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  1. As i´m preparing to leave Sylva, there is something i still need to craft at a small printer. Then i realize that the small printer will absoluteley refuse to print anything for reasons that are beyond my Understanding. One of the things i still need to craft is required to leave a planet (a rocket drive, to be exact). Thus, this makes further progression impossible. PC | Mouse/Keyboard | Xbox Sincerely, Morghulis
  2. As you all know, there are only two reasons to go to Atrox: getting Helium to make Nanocarbon Alloy (and from there RTGs and other endgame items) and of course There's literally no reason to explore it, as it doesn't even have specific resources like all the other planets do. It feels like a missed opportunity for the hardest planet in the game to be the least rewarding to traverse and explore & encourages players to just set up a base and never move from there. I think Atrox really needs some work put into it, so it's not just a case of "go there, set up an atmospheric condenser wi
  3. When I play on my best save in Astroneer, I’ve reached a point where there is no obvious path of progression. I have bases on all the planets, massive amounts of resources, infinite power, and all kinds of rovers and structures. At that point it's like I beat the game. So this is why I feel there should be another big step in progression in Astroneer. Rather than just sticking new planets into the original solar system, I feel that there should be a completely new solar system. Another post on the forums is for a Orbital Space Station, and I have an idea for what it could be used for
  4. Hello, so after playing 40 hours of this game I have come to realise that there aren't quite many objectives in the game, don't misunderstand this I think the game is great but maybe a good idea would be the need to find alien blueprints in the different planets, this would increase the need to go to those planets in order to get those blueprints, it would be awesome that each planet has 1 exclusive alien blueprint and you have to explore the whole planet in order to find it (random location), this blueprints could include some nice modules like teleporters, automatic machines, etc... , of cou
  5. Hey I’ve had a few ideas for some new things to add to this wondrous game. Im not asking for a total rework of the progression system, but I’ve noticed a lot of complaints that there isn’t anything to do after unlocking and building everything except expanding. While this problem can’t really be resolved totally, more progression should be added. Even though I know more things are going to be added, here are some ideas. Dangerous weather is a must, to make things a little more interesting. I’m thinking snow on Terran and blizzards on tundra, heat storms on arid, and acid rain on
  6. I feel like I can pretty much unlock everything in the game inside of a 60-90 minute play session. I know there is a balance between being demoralizing in terms of pace and just handing it out but I just feel like it all goes by too quick. Would be cool if things like the large spaceship, rover, etc were 4-5 times more expensive and the research items on the starting planet capped at X research. This would force the player to build a small shuttle to go to other planets in order to get research that is worth more. Then with the large spaceship you could go to even further planets to get even m
  7. Hello there! I've been playing Astroneer for quite a while, had my share of experiences, both frustrating and exciting ones, and multiple times (like most of us do while playing an early access game) I've wondered how the game could be improved for some situations, applications, etc. Astroneer is mostly about exploring. Sure, there is base building, ressources collecting, but in order to do these activities, you first need to EXPLORE! And, unfortunately, in my opinion, the game doesn't (yet) give you the proper tools to efficiently explore, at least not like a bloody future spacetro
  8. Items that i would believe to make the game better (that i dont think are on the road map) to get people exploring the surface more & not deep underground (which bores me) you should have to get data disk (or the Artificial Research Items which makes more sense (how does a plant provide bytes of information to make a shuttle?) which should be on some crash sites on the surface (i have suggested this before) have distress beacons going off to lure players to explore certain areas including other planets having a way to check
  9. Hello world! I have been coming up with ideas constantly since the start of me playing the game, and I have read the roadmap and most suggested features, though I have not taken the time to read through all the forum to make sure these ideas are original yet, and some I know others have suggested, but I say it's okay if multiple people suggest the same thing. So below, I will be listing out things I have thought of as "this should be a thing", and I may update this later as more thoughts come along. The priority is determined by my feelings of how often something recurs that makes me thin
  10. Hi all, I bought the xbox game preview over Christmas and have already grown bored. I know the game isn't content complete but what it boils down to are three key factors for me: Research is way too easy to accumulate The Mineral Extractor is a game-breaking item that causes you to not have to explore at all anymore When you get to a new planet (yes, I've been to all of them), the challenges aren't different enough and the difficulty isn't high enough To address each of these, here are my suggestions: Research: If this is going to be a research-bas
  11. My idea is to introduce different levels of tethers, batteries and other items as applicable to give the players a sense of progression as they build and expand. Level 1 tether - uses 1 compound and printed from backpack with limited reach. The current tethers we know and love. Level 2 tether - uses 1 compound and 1 copper printed on the medium printer. Extended reach and higher light output. Constantly draws a small amount of power from batteries or power sources in the base. If there is no power in the base, the lights go out but the tethers still supply oxygen. Lev
  12. I understand the changes to the new research system (the old one was super easy), however it gets way to grindy when you have gotten the blueprints for most of the items. I have literally spent 12 hours total trying to get the blueprint for the medium storage racks, and I'm convinced it's the last one I have to unlock. I unlocked end game items like the crane, drill, and large rover/shuttle as some of my first unlocks, and didn't unlock filters or power cells until I traveled to the moon and opened a bunch of surface pods. It's incredibly boring to spend so long just going into mines or drivin
  13. I've read many ideas for 'curing' research as it is currently. I've also read the recent post by the devs that this iteration of RNG based discovery is just the beginning and admittedly not a very pleasant beginning at that. As of yet, through my searching and reading on the Suggestion & Ideas forum, I haven't seen a more comprehensive post that ties exploration of the planets in with research/discovery progression, though I've seen elements of some of these ideas in a number of posts. Looks like the community is really hoping for a change in this general direction! Ok, here's
  14. Currently it's possible to play the game to "completion" without ever leaving Terran. Sure there are things to see on the other planets that are different and the more rare resources can be found easier, but once you unlock everything there is little to gain by going to the other planets. There are a lot of topics about adding a sort of progression to the game and I don't want to suggest a complete fix to that problem, but currently traveling to other planets is the pinnacle achievement. After that the game is what you make of it through your own creative efforts. I think making it more diffic
  15. Hello All, As part of some exploration I've been doing into possible Progression paths through Astroneer, gating items & research and creating a challenging sort of "Hard Mode" has turned out to be incredibly fun for me. I thought I'd share my experience and see what people think, and maybe try this challenge mode for themselves. Here's a link to my progression chart. I've been holding to these guidelines as best as I can: (Note: The amounts of resources were based on what I think *
  16. Hey all. I mapped out a possible progression as part of a few other ideas. I'm in the middle of a game using this progression chart. I have to say, it has been really challenging, and really a blast. The hardest part currently has been the fact that you don't start with filters -- I've been following all the Terran rules so far, and just unlocked Filters, so I should be in much better shape. So far, the gameplay has been vastly changed, and for the better, IMO. On one hand, I got extremely lucky to have a cave system filled with research nodes, laterite and malachite right below my b
  17. A way to control player progression is to have them unlock (research) and build equipment that enables them to explore deeper regions of planets. Tethers could require a "signal-booster" or "stabilizer" when deep underground, let's say one after 250 and a second one after 500 meters of depth, and so on. These "boosters" are essentially gateways between tiers of difficulty for the devs to place rarer resources and more dangerous terrain generation and fauna. If possible this should give big generators a proper use, forcing players to establish underground bases and not relyin