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  1. As i´m preparing to leave Sylva, there is something i still need to craft at a small printer. Then i realize that the small printer will absoluteley refuse to print anything for reasons that are beyond my Understanding. One of the things i still need to craft is required to leave a planet (a rocket drive, to be exact). Thus, this makes further progression impossible. PC | Mouse/Keyboard | Xbox Sincerely, Morghulis
  2. As you all know, there are only two reasons to go to Atrox: getting Helium to make Nanocarbon Alloy (and from there RTGs and other endgame items) and of course There's literally no reason to explore it, as it doesn't even have specific resources like all the other planets do. It feels like a missed opportunity for the hardest planet in the game to be the least rewarding to traverse and explore & encourages players to just set up a base and never move from there. I think Atrox really needs some work put into it, so it's not just a case of "go there, set up an atmospheric condenser with an RTG and call it a day". Given you HAVE to go there if you want an RTG, it only seems logical to make players want to explore it and face all the hazards that SES has put effort and time into making. So, here are some things I think could make it interesting: The easy solution: add some normal resource (ie not gas, but a mine-able one) that spawns as primary, so in the cave layers. Given the planet's radiated nature, the logical choice would be Uranium. Possibly make it rare-ish, so you'd really need to explore caves facing all those beloved rocket-launcher plants to find it. This resource could be used to craft some endgame items. Also you could possibly need to make some radiation protection armour to prevent getting irradiated to death from uranium clusters. Make its research-able samples have a very high byte count (ie 10k or more bytes) higher than that of Glacio's samples. That way the challenging exploration + hauling of the samples needed to research them would be paired with a good reward. This would probably require rebalancing Glacio's samples as they simply break the research system. This ties into #1: add a system whereby you can find something like ancient technology scattered around the planets (not the usual debris, something else entirely) which you can then use to build some real endgame machines. I'm thinking a helicopter or some other sort of flying machine with which you can take off and land anywhere. Add some sort of fauna that has evolved to withstand the radioactive environment; you could potentially tame this animal and it would help you out while scouting caves etc, killing harmful plants and such and it'd be a companion similar to the cuddlefish in Subnautica. Post your ideas below!
  3. When I play on my best save in Astroneer, I’ve reached a point where there is no obvious path of progression. I have bases on all the planets, massive amounts of resources, infinite power, and all kinds of rovers and structures. At that point it's like I beat the game. So this is why I feel there should be another big step in progression in Astroneer. Rather than just sticking new planets into the original solar system, I feel that there should be a completely new solar system. Another post on the forums is for a Orbital Space Station, and I have an idea for what it could be used for, rather than just being a transport for shuttles. The space station would be used to travel to a different solar system. This leap in technology will be like interplanetary travel to interstellar travel, it would take a lot of resources (maybe using the recipe that the other post included). This new solar system could have all the planets have a new resource that will be used to upgrade the research catalog. This new part of the catalog could have a lot of the more powerful/useful technology that players have been asking for. Like asteroid mining, a train, automation, geothermal power, etc.
  4. Hello, so after playing 40 hours of this game I have come to realise that there aren't quite many objectives in the game, don't misunderstand this I think the game is great but maybe a good idea would be the need to find alien blueprints in the different planets, this would increase the need to go to those planets in order to get those blueprints, it would be awesome that each planet has 1 exclusive alien blueprint and you have to explore the whole planet in order to find it (random location), this blueprints could include some nice modules like teleporters, automatic machines, etc... , of course you would need to spend a lot of research points in order to unlock this alien modules, this could also implement the use of astronium, diamonds, nanocarbon alloy that currently have no use.
  5. Hey I’ve had a few ideas for some new things to add to this wondrous game. Im not asking for a total rework of the progression system, but I’ve noticed a lot of complaints that there isn’t anything to do after unlocking and building everything except expanding. While this problem can’t really be resolved totally, more progression should be added. Even though I know more things are going to be added, here are some ideas. Dangerous weather is a must, to make things a little more interesting. I’m thinking snow on Terran and blizzards on tundra, heat storms on arid, and acid rain on exotic and radiated, not to mention heating/cooling protection. Adding an Astroneer/ vehicle upgrade system through, say, an engineering bay would include such things, as well as additional slots and durability. More resources in addition to the ones added in the crafting update should be added. I’ve looked toward the periodic table for inspiration, elements such as Osmium(super dense, upgraded titanium sort-of), Vanadium, a durable metal that is cheaper than titanium but of similar strength, and lead, which does not allow radioactive particles to pass through it, maybe to protect the astroneer from acid rain and general radiation, to name a few. An advanced chemistry lab should be added, as well as larger, more advanced power sources, vehicles, and crafting stations,and platforms to accommodate these. Examples: Maybe a solar tower, or a geothermal form of power, a larger scrapper for larger debris, a larger rover with a space for a seat imbedded in the front, or a flying machine, with flight cap(of course). Fission power could be a thing, as well as fusion power, but these would have to be extra large, and not fit on platforms(but you can do what you want). Uranium, as well as a way to make Deuterium or tritium for the fusion reactor, as well as magnets. Rivers and lakes would be cool, but that just means making more animations. If added, hydroelectric power should also be thrown into the mix to utilize those. Ive also seen requests for space stations. These would be great, but there’s a few logistical errors. First off, how would you build these? I considered this for a while, then thought: Rockets. A larger version of the vehicle bay with a launch pad would build either a small or a large rocket. These would function like shuttles but carry more items. The “rocket bay” should also build space station parts and put them in the rockets cargo bay. A “nexus” should be the starting point and include a “station printer”. The station printer would have an interactive menu, organized in a grid. This grid should have options for building and deleting. After designating what the printer should build, and finalizing the changes these really expensive station parts would then be built onto the station automagically. Second, how would you access said station after you built it? I think solving this could be difficult, but I have a few ideas. Making a hangar bay for a shuttle or rocket is necessary because of access issues (I don’t want to spacewalk any more than the next guy). Space stations should orbit the planet/moon it was launched from, have a beacon, and be accessed like a planet would be. These are my ideas, and I congratulate you for making it through my extensive post. I know this would be a hassle to add to the game, sorry if I repeated someone else. I look forward to the next update (and maybe steam workshop support)!
  6. I feel like I can pretty much unlock everything in the game inside of a 60-90 minute play session. I know there is a balance between being demoralizing in terms of pace and just handing it out but I just feel like it all goes by too quick. Would be cool if things like the large spaceship, rover, etc were 4-5 times more expensive and the research items on the starting planet capped at X research. This would force the player to build a small shuttle to go to other planets in order to get research that is worth more. Then with the large spaceship you could go to even further planets to get even more valuable research. I feel like there is a foundation for a very solid progression system, it just isn't there quite yet. All that said, loving the game and excited for the future
  7. Hello there! I've been playing Astroneer for quite a while, had my share of experiences, both frustrating and exciting ones, and multiple times (like most of us do while playing an early access game) I've wondered how the game could be improved for some situations, applications, etc. Astroneer is mostly about exploring. Sure, there is base building, ressources collecting, but in order to do these activities, you first need to EXPLORE! And, unfortunately, in my opinion, the game doesn't (yet) give you the proper tools to efficiently explore, at least not like a bloody future spacetronauts would do! How many times did we had to turn our backs to a cave so deep building a ramp would take forever, how many times did we really wanted to reach that item we saw down below but were too lazy to tether down a path towards it, etc. So I present you my very simple idea to, honestly, greatly improve the exploring experience: Rappel. Boom, right? I'm no coder or game developper, but I strongly believe this could be implemented at some point. We have an ability to anchor small objects to the surface (extenders) so why not think of a tool, build-able from the backpack after a low bytes cost reasearch - and for common ressource like... organic? - that would pretty much work like an anchor point for a rope. You'd place it on the edge of a cliff, cave entrance, etc, and use it as a purely vertical way of mooving around, then pick it back up... A small "vaulting, climbing" animation would be needed of course, but at least we would be able to do so much more, and so much faster. The lenght of the rope would be limited, but it would be enough to decend safely into a hard-to-access cave, crater, hole of any sort. And remember these hanging plants that grabs onto you or objects and pull them up towards them? How about going back up the rope use the same work-around? Anyway, this post is already too long for such a small idea, but I think it's a rather essential one, especially for an exploration game. There is no way to efficiently progress vertically through the terrain (yet, who knows, jetpacks incoming??) and I think a simple rappel mechanic would be fantastic... - Grappling Hook? Gun upgrades that lets you shoot a hook at a relative distance and hang like Tarzan to fly over a gap? - Ladders that could be packed and deployed wherever you want? - Hell, an elevator system?? Have a nice one, thank you for your time.
  8. Items that i would believe to make the game better (that i dont think are on the road map) to get people exploring the surface more & not deep underground (which bores me) you should have to get data disk (or the Artificial Research Items which makes more sense (how does a plant provide bytes of information to make a shuttle?) which should be on some crash sites on the surface (i have suggested this before) have distress beacons going off to lure players to explore certain areas including other planets having a way to check which direction your home or vehicle or any other beacons are! (a Must!!!) Having higher tier items locked until you have researched the lower tiered items, this will help fix research pacing but not solve it (large rover after small rover) Have a higher cost for items printed of the medium printer & Vehicle bay Having to repair your base from storm or meteor have a power gauge on your habitat like the vehicles (because i think the new one stores power? if it does it not very clear) Having a small buggie e.g. slot for seat & one slot for like a solar panel Solar panels do not work during sand storm & the wind turbine work in a sand storm (the wind turbine never seems to generate power so i rarely use it)
  9. Hello world! I have been coming up with ideas constantly since the start of me playing the game, and I have read the roadmap and most suggested features, though I have not taken the time to read through all the forum to make sure these ideas are original yet, and some I know others have suggested, but I say it's okay if multiple people suggest the same thing. So below, I will be listing out things I have thought of as "this should be a thing", and I may update this later as more thoughts come along. The priority is determined by my feelings of how often something recurs that makes me think of the given solution. High Priority Ideas: There needs to be a way to remove trees after they're de-rooted! I find it inconvenient that they do not disappear like rocks do after they are disconnected from the soil, yet physically block you. Perhaps they could be harvested in some way and be turned into Organics? That'd give a whole new purpose for trees. There needs to be a coupler / hub that is placeable to connect two habitat bases together. Since tethers don't serve this purpose, it can be a bit of a hassle sometimes to have to make a rover just to connect the two ends of the hoses between bases - it seems like there should be something to bind them together for shared energy. That'd also be a way to encourage teamwork from separate bases with roles being bound together for energy. There needs to be a way to remove the extensions from a habitat after you've placed Resin in them. Dynamite doesn't destroy them, though dynamite destroys buildings, and there is no button to change either in any way. A simple realign or remove button would be very handy. Medium Priority Ideas: Please allow Unknown samples to be attached to the storages again! I'm not sure why this was removed, though I do love the new appearance of the storages, perhaps there was some difficulty scale reason this was changed or clipping issues. If this is the case, then I could live with just having to put it on new rovers without slots, but I do miss being able to make a little adventure rover to put my samples on in a more tidy space. I'd like to see some Astroneer suit augments or inventory variety! I think there may be something like this coming but I don't recall it being specifically mentioned to include suit changes itself, though I did see there will be more personalization for it some day. My idea was specialized backpacks to be kept on and made with a station, either a double-inventory space one outright (that slows your walking and running speed slightly) or specialized packs like a Miner's and Builder's backpack that could store more items, though only items that fit in that specialty. (i.e. Miner's backpack stores only much more ore / processed metal than the default one, Builder's can carry much more things like tethers, worklights, beacons, small generators, augments, etc.) It'd also be fun if exosuits were a thing, like for example, faster running or ones that can carry the oxygen tanks in themselves, though that may be a tall order and I understand that isn't necessary per se. Being able to use the printer to make Shielded Tethers would be quite fun! Perhaps two compound instead of one, and can handle two or three hits from storm blocks instead of just one. So the most vital ones near a base are safer, then the regular tethers can be used underground where storms don't risk your lifeline. I'd love if we could turn Augments on and off with a switch rather than have to manually take them off each time or use them until we run out of power to start using the default ability. This would be helpful as less inventory-moving-around would be needed to achieve the result we want, as we could swimply turn off the one we don't want to use and turn on the one we do. The shielded switch style on the research consoles would fit this nicely! Or maybe just a UI "On / Off" button displayed above each connected augment. This should also be neat to see in the future once more augmentations are released. A medium / large oxygen tank may be interesting as well if it was able to be carried on the sides or top and bottom of the backpack in a slot specifically designated for it, 4 titanium instead of 2, maybe with or without a movement penalty, though not necessary, it would definitely encourage longer trips away from tethers and be kinda retro (in a cool way) and show which players are avid explorers. I think dangerous plants (such as spiky ones and types that emit poisonous gas) should make a hissing sound or some sort of audible warning before they attack. Yes, the brown and green ones that shoot homing gas do make looped sounds sometimes, it's not enough to know for new players to avoid it, so it would save frustration to know that all plants that hiss for example are ones to stay away from. Also I'm not quite sure if it makes sense that gas would penetrate your suit unless it's some kind of acidic gas. Maybe suit health should be a thing rather than an instant death, so it gives you a danger that will start to quickly lower your physical health when your suit is damaged badly, but one you can decide on how to handle it or give in. Dunno how this health would be healed, maybe a station for it or tethers using energy to mend itself or something to that effect. I find it strange you can't place Medium Solar Panels onto storages when it's placed on a building. I understand that it could clip but the small ones do anyway when placed fully together, so it seems logical to me that you could place them there. Also it should be placeable on land habitats too, as they both are two slots and it seems like it would make sense to be able to do so. I look forward to Large panels and batteries some day, so a whole power grid will be even more appealing and efficient! Misc. Priority Ideas: Though I am aware of more weather being on the roadmap, a tornado would be interesting as it would be most similar to the dust storm and therefore easier to program than something completely different outright (I'd think? Not an experienced programmer so I can't say!), something that has the same feel and destructive power of the dust storm but violently swings the spawned dirt blocks in a circular motion instead of thrown in one direction. I dunno, sounds cool to me! A strut or firm elastic bond (out of Resin probably) able to be placed onto either the tubes between or the corners of rovers connected to each other would be useful as it would be a way to keep further placed rovers that you are connected to from flipping over lazily and forcing you to get out and flip them over, as there are a lot of bumps and rocks that can cause this, and some kind of more firm bond, though making elevated terrain driving more difficult, would make flat terrain driving less tedious. Soil (and in the future, water) samples in canisters should be a viable research method. Though all soil collected is generic when in a canister, one day it might be interesting that if you collected say, green / brown, blue, purple soils (though they would be generic if you used them to terraform), if placed in a research lab, that they would give bytes as they are all differently composed. It would also be fun if other planets and moons' soil samples were worth more as they are other bodies entirely to your spawn planet. Maybe even having some kind of science module to put on rovers or landers to collect atmospheric and gravitational data as you drive or fly around planets, then remove to place into the research chamber would be cool. (This could also lead to autonomous research satellites being a thing in the future! Ones that constantly collect and report data back to the ground for bytes, and also being able to warn for storms as I see that may be on the road map.) Seeds from the pink-spike plant (no idea if it has a name!) and maybe one day, seeds from trees and other flora should be researchable. Perhaps researching items that you don't currently have researched should reduce the cost of researching that item, as you've taken it apart and scanned it, so wouldn't you know how to better make that item? Makes sense to me at least. Not necessary but sounds like it would make sense. Either way, this is about as all I could think of right at the top of my head after some gameplay, might add more later, but not sure! Hope you all like this, feel free to respond. I'd be honored if a dev would read these suggestions as well, though just input from the community is great too. Thanks for reading. <3
  10. Hi all, I bought the xbox game preview over Christmas and have already grown bored. I know the game isn't content complete but what it boils down to are three key factors for me: Research is way too easy to accumulate The Mineral Extractor is a game-breaking item that causes you to not have to explore at all anymore When you get to a new planet (yes, I've been to all of them), the challenges aren't different enough and the difficulty isn't high enough To address each of these, here are my suggestions: Research: If this is going to be a research-based game, the pool of resources available to complete the current research tree is WAY too deep. I can find 10 artifacts in a cave very very quickly once my initial base is set up. I can then get medium solar and wind, research batteries, and don't even need to run generators at night. Full research can be completed within 10 hours of gameplay, leaving no reason to collect additional research. This is game breaking with regards to progression. Research and having access to all of the tools available is one of the key components of progression and should be seriously nerfed. Suggestions on how to do this: Make research items worth a LOT less bytes Slow down the research station so less bytes are researched over time Increase the amount of bytes needed to research all technologies The Mineral Extractor The mineral extractor basically makes it so you don't have to explore anymore. If this is a game of exploration, the ME breaks that exploration mechanic. Stick in dirt, get w/e you want. This should be an "oh crap" machine where you just can't find that resource anywhere and need to do something for that resource. To make things worse, I can take a large rover with 8 medium storages on it, then a medium rover with a crane attached, then another medium rover with 8 more medium storages on it out. 15 minutes later and I have 64 cans of dirt and can run the ME for quite a long time. Once I get to this point, I don't even collect resources in the field anymore. Suggestions on how to change this: Remove the ME from the game completely Make the ME use 5 or 6 times more power than it currently uses so it takes forever to recharge Make it so you have to put 5-6 times more dirt in to get the same return To be frank, I'd like to see the ME completely removed from the game. That's just me. Planet variety and difficulty doesn't scale enough Getting to a new planet for the first time is a rush. That rush is over quickly when you realize a couple of things. First, the structure of the planets are very similar (I realize that procedural generation can cause this). Secondly, the danger level never seriously ramps up. Lastly, with the exception of Exotic planets, topside structure and landscape construction are way too similar. I leaves me wondering if there needs to be a complete terrain and/or difficulty rewrite for non-terran planets. Suggestions on how to change this: Make every non-terran planet a LOT harder to get around on (either through terrain, more or thicker dangers, or introduction of more traps). I could see the moon being the one exception to this, it's meant to be a trainer on how to set up a new base once you're off-planet. Make the cave systems and/or terrain surface much more dangerous on non-terran planets. Deadfalls, hidden dangers, lava flows, whatever.. make the caves more dangerous in general. Introduce aggressive organisms that attack you directly, forcing you to use some sort of gun mod to defend yourself (the devs might not want to do this, so take this one with a grain of salt). Alright, those are my suggestions. Flame on -Dim
  11. My idea is to introduce different levels of tethers, batteries and other items as applicable to give the players a sense of progression as they build and expand. Level 1 tether - uses 1 compound and printed from backpack with limited reach. The current tethers we know and love. Level 2 tether - uses 1 compound and 1 copper printed on the medium printer. Extended reach and higher light output. Constantly draws a small amount of power from batteries or power sources in the base. If there is no power in the base, the lights go out but the tethers still supply oxygen. Level 3 tether - uses 1 compound and 1 aluminum. Further extended reach and light output. Larger power draw. Level 4 tether - uses 1 compound and 1 lithium. Same as Level 3 tether but with some power storage capability. Level 5 tether - uses 1 compound and 1 titanium. Largest reach and light output, no storage capability. This way the player has to choose between reach and power storage. The same sort of progression could be used for batteries and possibly other items. IE - a copper based battery that stores less than lithium but is easier to use in the early game. A lithium titanium battery could be a smaller footprint than the double lithium perhaps allowing higher density power storage. Just a thought.
  12. I understand the changes to the new research system (the old one was super easy), however it gets way to grindy when you have gotten the blueprints for most of the items. I have literally spent 12 hours total trying to get the blueprint for the medium storage racks, and I'm convinced it's the last one I have to unlock. I unlocked end game items like the crane, drill, and large rover/shuttle as some of my first unlocks, and didn't unlock filters or power cells until I traveled to the moon and opened a bunch of surface pods. It's incredibly boring to spend so long just going into mines or driving a truck and bringing back research pods. I would like to suggest a different system that still provides reasonable difficulty ramp-up, but also a strong sense of progression -- a tier system. When you open a pod, it would pick from a list of blueprints and items for the first tier and if you get a blueprint, it will be removed from the list. Once all the blueprints from this first tier are gone, it would move on to the second. The second tier would have more items than the first, making it harder to get the blueprints. You would start off by getting starting items like filters, power cells, base storage, work lights, etc. but then move on to small batteries, oxygen tanks, vehicle storage, tnt, fuel condenser, terrain tool modifiers, etc. and finally get the late game items like large shuttle, large rover, crane, drill bit, etc. This would give blueprints a loose order preventing you from missing some of the most basic items before you move on. It would also allow for an adjustable difficulty curve. It could even be made so that you can't unlock items from another tier until you travel to another planet. For example, blueprints from tiers 1 and 2 can be unlocked from the get-go, but tier 3 and 4 can only be unlocked once you have visited the moon. This also helps to encourage the player to visit other planets to progress, and explore their landscapes. To show the player what they have to unlock in the tiers, a button could be added to the escape menu labeled "Blueprints". It would show the items unlocked in the current and past tiers as a colored render with the name. The ones they haven't unlocked in the current tier would have a silhouette and the name, items in future tiers would have a silhouette but no name. The blueprints menu would be opened when a blueprint is unlocked, and the blueprint that was unlocked would animate from the silhouette to a colored render. When all the tiers for your current planet have been completed, the next tier would show a "Locked until you travel to ___" over it with the whole tier grayed out. Steam achievements could be added for reaching each tier or planet also. I think a system like or very similar to this would result in much better feeling progression without it being too difficult, or too easy. Here is an example of the blueprint menu. Note that I am on barren in the background, but I was to lazy to go to terran to get a screenshot
  13. I've read many ideas for 'curing' research as it is currently. I've also read the recent post by the devs that this iteration of RNG based discovery is just the beginning and admittedly not a very pleasant beginning at that. As of yet, through my searching and reading on the Suggestion & Ideas forum, I haven't seen a more comprehensive post that ties exploration of the planets in with research/discovery progression, though I've seen elements of some of these ideas in a number of posts. Looks like the community is really hoping for a change in this general direction! Ok, here's my shot (subject to your brilliant elucidation and modification :-) Dive in and modify, hack, critique, add, twist and debase to your heart's content! ------------------------------------ All games start with blueprints for Research platform, Medium Printer platform, Small Solar, Tethers, Beacon. Fundamentals: 1 Blueprint hard-coded per Chest design (colors notwithstanding.) A specific chest design will always contain a specific blueprint in every new game, with the exception of a 'library' of common chests that always contain common resources or may be empty (but will never contain a blueprint). Assign specific blueprints and their assigned chests to specific planets. In this way, each planet should have a few chests & blueprints that are completely unique to that planet. This is the basis for the exploration/discovery progression. The key here is the consistency of hard-coding a blueprint to a specific chest type and that chest to a specific planet. By doing this, players will always know that they need to continuing exploring to find the right chest type to yield a given blueprint, even if it's less common on a given planet, in order to find all the blueprints that are available on that planet. After a given chest gives up its blueprint for the first time, each time that that specific chest design is 'cracked' on the Research Platform, it should RNG for a common resource (Compound, Resin, Organic etc.) PLANET SPECIFIC PROGRESSION Terran Specific Chests in order of frequency of appearance: Small Generator (besides common chests, this chest type appears most often) Small Storage Smelter platform Vehicle Bay ('Medium' frequency of appearance. More common than #8, less common than number #1) Rover 1 Seat Small Windvane Shuttle (this chest design/type should be a rare discovery on Terran), perhaps one of the square 'lego' type chests found near a rare piece of space wreckage? Barren Specific Chests in order of frequency of appearance: Fuel Cell (relatively common chest type on Barren) Medium Windvane Inhibitor Augment Spaceship Habitat (rare on barren) Tundra Specific Chests in order of frequency of appearance: Small Battery (relatively common on Tundra) Oxygen tank Medium Solar Panel Fuel Condenser platform 2 Seat for Spaceship Truck (rare find on Tundra) Arid Specific Chests in order of frequency of appearance: Crane (relatively common on Arid, perhaps rarer than the first items in order on preceding planets?) Drill Head Large Generator Large Storage (Rare on Arid) Exotic Specific Chests in order of frequency of appearance: Terrain Analyzer Augment (uncommon on Exotic) Dynamite Large Battery (rare on exotic) Radiated Specific Chests in order of frequency of appearance: Narrow augment (uncommon on Radiated) Trade Platform Wide augment (Rare on Radiated) Bonus Changes: Make blueprints for manmade things appear only in chests discovered next to chunks of space wreckage or pre-crafted abandoned and wrecked bases. For the more common chests, they would appear next to small chunks of debris For the more rare chests, they would appear next to large chunks of space stations which should naturally be a rare discovery. Once a specific chest design yields it's blueprint, future cracking of this chest type may yield copper or aluminum ingots or may be empty. (Reward is both eye candy + discovery of large wreckages/ruins.) Chests growing on trees or under plants on the surface should yield only natural resources (compound, resin, organic.) Chests found underground should yield Ore resources that need to be melted into ingots in the smelter (aluminum, copper, lithium, titanium, -- perhaps coal into charcoal?-- etc) Extra Bonus Progression Change: Unlock the accessibility of planet through progression. Once unlocked the planet becomes accessible from all others. Barren and Tundra first accessible only from Terran Arid first accessible only from Tundra Exotic first accessible only from Arrid Irradiated first accessible only from Exotic (Note: I recognize this does not follow the natural 'order' of exploration modeled in our own Sol system from Earth... and consideration may need to be given to provide a more logical unlocking of the planets.) Again--- just a straw-man idea to start the conversation rolling.
  14. Currently it's possible to play the game to "completion" without ever leaving Terran. Sure there are things to see on the other planets that are different and the more rare resources can be found easier, but once you unlock everything there is little to gain by going to the other planets. There are a lot of topics about adding a sort of progression to the game and I don't want to suggest a complete fix to that problem, but currently traveling to other planets is the pinnacle achievement. After that the game is what you make of it through your own creative efforts. I think making it more difficult to travel between the planets and adding more reward for doing so would make the non-creative portion of the game more compelling. Potential Rewards for going to other planets: Unlock more and better research blueprints Currently it seems that you can unlock everything on Terran given enough time and research pods. Limiting certain blueprints to certain planets would give you a reason to explore and do research on the other planets. Find more and better resources This already exists to some extent, however adding resources exclusive to each planet gives incentive to visit them all. Combining this with the above idea, you might find a blueprint on one planet that requires resources you can only gather on another planet. More unique "shipwreck" type discoveries to be found I love that they added crash landings and lost astroneer bodies into the game. Adding other cool and unique discoveries the other planets would be another reason to go to them. Discover different game mechanics This is also in the game to some extent already, and I'm not exactly sure where to go with this without getting too crazy, but discovering new things through your own trial and error is incredibly fun and satisfying. I fell in love with this game partly because the amount of instruction given is limited. You can see the controls, but everything else you needed to figure out. I think adding some version of this to each planet would be cool. Something you can only do on that planet and isn't entirely obvious, but will be discovered with certainty given enough time exploring and learning about the planet. Let me know what you guys think about this concept. What rewards do you think each planet should have in store for it's visitors?
  15. Hello All, As part of some exploration I've been doing into possible Progression paths through Astroneer, gating items & research and creating a challenging sort of "Hard Mode" has turned out to be incredibly fun for me. I thought I'd share my experience and see what people think, and maybe try this challenge mode for themselves. Here's a link to my progression chart. I've been holding to these guidelines as best as I can: (Note: The amounts of resources were based on what I think *should* be on those planets, not what I'm actually seeing.) The rules I've been going by are as such: Starting Items: Beacons, Research Station, and Filters. Unfortunately, given the current state of the game, Filters must be researched first. This was one of the hardest things to overcome right at the beginning. However, it turned out to be really fun. Finding the Resin and Compound to build the Research Bay, then researching Unknown Objects until I got Filters was CRAZY with only Beacons at my disposal. But I was able to finally pull it off in my first game, and then got really lucky (big Resin deposit close to base) in a new game I started after 119 dropped. Unlocking: When I "Research", I'm researching only the item on my list. I give about two researches per item. By the time I got off Tundra, I had almost everything researched, but still limited myself to only 9 items. Try to stick to planetary features in the guide (Trace Sunlight, Abundant Wind, etc) if at all possible. No exploiting. The only time I may have violated this rule was when bugged out cracks in the terrain revealed some deposit nearby. Once I've unlocked an item, it's available to me on all planets. Scavenged items don't count toward research unlocks. If I find a Seat, or an Oxygen Tank or Battery on a dead Astroneer, I use it. Scavenging should be a bigger part of this game! Also, this was really important to craft things early in the game - Like scavenging Titanium to build an O2 Tank. Finding a downed satellite or ship would sometimes be an absolute miracle that would allow me to build a new O2 tank or battery. Things Learned in 'Hard Mode': Covet finite resources like Compound and Resin! There was never a bigger shock than needing Compound and having none left, and no good way to drive around looking for it. Bring all the materials you need to build a Research Module (plus another module) to a new planet. I learned quickly that without all 7 Resin needed to build 3 extensions and 2 platforms on a new planet is BRUTAL. Without tethers and all the extra stuff, roaming all over the countryside in search of more Compound and Resin is not possible. The best solution always seemed to be "Pick a spot near base and start digging" Use your two "keeper slots" wisely, and don't carry too much important stuff with you. Crater down a deep hole, or suffocate way out in the middle of nowhere, with your very important Resin in your pack? Be prepared to spend a few hours recovering. Should have left that at the base. Bugs are absolutely soul-crushing. I came back to a game where I logged out while sitting in a rover way down in a cave ... Rover was clipped into the terrain, so I jumped out to try to flip it up/out. Instantly killed by a plant and rover fell through the world. Lost everything. Recovering from that disaster was a massive undertaking. Knowing where you need to go, what you might find there, and how much oxygen it will take to get back to base, or to a vehicle, was a skill I had to acquire very acutely. It's incredibly gratifying when you plan it out and get what you need and return to base as you're suffocating. Scout your area extensively before deciding what order to build your Modules. Making it back to base many times while suffocating was exhilarating. Making very precise paths, and jealously coveting Scavenged objects & power usage was really informative about how the game can be streamlined and made efficient. Here's a tip: ALWAYS RUN. You get about 5-10% more distance from your oxygen if you always run. Another Tip: "Grab-hop" always. That's when you grab an object, flip it out in front of you, and then grab it again as you're running by. Saved my ass many times, and also made me wonder where there are even two speeds in the game. How has it gone? I'm currently on Radiated in my second game starting my base there. I'm trying to make it to Exotic and unlock the last few things, and do some serious exploring. Certain planets, Tundra and Radiated especially, have been crazy hard to find Resin or Compound, and often it's a 'fountain' that I find to get the few I need. Otherwise, I'll make the journey back to Terran to try to find more. Whenever a friend joined, I reminded them I was playing Hard Mode, and they helped me out. But sometimes it turned into a liability - they would die in the middle of nowhere with valuable items or resources, or use up all the Compound making 8x Filters when it was needed to build a Module, etc. They were additional challenges, really, that made the game even more interesting. A very crucial mistake I made on Barren when I landed a shuttle to start a base and accidentally created a Research Module out of my first platform - Destroying any chance at building a base there. I had to blast off and settle down at a new base ... but the Shuttle was already burnt and couldn't create another base. I had to then blast back to Terran to build another shuttle and harvest more Hydrazine. Big setback, which I think was somewhat of a bug with the way platforms are being created out of shuttles and ships? After I was able to find a new spot and stabilize my resources, I got myself to Tundra. I set up a decent little base, but this is where I lost all my stuff due to my Rover bugging through the terrain. This is when I start learning that it is imperative to plan out your base. I had built a Vehicle Base and a Research Station right at the beginning. There was a rich cave nearby, but zero Compound. I got lucky and found a Resin fountain not too far away, so I could pull 2 or 3 resin every few game hours. After a few days on Tundra just grab-hopping Unknowns to do the Research I needed to ... I got out of there. I had to go back to Terran to abandon my shuttle (base-connector burned), and build myself a shiny new Spaceship. Arid was a new ball of wax. Without a Vehicle to travel around in, the wind-blown death balls would have their way with me. After a couple landings, I found a half-decent spot to build a base that was on the side of a hill and somewhat protected. As it turns out, I got a chance to find out how to build a base directly into the side of a mountain. I thought I needed a Vehicle Bay right away to protect me from the elements, so I set about building one (I brought a bunch of Aluminum from Tundra, too), but then realized that I had a great cave system just outside my base. The Compound used to build the Vehicle Bay crippled me - there was none to be found anywhere near me. I had to decide whether to build a Smelter or Research next ... I went Research -- it was my only shot at getting Compound and Resin, apparently. I got lucky and pulled a few compound, and just enough Resin to build a Smelter and build up some Aluminum and Copper and get off Arid. *Oof* -- Hard Mode is Hard without a Trade Platform! But, my next stop is Radiated, where I can research Tethers, Large Batteries, and Large Generator -- which is good, since power has been a problem, and there has been an abundance of Coal and Lithium on the last couple planets. Now I'm here, on Radiated, with practically no Resin or Compound. I may have to make a run to Terran to gather up some more. One good thing is the Spaceship doesn't seem to have the "one and done" mechanic for creating new bases that a Shuttle has. My best hope is that I'll find a few resources that can get me a Research bay and a Printer, so that I can start putting that Coal to good use. My Features bar in the progression chart also inform how I treat the resources of each planet. I consider Tundra to have little sunlight, in order to force my dependance on Wind and Organic power. Arid is the opposite. Radiated will be tough because I will be lowering my use of both Solar and Wind power, which will force me to use Coal and Organic power. This aught to be fun! Cheers. I know this has been a lot of text. I hope someone gets something out of it! Imelin Cane tl;dr: Self-imposed limitations and progressions through research can be fun!