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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings! I just got that game and let me tell you I am in love. Quick question, I tend to watch what comes into my network and what goes out. I noticed on my software that blocks software that sends information to spam sites, ad sites, analytics (personal info), etc was spamming my list hard whenever I run Astroneer. Luckily, I prevent this action on my end, but everyone is might be totally unaware as to what's going on. Is this data being used to fund the development of the game? If so, then I get it and respect that. I've attached images to show what's happening. Last night I played the game for 3 hours, and got a spam hit of over 3,770 times to an analytics company called EVERY 8-9 SECONDS. Why so much? I've been monitoring my network a long time, and no one has come close to my router company belkin (#2 on that list) that sends my network's DNS logs for them to sell to companies at a profit. So to top THAT, in a mere few hours over phoning home every 3 minutes over 24 hours is 3018 hits. With Astroneer running, it topped that in THREE HOURS. I have verified that this website is only pinged when Astroneer is running. Please provide an explanation as to what information you're collecting, selling, and for what purpose. Thanks!
  2. I personally think that due to the game currently not having a goal, it would be reasonable if the devs would consider keeping us eager testers occupied with some form of Player Vs Environment functionality, enabling us to engage more with worlds. In addition, I'd also like to request the implementation, or recognition at least, of various weapons that would be added alongside the hostile entities. Because currently, there's no session parameters, meaning that anyone is free to join anyone's session at their own will. However, please keep in mind, as a devoted and dedicated pre-alpha tester, I'd much rather have a game that has a solid and secure structure to it, before the devs add anything more. Current System: i56600k RX 480 4x4GB 250GB SSD