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Found 4 results

  1. Hello my friends! First of all I want to tell you that I see in this game a huge potential. This forced me to spend some of my time to write few of my ideas. I would like to see in the comments what you think about them. English is not my native language, so please forgive me for any mistakes. @SES_Adam I think that you should to take a look at this. List of ideas Crystal Currency Astroneer not expose yourself for no reason. He explores the planet for economic purposes. For the game should be added currency (for example crystals able to mine) for which you would buy schemes.
  2. So I kinda want to see this game become more expansive with a combat system and perhaps space combat. I thought it could in a sense be better than No Man's Sky. Or even bigger than Ark: Survival
  3. At the current state of the game, it is very enjoyable with friends (minus the crazy lag spikes all the time, I have a EVGA 1070FTW) but as or right now there is no really HARD obsticals in the game, the cave plants can be pretty easily destoryed and the dust storms, ect. won't affect you after 20 minutes of playing and getting a truck or other vehicle. So I am wondering if there will ever be aliens or other PVE challanges that will affect how you play or defend your base, vehicles, friends. Thanks for reading! -Cry
  4. I personally think that due to the game currently not having a goal, it would be reasonable if the devs would consider keeping us eager testers occupied with some form of Player Vs Environment functionality, enabling us to engage more with worlds. In addition, I'd also like to request the implementation, or recognition at least, of various weapons that would be added alongside the hostile entities. Because currently, there's no session parameters, meaning that anyone is free to join anyone's session at their own will. However, please keep in mind, as a devoted and dedicated pre-alpha