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Found 11 results

  1. I If i click on the soil canister hologram and there's a soil canister on the platform, it will use it. If i click on the organic hologram on a small generator, and it's on the platform, it will use it. Medium generator carbon hologram, Chemistry lab gas and resource holograms, all the holograms. This would really appreciate if we got this as the next update. It would just make things so much faster. TL;DR: Click on resource -> Check if on platform -> Use it
  2. Hopefully you guys could apply this to all resources and machines. Just like this would be fine for me, but please add this simple thing in the next update
  3. Since Aligning Platforms is kind of hard in Astroneer, I propose, that if you want to place a platform next to another one, the one your holding can snap to the same angle and relative position as the already placed one. Also there could be a rotation display of some sort, that shows you the angle of the terrain tool. tool For Example: A platform is placed on the ground and you wan to place an few in a row. You could now grab another platform and hold it near the already placed one and if close enough, it would align itself to the other one, so they can be placed in a row.
  4. 1) The ability to pickup medium and small platforms, as in hold them in your hands. 2) Use the winch to pick up and move buildings (I don't own the winch yet). 3)A new item, a reusable packager but it can only be used on buildings and platforms.
  5. I think that it would be very nice if it was possible to name storages and possible name buildings/boxes. When I play the game I spend lots of time planing my trips but one I travel to a planet it is hard for me to remember why I put what in the ship/storages. If it was possible to name storages that I would have this issue.
  6. Since astroneer added cameras recently, I was think of ways to get good aerial shots and views. This is my solution. Camera Drone! Can be controlled up to a certain distance away from the player. Can be accessed from a field shelter or a habitat. Has 4 tier-1 slots, in which you can put mods or resources in. (Be sure to also put a small battery on it) You can take photos with it from the air, or maybe even make videos with it! The drone would also be able to drill surface resources and dig up hazards. It would also be able to research consumable pods. It could also be used for scouting ahead the best path, and maybe even place down items like tethers or beacons!
  7. -Being able to package marbles (they would have the same package logo as the recreational sphere) -Being able to craft fireworks of different colors using explosive powder and a resource of that color. The explosion would also change. Examples include: Explosive powder + organic = green firework, circle(s) explosion Explosive powder + hydrazine = purple firework, swirl explosion Explosive powder + resin + yellow firework, star explosion Explosive powder + argon = blue firework, astroneer logo explosion (yes, I know colored fireworks were supposed to be limited but i think it would work well with creative mode) -T1 storages that fit only 2 - 3 items (useful for decoration or storing an odd number of items) -Signs, which have 2 customizable images. You can choose to have any logo (resources, planets, storages, power modules, tethers, stations, etc) and arrows pointing in the cardinal directions. If only one image is in use (like if you just wanted an arrow), it will take up the entire sign. -The ability to turn off that little 'ding' noise when you select what gateway chamber you want to go to from the Odd Stone -More landing spots on Glacio and Atrox!
  8. Posted on reddit, but I`ll post here. One thing that can sometimes bog the game experience down is transferring items from place to place. It would be great if we could hold Alt, click a storage item (a), then click another storage item (b) to transfer all items from A to B. Ideally, once you ALT+Click the first storage, a line of some sort would follow your mouse around, starting at that storage, to show you you're trying to transfer. To go along with that, if you Alt + click an item on a storage, then click a different storage, all of that type of item from the first storage will transfer to the second storage. This would also work if you Alt + click a storage, then click your backpack to quickly fill your backpack. Or vice versa, Alt + click your backpack, then a storage to transfer all 8 slots from your backpack to a storage. Active slots and your terrain tool slots would be ignored. I think this would be a huge quality of life improvement for inventory management, and stays within the simple UI / control scheme. We can already shift click items to fast pick up, and there's auto feed built into some base objects. This would kind of combine all that, and would do wonders for organizing your base.
  9. When a canister containing soil is placed on the same platform as a Soil centrifuge, it is automatically transferred to the soil centrifuge to empty the soil contents of the canister into the centrifuge module's internal soil buffer. This functionality is great, but has a minor flaw. A canister which has just been emptied in this way will be replaced by another canister containing soil, to continue filling the centrifuge until the centrifuge is full. However, once the centrifuge is full, an empty canister is left on the centrifuge's canister slot (assuming that two full canisters were used). While I understand that this is done to facilitate the storage of a partially filled canister on this slot while the centrifuge is in use, it has a major downside on the quality of life while using the centrifuge with large batches of soil. As the empty canister is left on the centrifuge, a slot on the medium storage from which the canister was taken is now empty, allowing the contents of the centrifuge operation to empty into this slot instead of the canister, which is still on the centrifuge slot. This means that the canister and items must manually be moved around, which is annoying for bulk centrifuge operations. My suggestion is to add functionality for the centrifuge to eject empty canisters from the centrifuge slot to other platform slots. This would allow for complete separation of canisters and centrifuge products, allowing for easier and more efficient use of the module. Current Result: Desired Result: Thank you to SES for all your hard work, and I hope that you will consider my suggestion for implementation.
  10. So carrying back one bit of trash scrap at a time back to the scrapper is very tedious. A bin that we can carry back a few bit of scarp at a time or but on the back of the rovers to carry the trash back to the scraper would be extremely useful thank you for your time with this
  11. So i realize Automation is planned further down the road, but I did have one small request pertaining to it that would make things SO much easier: Give us the ability to tell a machine (smelter, science lab, shredder, anything that produces resources or pulls them from connected storage) where to prioritize pushing it's resources to. For example, I build a large shredder and large storage with two medium storages connected to it on a large rover. The idea was that I would put scrap in the shredder and scrap would collect on the storage. But in practice, nope. The shredder litterally threw scrap anywhere EXCEPT the storage I built for the express purpose of holding said scrap. It'll put the scrap on my storage only if EVERY other port is blocked/being used. First it tries the bumpers, if there's no room there then is does the unused ports of the large storage, then if THOSE are full, it'll put scrap on the medium storage. Granted this isn't a game-breaking bug by any means, but it would be nice if there were some way to tell the shredder to try and put stuff on the medium storage (which, yes, it's on the same rover as the shredder) and then if THAT storage is full, then it'll try elsewhere. The same goes for machines that pull resources from adjacent storage, telling them where to try and pull resources from, e.c.t. Well, thanks for hearing me out! Whatever your decision is I'll be good, I just thought I'd point this out. I love this game way too much to let a small annoyance stop me from playing it.