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Found 2 results

  1. ethan colman

    Groups / Clans / Factions

    By Groups / Clans / Factions I mean things like if you were in a game with a group of people you could for example do a 2V2 race to another planet type of thing and so what I am thinking is maybe the ability to have seperate groups which only see your own beacons and ones from people in your group but other lone people or other groups cant see them or the icon that pops up to signify other characters (Unless in the same group). I think this could also be good if things like the base you build (For example the research station) is locked to other players in other groups and they get a seperate pod to build their own base on and instead of having PVP with things like guns and weapons you can have like a race to leave the planet which I think would make the game incredibley fun to play with friends if you want a break from co-op... I get that the game is supposed to be very passive about fighting and stuff which is why I don't suggest that the groups battle I just think it would be a neat idea to do for a diverse gameplay instead of it just being always a team and then even if you and your friends have been to all of the planets and exploration is no longer a big goal (unless of course more randomly generated exploration becomes a reality) then this means that you wont get bored of playing ASTRONEER with your friends... Not that I could ever get bored of it...
  2. OwenLopez

    Astroneer Race

    Astroneer Race Welcome to the Astroneer Race! As I was watching the SES Live Podcast I got an idea, These guys need a race track thats big and fun! They mentioned my previous creation the Astro Maze so why not give them something they will enjoy because throughout there live stream it seemed they sure do love there Rovers! This creation I believe is the best one I've created yet, you might ask why? The maze map is bigger with way more things going on! BUT! This map is optimized way way way way WAY better you will for sure get a smooth 60fps, how you might ask well at the end of the creation I did my best to get rid of ALL tethers, with each tether gone the frames went from 30 back to 60. Now you might say DO IT FOR THE MAZE! Well I cant in the maze you cant drive through it so you will starve of oxygen and die sadly. Anyways I hope you all enjoy this racing map! ... Now I have to take a break for awhile with the Holidays and all So I'll see you guys sometime Jan! Don't Worry I have two more videos coming out while I'm gone 1 is the spoiler to the maze, the other one is a surprise. ALSO The Maze Competition Will Still Be Held I will post the time and date of when it happens in the Topic for the Maze and Within This Topic as well! Don't Forget about my very first post give that one some love too Here Are Pics of the Race I have included the save file for the race within this Topic AUTOSAVE_0_2016.12.22-23.15.45.sav