surfaces, the reticle snaps to strange angles. *Note* re-logging does not change this and it is not a lag issue video link:
  6. I have been on radiated for a bit now. I think there might be too many animated items on planet. The pit mouths, the same storms, and the rotation of the planet (how fast the sun rotates and space) the suction too is very glitchy and hard to get it to where you want it.
  7. I have been on radiated for a bit now. I think there might be too many animated items on planet. The pit mouths, the same storms, and the rotation of the planet (how fast the sun rotates and space) the suction too is very glitchy and hard to get it to where you want it.
  8. PC - Mouse and Keyboard. I had a problem on the Radiated planet where the Form Tool would skip over sections. As I moved the mouse along a wall or floor with the flattening mode selected, the image of the tool would stop until the mouse got beyond a certain point (about the size of the circle) and then the circle would jump to that point without filling in the space between the point where it stopped and the point to which it jumped. Going back over the same ground in the opposite direction caused the same problem in the opposite direction. I returned to Terran to test the Form Tool there and it worked fine. Then returned to Radiated and the problem still existed.
  9. Hello, I play on Steam with my husband and we have been using his computer as the host (his is the more powerful machine) and I have come across a number of bugs that are all specific to being connected to his games. I have experienced all of these on every save file so far, but only when I connect to his game and they all seem to be due to miscommunication between our computers. First is the many issues with vehicles. Vehicles are of course buggy and unstable, but there are a few specifics to multiplayer. Vehicles bug out far more when I drive than when he does, this includes vehicles flipping over at random even when they aren't supposed to be moving and frequently tossing me out as soon as I hit any obstruction. In addition, when I drive the vehicles move at a much faster speed than when he drives, but they do bug more frequently (I assume due to the host computer not being able to keep up with my movement). Another issue is a complete inability for me to pilot the shuttle/spacecraft. There are currently 2 bugged out shuttles lost in orbit above Terran, once where I tried to leave Exotic and land on Terran and once where I launched from Terran and got stuck. Both times I was booted out of the spacecraft when I tried to make a move and the craft stayed in orbit. I can still see the flags of where the crafts are located, but it is impossible to get to them. Second is the terrain issue. I assumed there would be periodic holes in the map (which there are), but I have also fallen through the map very frequently. This happens in particular when I shape terrain under my feet, especially when I build up the terrain. I can mostly avoid this by jumping before I build up a bit, but it is still possible to clip through and fall. In addition, if I'm not in view of any terrain changes that he makes then they don't appear on my computer. Resource nodes show up and break like normal when I mine them, but no resources are acquired. The only way to fix this is for one of us to mine around the same area until it is caught up with what his computer shows. I'm pretty sure this happens specifically when he's a certain distance away from me, but we haven't done enough experimenting yet to figure this out. Third is a complete inability for me to do anything on Radiated. This planet is by far the most bugged as a connecting player. Vehicles are far more unstable and don't stay still (they are constantly shaking or launching into the air), the terrain tool is almost unusable as the cursor jumps around spastically, and the base is almost entirely invisible. The only part of the base that I can see is the habitat, I can build onto it but I can't see anything he builds on even when I'm standing right next to him. If he adds anything like a storage unit onto a base segment, it disappears as soon as it's connected. This invisibility happens periodically on other planets (especially with vehicles), but is usually fixed by me interacting with the object in some way. This is not the case on Radiated. Last is an issue with connecting to his server. If I quit to the main menu and try to rejoin his game, it doesn't do anything and only lets me launch to my own worlds. The workaround is to quit out of the game entirely and open it up again, then I can connect to his game. My game usually crashes when I try to just go back to the main menu anyway (and frequently crashes when I try to quit to desktop too), so this isn't normally a problem but it's an avoidable one. Overall, I have had this game for 4 days and am very impressed with the content so far. I fully expected bugs to happen and I knew I couldn't get attached to any world that I have created. Please let me know if you would like me to post computer specs for both of our machines and I'll do that. I'm looking forward to being a part of the development process!