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Found 6 results

  1. marshmallowbam

    Protection from storms

    First thing, Its annoying to dig a hole when a rock storm comes your way. After it passes it's annoying to keep filling in holes because they're usually right in the middle of where you are walking and it just takes time out of the day. I think it would make a great addition. Storm moves in you pull it out of your backpack and BAM tiny little shelter from the storm. It could have a limited amount of oxygen so every time you head back to base camp you can just top it off again, or even the same thing with power. if you've noway to get any power at the moment you can pull it out and get a little burst of power until you head back to base. I usually am away from base camp for 5 or 6 nights at a time collecting resources and making holes to stick said resources in before heading back to base and lugging everything with me. Not a fan of taking the vehicles with me everywhere cause i feel like you miss out on the scenery. Back on topic, I know I would personally love it and im not too sure about others. Aside from that fantastic work, you've come a long way since i bought the early access back in December of 16 and I look forward to the official release date! P.S. I would also like for storms to be able to destroy tethers(makes the survival aspect more appealing to me at least). Something similar to the picture only smaller.
  2. sry if it has been posted or suggested already. Base protection: the storm is still something. yes the astroneer can hide inside the habitat, but what if you are able to build some sort of shield emitter, which keeps the storm from hitting the base or at least you. this could be for example a requirement, when you explore the radiated world to have. a storm is currently the only thing that can kick you out of your suit or the debris he is throwing at you. Railroad: the more you explore, the greater the distances become. even when you build a 2nd, 3rd etc. base. sometimes some sort of more efficient transport system would come handy. you have your base, you build a railroad to a mountain or entry point to some caves and drive multiple times back and forth just to carry the resources to your base. what do you think of such an idea?
  3. So after I died from a sandstorm I decided to make a large dome over my pod so I do not get hit my debris. Once I got one wall up and a storm came the debris still came through the wall. Like it was not even there at all. I do not know if you can craft structures I just started. But I hope that either taraformed bases can block the debris from hitting you in the future. When you go undergroup it blocks it so I did not know why my dome gave no protection.
  4. Hey guys ! First of all, love the game, I've been way too much absorbed by the discovery and all. The thing that stroke me the most after hours of playtime is that I hate having to wait during storm in my pod until it passes away. So I imagined a feature that could prevent that as long as your close to/inside base ranged. A Protecting Energy Shield that could either be build and place wherever (2 slots build maybe ?) or even initially build with the beginning pod. The shield would act like a barrier to the storms and protect you as long as you are in range (think of it as the Gungan shields in Star Wars The Phantom Menace !). The initial radius would be small, and upgraded with some materials to fit your growing base. The 2nd thing that stoke me the most is the lonelyness while playing alone (multi is a lot of fun btw). I'm sure you guys are already thinking about adding some cool space animals and all. And I imagine some of them would be not that friendly with us so the protecting shield could also be a way to protect the player from the wildness ! One problem with that idea is how to make it work without deleting the wind effect (used for power in some cases). Maybe an activate/deactivate button for the shield ? I don't know. It's just an idea ! (Plz forgive my english :p)
  5. I was just thinking you could add walls to the printer for protection against the rocks that fly about in snow and sandstorms so we don't have to hide in our habitat or a cave. On the note of sandstorms maybe you could make it so a 1 in 100 chance that a sandstorm breaks a tether so you have to go out and replace it to keep your oxygen lines operational.
  6. You launch onto the planet, and then start running off to the horizon and then realize you are going to suffocate, then you have fallen asleep, and woke up back at the base. You have nothing of importance that's lost. Later on in the game, as you have progressed, you have collected items that you worked hard to get, but you have left them in the backpack in a fall where it is in great distance away from the base. I think some kind of Backpack summon could be used at a great cost. This "Backpack summon" would be offered free for the first time you lose certain items that can only be made with rare materials. Or maybe it will be part of research later on. Anyway, it will come with a certain cost to summon these lost items. The other idea related to the Backpack protection is to "mint" certain items that will never leave your side. I think this idea probably won't work as well unless there's a way to expand the backpack storage down the road. I suspect the development team's artistic vision tries to minimize the amount of storage on the backpack.