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Found 8 results

  1. A surface that let you walk on wall. One that make you bounce. One that make your vehicle faster. Also for décoration ! A glass like surface to make window, A glowing surface and many more. Just a tool that let you print pattern (like the rocky pattern) would be great for decoration. The tool that print all of that could consume resources to tell wich effect or pettern it print. Thx for reading
  2. I cannot fabricate a crane on radiated but i'm not sure if this bug only occurs in certain planets How to make bug : I don't really know actually i already have the recources but it just wont print i wish i had a screenshot but the save is already gone. I hope you (SESDEV) fix it. I bought the game on steam.
  3. You do not have the Q examine option. I can not print anything. I have no choice, all items have!
  4. I have used lots of bytes to unlock various things, but I don’t know how to make them. They don’t show up as options on my backpack printer. Ironically, one of the things I’ve unlocked and don’t know how to make a reality is a medium printer How can I build the items I’ve unlocked? I have enough resources to build these unlocked items.
  5. I have been playing Astroneer (Steam version, keyboard and mouse) with a friend of mine for a few hours and I researched a few essential items but we are unable to print them. Only the defualt 1-Seat shows up along with one other item (drill head) that is printable, and in the vehicle bay only a seat is printable. This bug may only be for multiplayer, and it makes the game unplayable. I really do not want to lose my save because my base is good and the surrounding area is perfect, please help!
  6. Hi. This is what happens when I want to print, but have the wrong resource in the wrong slot (Build 154.) . printerfail.mp4
  7. It would be great to improve the printing platform, by allowing the players to choose the position of the next element, once a base vehicule as been printed. This point is specially important with the shuttle : once the base is built, the printer sets itself to print a one-sit module, but it is place on the wrong side. This improvement can be "easily" done, by adding small selection cubes on each unused slots, so that the player can choose where to print.
  8. additional crane head to print conduits or tier 2 conduits for use of storage cubes/ giant solar panel attachment place link to the full multithread here: