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Found 8 results

  1. Hello my friends! First of all I want to tell you that I see in this game a huge potential. This forced me to spend some of my time to write few of my ideas. I would like to see in the comments what you think about them. English is not my native language, so please forgive me for any mistakes. @SES_Adam I think that you should to take a look at this. List of ideas Crystal Currency Astroneer not expose yourself for no reason. He explores the planet for economic purposes. For the game should be added currency (for example crystals able to mine) for which you would buy schemes.
  2. Hey there. I got some very nice suggestions: I would like to name my beacons, so communication with my friend about where someone is gets easier. Also I'd like a minimap with a display for vehicles and beacons, just like you see them in the game already. It gives a better view of where something is, especially how far it is from you (I already noticed distance is being displayed with color saturation, but I think that isn't a very elegant solution) That's everything! Hope you guys are going to implement it. I'm really enjoying this game and I really like giving these suggestions!
  3. Hello, my name is Fábio, I am Designer and a dedicated Brazilian player, so excuse me, my English is not very good = / Come on! I think the radar tags could be renamed so we can locate ourselves better, know what each icon on the screen is marking. Ex: I install a radar in a resin source, but after installing other radars for future visits I end up getting lost and need to check each of the radars to know what it is. Or in a more artistic way, an icon of different shape and color could be inserted for each type of marking. Exs: Resin = an icon representing the resin in purple color. Landm
  4. I really like the idea of a device you create using rare materials which can locate or at least show the nearest source of a particular material such as resin or compound. A lot of the time throughout playing the game I find myself tracking the same areas looking for simple things like compound. Especially on the moon planets where these materials seem particularly scarce this would be very beneficial. This could attach as a frontal vehicle attachment which could use an arrow to point in the direction of nearby materials and a menu to select which material you are looking for. Just a suggestio
  5. This has happened to me a few times now. I'm in a cave, digging up the deposits on the ground. It's a large deposit, so I have to dig down more than normal. Suddenly there's no ground beneath me anymore, just a big drop into another cave underneath. The fall kills me, losing me everything I had in my backpack. Ground-penetrating Radar uses high-frequency radio waves to build up a picture of what's beneath the surface. This is a technology that exists today, used for mapping out anything that's underground, all without even having to dig for it. My suggestion is that our Astroneer should b
  6. At the forum we talked a lot about various gadgets (radar, card scanner, sonar, etc.). The format is different from the ideas. I have wound singing idea to get you started to realize these ideas. Let us first make the wrist computer for astronaut. You can do different kinds of visualization for different ideas on the screen of the computer. Like this =)
  7. Installs into one of the two backpack slots. Shows the icons for vehicles, home, and beacons either: a. At their specific locations, even if that location through the planet (IE: opposite sides of the planet) b. At the horizon in the direction that is closest to the player based on a measure of the circumference. This could even require a module be install at the base such as a Radar Dish to work.
  8. Apologies if this has been discussed. I looked around and didn't see anything describing what I was thinking. Problem: I have not found a way to view the position of other planets that are in my travel radius. In order to check if I can fly to a target planet, I must first get to orbit. If the planet I want to get to is out of range I have to sit and wait in orbit or land and wait some more, which wastes fuel. Recommendation: Add a module that can produce: Telescope or Satellite: Allows the player to discover the location of planetary bodies so the player can better plan launch