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Found 5 results

  1. I was up early and came up with the idea for reintroducing the Exo Request Platform (ERP) outside of just events. It is somewhat hinted in the game that this module is meant for quests and i have some suggestions for it. - Using bytes players can unlock different levels of quests ranging from common > rare > epic > legendary > event > seasonal at different byte costs. Each new quest will cost a specific amount of bytes and is randomized from a pool. You can only embark on 1 quest at a time but you can choose the difficulty. while event and seasonal quests will persist throughout their featured duration. - common quests can be something where players will package or deliver backpack crafted items or tier 2 items - rare quests can be something like use the radar to find a specific non scrapable/indestructible object in the world and attach a radar to it. but requires completing the first radar feature in the planet (this would involve adding the radar widget to some of those indestructible objects) or maybe adding a repair tool that can be used to repair salvage or simply repackaging specific salvage to be delivered via the rocket. - epic quests can involve performing or delivering certain tier 3 or 4 objects to the gateway chambers and others this would involve adding some what for them to consume these objects - legendary quests can be something that requires the player to generate a certain amount of power to launch the ERP rocket. The above quests can be abandoned at any time, like cancelling research. - event quest can remain the same as they are now and are only available during certain events the devs feel necessary eg. Halloween, Christmas, charities, etc. - Seasonal quests is something i would like to see added to the game where you can start a New Seasonal Adventure and the season will last say 3-4 months where players have a limited time to unlock some Seasonal exclusive rewards cosmetic and other features during the season. however the seasonal file will be deleted or become non-seasonal after this period. These quests will only be available on a seasonal file and can range anywhere from completing the game or completing x number of deliveries eg. 50 common, 20 rare, 10 epic, 5 legendary missions to unlock the seasonal reward. Now those are just some suggestions as to what the quests can entail with multiple variations for each level as the developers see fit. as for rewards for each tier of quests its up to devs but my suggestion would work around -common - other materials, or items eg. trade 4 medium platforms A for 2 malachite or 3 scraps or 1 medium platform B -rare - can reward with a fixed version of salvage or some harder to obtain resources. so returning 3 salvage medium generators will reward with 1 working medium generator or materials crafted from chemistry lab epic - these quests can reward with rarer items like an RTG or canisters of gasses like hydrogen. legendary - quests can be something that can reward with in game currency used in the cash shop when that's implemented or for rewarding players with items a tier above the input. eg. deliver 4 tier 3 objects to get 1 tier 4 object Seasonal quests are meant to be long term undertakings since they will be required to start a new seasonal file per season. This is a relatively long post but I really enjoy this game and would really like to see it grow. These are just some ideas I have and hope to post more in the future. The TL:DR version Use bytes to unlock quests in the ERP that reward players with resources or items of equal or greater quality.
  2. On the Astroneer Steam new page, on there post on there 1.0 release and some content they were planning on adding there was a paragraph about them adding a 'directed experience' to the game. Here is that paragraph. 'And while many players enjoy the self-guided sandbox experience of Astroneer, "We've also heard this call of people want stuff to do," Tirado said. "They want directed goals, they want exposition about the universe we built." These goals will be a part of version 1.0. These aren't quests, Tirado told me, and there won't be a proper campaign in Astroneer. But players interested in a more directed experience will have a path to follow if they're looking for one.' This got me thinking. What would be so terrible about quests? First, let me give you a few thoughts on my experience with the game so far. I love the game. The sandbox element is one of my favorite parts, but personally, I am one of the people who 'want stuff to do.' The 0.10.00 update (crafting update) adding a lot more content to the game, whereas before you would hit the wall of stuff to do in a fairly short amount of time, you now had much more to do before you reach that point. Though that point is still there. It seems clear they don't really want to add a quest system or campaign, and I can respect that. It would drastically change the game and how its played, and in the meantime might lose a following that likes the game because of there's practically none of that. You get to decide every step you take, and that's wonderful. You get to tell your own story. That is one of the reasons that make this game great, Okay enough jabber, now onto my idea. First I thought about all the wreaked bases on the different planets. Maybe you could find something at a sight, which would lead you to something else, which would then lead you to something else, etc until it leads you to some sort of prize. Untimely that sounded a bit boring. You could add many different types of quests you would find as to make it more enjoyable. Though my mind went down a different path. What if we added AI Astroneers that live on the planets? Like a pseudo-multiplayer system. What does that mean? Pseudo means, basically a fake, or not genuine. My thoughts are to have a multiplayer aspect added that is controlled by AI. The players might have some sort of quest like things. Mostly things like helping them base build, maybe up to the point where you help them get a shuttle and blast off to who knows where never to be seen again. That would be the end of the 'quest'. Or they could stay in the universe, you could go with them, or find them later. Another idea would be to have a way to recruit, or team up with them to help you with your base, your own personal quests. You could give them quests. I haven't thought a lot on the implements of this pseudo-multiplayer system. Some rewards for helping these NPCs could be unlocking different technologies, maybe locked ones or secret ones. The same thing could be done with extraterrestrials. Recruiting them, or joining them. They could give you access to special technologies. Overall I think it would be an interesting idea, not a lot of hope to see it implemented but still an interesting thought.
  3. The Touch of Grey Gamer

    No Astroneer Left Behind

    No Astroneer Left Behind Challenge Rules: #1 Your Astroneer may die however to continue your quest you must retrieve his/her back-pack and its contents. If your Astroneer dies and you can’t find him/her you must begin this quest over again. Once/if your Astroneer dies you must find/try to find your dead Astroneer first before any additional research/gathering/building etc. can begin again. You can’t create tethers, air tanks, etc. After you die you must use what you have already created to get you out of the predicament you’re in. You may also set a predetermined number of deaths you will allow yourself before you must start a new challenge/game. The point is to make a personal goal and see if you can achieve it. #2 You must build a “museum” to display all research pods/cubes/minerals/seeds/crystals. You must be able to post a pic (or a couple of them) of all 34 that can be found here: #3 You must qualify to receive a Medal of Logistics Gold Medal 1,000,000 bytes Silver Medal 750,000 bytes Bronze Medal 500,000 bytes #4 Single Player End Game: Your Astroneer can die however you must retrieve his/her backpack & contents before you can continue this quest. If you can’t find your Astroneer nor retrieve all his/her back-pack items you must start this quest again. You must have collected all 34 research pods and have a way to display them so they can be verified. And finally, you must have earned a Medal of Logistics by saving bytes. Variations: You can die and not retrieve the backpack if you choose. People that are new to the game or are far more casual in their play may not want to play with such strict death restrictions. The point is to play your way with goals and targets to reach/save. There is nothing to stop people from doing this in MP as well. Questions? Comments? I will be beginning my quest today 1/29/18 at High Noon EST.
  4. Tanky Wanky

    End Game Quests

    I really love the first 2-3 hours of gameplay, but once your base is established there isn't much left to do. I'm sure the developers are kicking around ideas for the beta/launch, but something small in the meantime would be great to keep engagement. A few suggestions: Make an overall quest to escape the solar system. Example: Need to recover a special rocket engine from a mountain top on Terran using a winch, which forces you to build a drive able pathway to the peak Example: Need to mine Helium-3 from super deep caves on the moon. Once you successfully fly away, you get a nice little congratulation screen. Make some research only unlockable on other planets to force you off Terran. Example: Can only unlock the oxygen tank with research items found on the moon.
  5. With 180 pages of suggestions, these might well have already been mentioned... but anyway: 1 - I'd like a map of the planet I'm on, showing my current position and the locations of all my active habitats. If it also showed beacon locations and colours, that would be a big plus (plus seeing where your corpse is, when you get killed). Maybe the map could show surface features (mountains, canyons, etc.) starting off blank and filling in as you explore the planet. 2 - Maybe there could be "mission" (quest) items - something that you find that contains a clue that starts off a chain of tasks that you can perform to receive some extra-special bit of equipment or a plan for the printer, for example, that you couldn't get any other way.