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Found 7 results


    Xbox One X Saves fail

    XBOX ONE X ... Controller I spent hours setting up bases on each planet, trying to complete achievements. On the way to the core of Atrox (my last planet) the game crashed. When I reloaded my save it wasn't the most recent but it didn't set me back too far. Trying to catch back up I saved in shuttle then save and quit. Everytime I load that save now it's at the point the saves stopped working. No more progress can be saved. Thinking I made the file size too large, on the third attempt I made a moblile base to take to each planet. Unlocked all cores and was working fine not exploring or even modifying terrain unless necessary. I loaded the save just now to find all of the costume unlocks are locked again. Hours and hours just can't finish my
  2. Played entire night, 6 hours of true progress, every half hour entered into shuttle to save a game. In the end exited to main menu and switched off a console. Next day switched on console but no saved game exists. If I recall correctly, i don't remember if "game saved" messages appeared when entering into shuttle.
  3. StubbornDonkey

    Storyline concept

    So with the new progressive research released and the game starting to form into a finished project (yes I realize there's still a long ways but as I'm sure most can agree this was a huge step and awesome improvement) I was thinking about how it could begin to have a story line to it. I came up with the concept that as a lot of people have suggested being able to build a sort of space station, that could be a good idea for the end goal of the story arc. The story would be similar to pikmin I think (never played the game but I've read and seen some videos). You start on the planet sent to find the pieces of the space station that was built as a new colony but destroyed by a rogue meteor shower. You need to travel between the planets of this solar system to collect the pieces and rebuild your station. Each planet could have unique pieces that you have to collect but before that you need the right tools, the small shuttle can be used to travel between planets to begin with but you'll need the (expensive) large shuttle to bring the pieces up to the station. Equipment like the winch or drill head may not be very expensive to research, (but still higher than your common equipment like a medium rover) require special materials which cannot be found until you reach a further planet (like diamond for a diamond tip) it would require you to eventually research almost all of the technology to be able to finally bring the pieces together. Some of the pieces may even be required to research and build, for example as a dual purpose you could create housing for certain station pieces that can double as housing for your base as protection from harsher environments. Feel free to comment and make changes as this was just a quick idea that popped in my head when I went to load up my recent game.
  4. SophisticatedDonkey


    I have a challenge for all the good terrain builders here. The prize pool will be explained below. Create something totally unique on Terran! Build a space station on Barren! Create A maze on Arid! Try to build a forest of pillars on Exotic! If you can Build a temple with a statue in the middle of ANYTHING on Tundra! And finally Build a city on Radiated! GOLD: Will get a full background for their forum profile of whatever artwork she/he will want, a profile pic and/or background for his/her computer! SILVER: Will get to choose one of the back ground or profile pic of their choosing and design and I will create it! BRONZE: Will get a profile custom profile pick of their design and I will create it! All prize pools HAS TO BE ASTRONEER RELATED, FIRST PERSON TO FULLY COMPLETE IT AND POST THEIR WORK HERE WILL WIN 1st PRIZE! HAPPY TERRA-FORMING ! Post you completed work here with screenshots:
  5. MarcusVKS

    My Opinion

    This game is progressing very slowly, at first I found an extremely promising game. After months I went to have a look and only had small progress. The biggest mistake of any game that comes out with a good promise and makes a lot of sales at the beginning is that it seems like support for it is slow. I am sure of the rages that will come in this topic with pre alpha and blah blah blah, but it is my opinion and must be at least respected
  6. My husband and I have been playing on my save file together and we thought it would be nice if when he plays on my saved game his progress/resources are saved. It's frustrating that he loses everything and has to gather/build things every time he comes back, especially since there are still issues with the game that cause crashes or issues that require restarting the game.
  7. underwurldchris

    Multiplayer fun!

    Hi Devs... A group of friends and I have been trying to play MP for a few nights without success. The game kept glitching and crashing and then not letting ppl rejoin etc.. Until last night!!! Ok we had a few problems. At one point, a friend fell through the planet and (we think) ended up on the far side from the base. He made it back though and we even managed to partially navigate him home using the sun and compass! Anyway, my game did not crash once and even though there were a few FPS drops and some terrain issues - occasionally you can see big gaps where it does not join properly - there were no major problems. Driving is fun, if a little dangerous... We built a three seat truck and went exploring, mainly to find compound and survived many dust storms. For the first time it felt like an immersive game with solid consistent gameplay. I totally understand 'early access' and I think the devs have turned it around in the first days of game 'launch'. Keep up the work!