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Found 4 results

  1. On xbox, lack of mouse support makes it nearly impossible to create flat structures. A solution to this could be printable architecture! At first I was just focused on flat walls and floors that snap together easily, but there is potential to make unlockable shapes and styles like crown mouldings, stairs, railings, columns, windows, doors, roofs, etc. If these are crafted with colored terrain analyzers the colors could be applied as well! Having many different size and style options would provide more options for decorating and building. All options should be bought with bytes to give more items to unlock. Rather than just crafting from soil, perhaps trees could be 'shredded' and wood grain styles/textures could be implemented. Other building materials could be useful as well like steel, aluminum, etc. Another option could be conductive surfaces: giving players walls that could distribute power without needing to connect modules at a slight loss of power. (Think wireless charger) Just to reiterate, the main point here is to give Xbox players an option for aestheticly pleasing bases. I've built bases on Xbox but I can't even come close to replicating the deatil you can get with kb+m. Anything to add? Sorry if this has been suggested, I didn't see it anywhere when I checked.
  2. i began printing a large storage on a medium rover, and had to exit the game before it finished. when i came back and it finished, this happened: the storage is not movable, though it's on a stand as if it's on the ground. it's infinitely looping a collision sound as well
  3. Madeleine Laporte Brazeau

    [BUG]Printer going up for infinite

    Hi there, when I play, there's a very annoying bug which makes the printer arm going up for an infinite and unknown height.
  4. Micro crafting: The items printable via player backpack should be mainly to deal with surface materials, which should be more scarce, and is upgradable via processing computers networking. The peg material 'blocks', consisting of smaller bits of the materials should be individually maluble, where an unfinished peg, say 10% would read 4/40 when hover selected, the amount the smelter bugs out and leaves over if it smelts 4ores into 4metals i think, lol. So when mining and finishing with an incomplete peg, it's slotted into the backpack as normal. The objects crafted by the backpack, say the wind vein, will still consist mostly of alum, but won't cost a full peg, it will require other materials though. Such as how a coper metal peg consists of small ingots, maybe 5copper bits 5 composite bits, 5resin bits and 15alum bits for the vein, maybe the pack opens barn door style to reveal craft slots, where storage is on inside of doors, crafting is on spine, and utility placment is on outside of doors with auxiliary storage if no utilities such as batteries are in use. The big printer, the big battery, requiring full pegs, and other large things feels right. ~@118