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  1. I really impressed latest update(automation update), And really enjoying Astroneer. But It was really hard to keep operating the factory without RTG; it need constant power supply (like Organic, Carbon to feed generators) otherwise should build dozens of Shelters If it was able to craft 'Power cells' (which is only able to be crafted from Backpack Printer) automatically, It would be much easier to keep things on (mine and refine Sphalerite, and craft Power cells). So, it would really impressive if there is some other power source which is powerful than Medium Generator, and Cheaper than RTG, like Hydrazine-fueled Generator or hydrogen-fueled(which may also crave Oxygen and never can be powerful than Carbon(=Coal) Generator, but still cheaper than RTG anyway) Then, It can be automated by way of mining Ammonium(using Auto Extractor) and Extract Hydrogen(using Atmospheric Condenser) and make Hydrazine(using Chemistry Lab) then put Hydrazine and produce electricity. (already loading 17U/s WTF at least build five if one produce 4U/s but can be automated anyway)