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Found 2 results

  1. I think I am missing something vital in understanding the major purpose behind the game. I see pictures of bases in peoples' posts and some people have a ton of research units? Why? I run out of research specimens pretty quickly in any new area. People talk about moving their base on the same planet. How were you benefited by moving your base on the same planet? Also, what do you need tons of storage for? Is there some reason which will be revealed much later in the game? So far I have figured out that you have to activate all the structures and the core (done for 3 planets/moon). Then you do the same for the other planets, yes? I love this game and want to make sure I'm maxing out my potential activities. For example, I have no idea why you would need a vehicle (driving them is impossible). So far I have activated all the structures on Slyva, it's moon, and Desolo. None of these activities required more than one of each machine to make it happen. Sorry for the 1000s of questions but i feel like I have missed something vital. Thank you.
  2. Teh_Leviathan

    Thermal Vents in Caves

    Guys, I'm sure that some of you will have come across those thermal vents that appear mostly in caves. They stick out of the ground and steam comes out of them. You may have noticed that items can be placed on these similarly to the nodes at base or on vehicles. I was wondering if anyone knows what purpose these serve? Can they be used to power anything or ... ? Thanks.