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Found 3 results

  1. Did some unexpected weird bug occur? Perhaps you accidentally fell down a really deep hole and died? Maybe you lost some really hard to obtain resources that you don't want to remake again? Normally there is nothing you can do, you HAVE to accept your fate and start over, as there is no option to Quit Without Saving. And because Astroneer does not allow you to have more than one save file, there is no way to just exit the game normally and load a previous save file. (Which you can do on practically EVERY OTHER GAME. (Why only one save file? (This is such derp on the developer's part.))) , Pushing the power button probably won't help you, because Astroneer will do a "clean shutdown" ... which likely includes saving your screwed-up game. Nope, we have to be sneaky and kill Astroneer suddenly before it can attempt to save the game. There are some options... The most drastic solution... yank the power cord on your device! Not a great idea for Windows if you had other programs running in the background, but probably the XBox will tolerate it okay, as it is a consumer device that has to be able to handle such abuse. The less drastic solution on Windows is to Kill the game program using the Task Manager, which will force it to abruptly stop what it is doing without saving. There are two ways to get to the Task Manager: Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete, and a list of choices will appear. At the bottom of the list is the Task Manager. Select it. Or, In the game press the Windows key, and the Windows task bar will appear across the bottom of the screen. Somewhere in the blank area of the task bar, press the right mouse button and a menu of choices will appear. Near the bottom of this menu, select the item named Task Manager. If you've never used Task manager before, it just show you a list of running programs, one of which is named "Astro". Click on it to select it, and then in the bottom right corner, click button End Task. Astroneer will close suddenly and you will be left at the Windows desktop. Now you can run the game again, and when you load the game, you will be at the point where you saved before the Big Fail occurred.
  2. I am playing the game on a PC with a game controller. I play the game through the Steam app. I started playing Astroneer today, and when I quit the game, I noticed that it still said "running" next to Astroneer. It did not go away. I tried finding Astroneer through Windows Task Manager, but could not find the app there in order to stop whatever it was attempting to do. I went about doing other things on my computer, and eventually decided to open Astroneer through the Steam app again. It would not allow it because the program was still "running" in the background. I exited the Steam app, but before it would close it said "Astroneer" is still running in the background, would you like to go ahead and close" I said yes. I tried running the game again after Steam was up and running and everything worked fine, unless I quit the game and wanted to get back in. I hope this is clear enough. If you have any questions, please reply and I will get back to you ASAP. Thank you very much!!!
  3. The game just quit sometimes when i play. No crash logs in the logs folder, and the game do not save. It seems totally random when this happens. and when i visits other planets and i want to level out the ground the round circle jumps all over the place so i need to hold it just in front of my feet and walk where i want to build the ground flat