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Found 41 results

  1. So just had a random thought. If you could dig up all of Terran, how many canisters would that fill? Like would it be in the hundreds of thousands, millions, or even billions?
  2. Is there any way to create a dedicated server for my local network or a virtual network like ZeroTierOne or Hamachi? From what i found you need to open the server in your public IP, forward ports and all that jazz, but my ISP doesn't provide users a public IP - as do no other where i live, without paying exorbitant amounts of money that is.
  3. redstonerti

    Model type?

    Does anybody know what kind of model type the Astroneer team uses for their stuff? (The .extension)
  4. D0geDude

    Nintendo switch

    Hi there, I have a question. Would it be possible to run Astroneer on a Nintendo Switch. I love this game, and I think it would be the best if it was on switch. I think the only limitation would be world generation. It seems like it might work. Well, I don't really know, since I'm not a game dev, but think it would be cool!
  5. When I first started playing Astroneer, I came in late alpha. I came in at 0.10.5 and at this time the game was very diffrent in the way or getting research and earning bytes. If memory serves you could only research large objects in the research chamber, You could not research small objects or small exo objects. Only large objects. You could still scan the small research objects and get 20-30 bytes or so. But large research was the way to go. And small exo objects awarded 250-300 bytes. Now jump to 1.0.0 and the game changed massively, in all areas, but specially in the reseacrh department. Now ALL reseach objects can be used in the RSC, And doing so generally awrds you with 4x the bytes then scanning them. Ofcourse large objects can only be used with the RSC. And this is all fine and good. Untill you leave Sylva for the first time. You see as you explore and go to further planets, The amount of bytes changes per planet. The further you go, the more bytes you can get through research. Lets look at Desolo for a example. A large object can give around 750 bytes, while a small object nets you around 100-130 bytes. This creates a issue with the system, thats only noticable the further out you get. Planets like GLACIO. Once you get to Glacio, you will instantly see the issue. All small research objects that can be found in caves will give you around 350 bytes each. While some of the large objects can yeild 3,000 bytes. Here is the issue, The large objets take 30 to 44 real minutes to research in the RSC. And its not always going to be alot, most start out giveing 20-30 bytes Per minute or B p/m. But small research objects RESPAWN every 3 minutes. And these are EVERYWHERE! You will quickly learn that small research object are the bes way to earn alot of bytes very quickly. In the same time it takes to reseacrh one large object, you can earn 10.5-15.4 TIMES MORE bytes just by scanning small objects. If each small object is 350 bytes, and you collect three of them, you just earnd 1,050 bytes, wait 3 minutes they respwn, another 1,050 bytes. Thats 2,100, another 3 minutes, another 1,050 byets. You now have 3,150 bytes in 9 minutes. meanwhile the same amount from that large reseach object, still has 35 minutes to go before you have that full 3,000 bytes. If you keep scanning small objects, by the time the large object is done, you will have 15,750 ish bytes just from scanning 3 small objects every 3 minutes. I don't know about you, but if you ask me, thats broken. This basic trick reners the RSC and ALL large objects completely and utterly useless as soon as you have a small shuttle and a thruster. Because once you have those two things, you can go staright to Glacio, and start farming small RS objects. Now you're probably thinking, No i cant. I have no way of exploring caves. And if you are thinking this, you are 100% wrong. The game startes you out with a oxygenator, and its removable, and it fits in you're shuttle and can be taken off world. And you can gather compound and make tether bundles on sylva with relitve ease. So literally all you have to do, is take you're starting oxygenator, throu it on you're shuttle, grab some tethers, leave, go to glacio, land, drop teathers, find a cave, and start farming. Granted you will need a smelter, But thats ALL you will need. And you only need it to smelt 3 aluminum. 2 for he shuttle, and 1 for the thruster. So with all this out there, I honestly think ERA needs to take another look at research, Cause while I don;t mind being able to speed run through research, kinda defeats the purpose of LRSO and the RSC. So they could either reduce SRSO to give less bytes, make them no longer respawn, or significantly reduce the time it takes to research large objects. Something you spent bytes on, spent materials on, and spent time to aquire, should never become useless and obsolete. And thats exactly what the RSC is. Its only viability is early game, Only because RSO on sylva suck. Large objects = 350 bytes, small objects 16-60 bytes. If you have thoughts on this id love to hear them, Also ERA if you're reading this, dont kill me please.
  6. Has anyone else seen this kind of thing happen ? A player was playing earlier in the day. The computer was off in the evening. However, their timestamped achievements kept appearing at staggered intervals and I could see player hours increasing throughout the evening. So, essentially a several hour delay in achievement unlocks and their timestamps appearing on Steam.
  7. Right now I am in Barren. I really do need Wolframite which I simply can not find in Barren(i know it is in fact viable to find it in Barren but had no luck finding it) So I would rather visit a planet that has a lot of Wolframite. Any syggestions? Thanks a lot in advance.
  8. PixelTheOne


    The issue is that when you are building multiple bases on planets, the FPS drop. Like A LOT. When i had a base on the earth planet I had 90 FPS, and then when I built one on the moon, I had 30. My question is, when will it be fixed?
  9. I built the vehicle bay but can't get it to do anything. It shows the Large Storage but no matter what I do it won't build. Come to think of it I don't think I unlocked the large storage. Bug? I have unlocked the medium Rover but can't see that.
  10. Am I missing something? I just built a Vehicle Bay but when I Examine it with (Y) on Xbox it only shows the Large Storage item in its menu. I have the Medium Rover unlocked though. Why can't I see it?
  11. Before, medium batteries on large storages would interact with the vehicle normally, now it seems that doesn't work, and the medium batteries only work if placed on the default slots instead of on a large storage.
  12. jaxon curry

    1 bug and 1 question

    the bug is the if you pile lots of resources in a pit they will glitch and fly all over the world and I lost like 10 titanium like that and the question is can you build a printer off something like the research thing or the smelter and if not can you add something like that
  13. I know it probably isn't entirely necessary to create a whole new topic on this, but I was wandering around the main planet and stumbled upon a couple of these blue pillar things. I was wondering if any of you guys have seen these before, and if so, what the heck are they? I thought maybe it was some form of Astronium or something.
  14. .:[LTF]:. Mr_youd

    Mouse pointer

    Hi All There is a way to modify the mouse pointer ? Color or/& size ? Currently it's to small & write from me,. Thanks
  15. I couldn't seem to find anything for Terms of Service, I have question. If I want to do a podcast with some friends, while we play video games, is it within your TOS that I am legally able to display the game while we do our podcast? It is not reviewing the game, nor bashing it or anything really about the game outside of conversational pieces, but just general random topics of our choosing, while playing and showing Astroneer. Thank you for your time.
  16. Pavel Machálek

    Play anywhere

    Well multiplayer with Xbox and Windows is not working in current state. Will this be fixed?
  17. ok i don't know if it is a bug or not but is the vehicles meant to roll away during a storm because if it is then... you need to make some form of anchor, maybe a item kinda like the waypoint marker with how it locks itself to the ground, but a vehicle can attach to it and won't come untied from it unless manually untied.
  18. kelvin Rodriguez

    Puzzle Solving or Survival Game?

    I've put in about 30 hours of this early access since its first release, I've recently threw in about 6 hours to see the new updates. I've seen a handful of VLOGs and read through the trello road map, and I'm pretty excited about whats to come. My main question is, what exactly is the challenge when it comes to the game? There are some survival aspects but, its pretty easy to survive as of now, and there is little to no penalty for dying in game. If there game is based off puzzle and exploration, then we're in a pretty solid state with research and easter egg items. Which in this case just means exploring the planet as much as possible and checking every corner of every cave. Maybe winching some bigger space parts together unlocking more content. I understand that it may be both about Puzzles and Survival but what is the priority down the road for Astroneer?
  19. I build my first spaceship and decide to travel to Tundra. There was no vehicle bay obviously and my spaceship land "somewhere". I start build and expand my base and decided to come back to Terran (left unfinished business). I was surprised my attachment is flying with me, hose became longer and longer and finally thorn apart (first photo). Came back from my orbit, as it was just a test and I landed back. Still haven't build vehicle bay and spaceship has landed in the same place. Fine... After this test, I build vehicle bay, fly to orbit of the current planed and came back. I landed in the same place, despite of existing vehicle bay. (second photo) - but, when I came back to Terran, spaceship has landed on the top of my shuttle. Dear developers, please introduce landing bay or anything similar. My question (third photo) - I planned coming back to Terran and I thought it will be straightforward but I noticed only planet in a range of white circle are accessible, but some planets are not accessible at all, and for some planets I waited quite long time, till they appear in my range. I know, it may be more realistic, but I felt a little be bored.
  20. With the latest astroneer update, among the many additions is the option to delete worlds, however, I noticed that when a world is deleted, that slot becomes unavailable. This worries me, as, for example, what if you delete all the save files, then what? Just wondering.
  21. demscout

    other player?

    I found a backpack from an orange astroneer. Is it dropped from another real player who suffocated or is it just randomly generated? 2017-02-20 21-33-38.mp4
  22. So, on a mining expedition a friend and I found this strange spherical artifact. Thinking it was something we could research, we hauled it back to base only to discover that the research machine didn't want anything to do with it. It can be placed on storage pads and I believe it takes up two nodes on the storage pad. I was wondering if anyone has ever seen this, I know the picture kind of looks like I photoshopped it in, I didn't, but I can provide more evidence of its existence if requested. Anyway, if you've seen it or know what it does I'd love to know. Right now we have just been playing soccer with it, but maybe it has a greater purpose. Thank you for your help! Stay safe and keep exploring friends!
  23. noiiaz

    Dedicated servers?

    Hi gents, I was curious as to if there are any plans eventually to be able to have "dedicated servers" like cs:go/other games would have. It could potentially unload stuff from a player's PC/open up the game to be even bigger in multiplayer. Just throwing that out there!
  24. Alhassan Manhal


    Why do some topics have a purple title?