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Found 9 results

  1. I tend to get horribly lost and would appreciate any navigation tips anyone can offer. I feel like I need to drop breadcrumb beacons every 10 feet... Is there a way to see the compass while you're in a vehicle? Although the planets are so small that the compass feels kind of useless, but every little bit helps. On the starting planet at least, can I assume the purple things are at the north and south poles and the rest along the equator? By the way it would be nice if the glowy pillars marking their locations didn't vanish once they're activated, they should just change color. I need every scrap of help I can get to keep from getting hopelessly lost! Also is there an official name for the purple things? Finally when you have the drill mounted on a tractor or rover, is there a way to control the angle of it other than your camera angle? Getting it to dig up is an eternal struggle, and if do manage to get it to dig up I'm basically blind because my screen is filled with rover. I'd love to be able to set an absolute angle and have it stick there until I change it.
  2. when u go in a non placed habitat ur stuck( at least for me thats what happened).and once this occurred all my worlds have the same bug i usually save in the pod and quit but since im in the pod I cant get out and this happened to all of my vehicles. So is their a way to remove the bug game right now if not than ill just have to wait until a fix is patched
  3. SO there is this bug when u go in a not placed habitat ur stuck forever(not 100% sure if this happens to all of u who did this)and i'm pretty sure i has been bugging lots or some.this is a pretty game breaking bug it,this bug makes it so that u cant move(which is a big part about Astroneer exploration that is)make the game pretty useless until patched. pls fix game breaking bug. You guys might know this but i want to just say it again. and btw how long does it usually take to fix a bug like this??? -Ibruh
  4. A while back I made a thread about bases that taught me some new things, so this one is a simple question/answer thread so I can make sure im not missing anymore information. Is it possible to remove already existing pieces on a base?
  5. Turkishfilms

    Answer please!!

    Hi Geniuses at Systemera! I know it's a Pre- Alpha version but you guys did exceptionally well on this game. Here are a few problems In the Xbox one version:Using the add tool directly below you makes you fall into the floor.Sometimes when vehicle is crashed and one presses X to reorient it the ships shoots off and flys away. The save feature is not terribly reliable. No lookup table for trades in trading table. Natural Coal? I found it once by Research that was it Multiplayer is coming soon right? Local Please Sometimes large items won't fall when excavated. Are beacons suppose to work underground? Because they don't. Setting for toggle first/third person. Thank you so much for making an incredible game! I love it and I can't wait to see it grow.
  6. tastycakesnails

    Plant Colors

    Sometimes when I exit the game then reenter later, some plants turn white in color. Is this normal or a bug? Picture of what I mean:
  7. I have the steam version, so if I log into steam from a different PC, should I be able to play Astroneer there?
  8. I'm not sure if xbox achievements are going to be added to Astroneer after the alpha, when the game is considered complete, but those are always nice, keep them coming, the more the merrier. As for controller vibration, not sure if it will be added later or not, but I hope so. Xbox controller vibration makes games much more immersive and would be great in Astroneer. Example, ship touches down, controller vibrates to make players feel the impact, etc.
  9. I picked up the astroneer pre-alpha on steam and have a few hours into it. I must say I am very impressed so far. Stable gameplay, no crashes, bugs, or graphical oddities. A great start folks. A gameplay question ; How do you learn to build things beyond tethers, solar panels, and beacons? (Is this implemented yet) I've found a few "unknown" things that look like crashed pods etc, with a tooltip to research, but there doesn't seem to be a user-interface or button to actually do so. Hopes for the future ; Procedurally generated random planet to start on. Save functionality (obviously) Possibly the ability to construct a small rocket or something and transit between planets, maybe hauling a small amount of materials with you.