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Found 194 results

  1. It simply makes logical sense that the Terrain Tool should at least require some power, right? The Large Rover already requires a HUGE amount of power but the Terrain Tool requires nothing. Also, spacecraft should not give free power when you are tethered to them. Power should be a problem that you actually need to consider when you leave your base. Please let me know what you think.
  2. GlumCashew8980_2018

    Volcano, Thermal reactor.

    Hi, I came up with something in my head and I want to share this idea with you guys. What if there where volcanoes on certain planets that produce heat around them, then there would be heat pipes and heat collectors, the heat collectors would transfer the temperature to heat pipes (Celsius or Fahrenheit) and since there apparently there is water you could have a boiler leading into steam engines then you got thermal power?? Not sure this is a good idea.
  3. So, I was thinking that the oxygen and agriculture could be altered by a new set of parts. Oxygen- Right now is almost infinite for the habitats. I suggest making the habitat capable of holding up to 10 hours of oxygen and rovers like 6 hours. As your astronomer consumes oxygen you pull from the habitat/ rover reserves. Then use green houses and organics as the resource for compost to grow algae with small greenhouses and actual plants in large green houses. Small greenhouses could make it so you need two to support 1astroneer and 1 large greenhouse to support 3 astroneers. Agriculture- So, this feature could play well with the oxygen system with the greenhouses. Similar resource management but have 1 more module to package the plants into food. The habitat could hold 10 hours of food as well. Food bar on the suit could be a half circle of green lines on the back of the helmet. Rtg- Lastly, the rtg on the original habitat seems to be infinite and I more rtg can last years. But what if we have a limited amount of hours with the first rtg then use astromium to refuel it. Plus, use the medium printer to create an rtg out of titanium and astromium. Each rtg could give about 20 hours of power. Even if you can’t find astromium by then you would have a power collection system by the first 3 hours easy. Backpack Power- why not have the backpack grab power from rovers and actually drain the rover battery? These are just a few ideas I’ve had that shouldn’t break the game. Also give us new parts to research while adding a small amount of real while keeping the Essence of astroneer. Thabk you for this wonderful game, JBall
  4. Cummingtonite

    Unlimited Power

    It's been awhile since I played Astroneer. There was something that I noticed when I played it again today. When I was modifying the terrain, my power on the suit was unlimited. There was no deduction of power from the suit. Is it a bug or a new feature? If it is a new feature, I actually prefer the old way where it requires power to modify the terrain.
  5. Summary: 0.10.5 - Steam - Infinite power glitch with Extenders Description: You can charge batteries without any normal source by crafting a particular Extender pattern. Please see video. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 0.10.5 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 1809 CPU: Ryzen 2600X GPU: GTX 1080 RAM: 16gb DDR4 at 3200 Disk: Samsung 850 Pro 1tb
  6. When you connect theters to your buggy or rover with power supply, then move away with the vehicle to cut the connection, the theters don't lose the power.
  7. I tried to disconnect a cable connection and an extender appeared in the middle of the cable. Upon trying to disconnect the extender than appeared, it duplicated again, and again, and again! I swear... I didn't feed them after midnight...
  8. Note: This thread contains revised content from previous thread of mine; found here. It contained outdated information, and elements that don’t apply for the current game state ( Update). Resources Sperrylite Smelter processing into Platinum Alternative trade resource Sale value of 16 Gas Hydrate Alternative source of gasses (other being condensing ambient atmosphere with Atmospheric Condenser) Found in terrain; deposit types include Hydrogen, Argon, Methane, Nitrogen, Helium, Sulfur, and Ethane Chemistry Lab uses two bundles of Hydrate = one canister of respective gas Ethane produces doubled energy output in Small Generator; triple energy output in Medium Generator Isotopes Tritium Chemistry Lab uses one Hydrogen canister and two Lithium = one Tritium (hydrogen-3) canister Deuterium Either found as a deposit, or made from one Hydrogen canister, one Organic, and one Ammonium = one Deuterium (hydrogen-2) canister Modules & Equipment Atomic Battery = 1 Tritium Canister + 1 Titanium + 1 Silicone Roughly size of canister when expanded Provides 100.0 Bars at 2.0A Great for late game solution to portable power (widget compatible) Fusion Reactor = 2 Steel + 1 Titanium Alloy + 1 Tungsten Carbide Attachment space for one Tritium canister and one Deuterium canister Produces 300.0 Bars at 4.0A Flywheel = 1 Tungsten + 1 Steel + 1 Titanium Alloy Large, powerful immobile energy storage (non-lithium based); uses Large Platform Stores 1.5 the amount of energy produced by a Fusion Reactor (450.0 Bars); provides at 2.0A Scrubber = 1 Filter + 1 Plastic + 1 Aluminum Alloy Acts as indefinite oxygen supply when powered; backpack compatible, working in the widget slot Greatly benefited by equipping Atomic Battery Vital late game upgrade for Astroneers needing medium-term independence from external oxygen supply; without burning through resources Dampener / Fall Preventer / Airbag = 1 Plastic + 1 Silicone When equipped to a widget slot, it halves damage received from falls and impacts In an emergency, the canister deploys a personal airbag hemispheral cocoon from an Astroneer’s Backpack, so as as to dampen the force of impact After impact, the airbag deflates and retracts back into the attachment housing
  9. Brad Owens

    power sources

    Xbox one system: how a new version of the Solar panel? already have the small solar panel. have a medium solar panel, and a large solar panel that turn with sun. the medium solar can use the medium size platform and the large solar penal will a the large platform. in genaratoring power.
  10. The Tox

    New Power (Nuclear)

    (This is inspired by SES’s statement ( may have been in a article) of having stuff based on achievements) So nuclear power. It’s been talked about a bit. Really it would be a large generator. See you could have an achievement that unlocks the LARGE GENERATOR. This allows you to have another way to power your systems. It would be a achievement that you would have to unlock every save. This keeps it from being overpowered. It would power your base using any resource, just ten of them. Depending on the quality( rarity) you get more time. It would power your base for 15 mins to 1hour. It would just provide continuous power ( until) it runs out. It’s basically the habitat’s power generator. It is a module that can either only fit on 1 entire side of platform c, on the entire large platform type a/b, or on the middle of platform type b. Similar things could be done with wind vanes and solar panels as this is just a large generator.
  11. So my friend said that his small rover (now called a Buggy) battery wasn't draining even though the power generation wasn't working. This needs to be fixed soon if it is a bug (he's uh...less-than-intelligent let's say, so it may be a false report) but if it is a bug it does need to be fixed as it breaks the game balance. We're in multiplayer too, and I haven't seen this bug in singleplayer before
  12. Resources Sperrylite Smelter processing into Platinum Trade resource Sale value of 16 Gas Hydrate Fuel Condenser processing fills Canisters with Liquid Propane Liquid Propane produces doubled energy output in Small Generator; triple energy output in Medium Generator Isotope Smelter processing fills Canisters with Tritium (hydrogen-3) Fuel Condenser processing fills Canisters with Helion (helium-3) Modules & Equipment Atomic Battery = Tritium Canister + Copper Roughly size of canister Provides 100.0 Bars at 2.0A Spent batteries can be used as substitute for Fuel Condenser Helion production Great for late game solution to portable power (widget compatible) Fusion Reactor = Iron + Titanium Attachment space for four Helion Canisters Produces 6x Power Stack equivalent per canister Flywheel = Tungsten + Copper Large, powerful immobile energy storage (non-lithium based) Stores twice the amount of energy produced by a Fusion Reactor; provides at 2.0A Scrubber Printed using Filters Acts as indefinite oxygen supply when powered Greatly benefited by equipping Atomic Battery Vital late game upgrade for Astroneers needing medium-term independence from external oxygen supply; without burning through resources Other (For possible future addition of Space Stations) Space Elevator Solution to fuel demands late game May use rare resources, but allows for movement of larger objects into space Bulk trading using docking spacecraft with station (late game resource procurement)
  13. So, I dragged a fallen solar panel, those big ones, to my base. And now I have huge amount of power. But, there are anyway you can use them. I have a condenser running, but the fuel are un-tradeble now. I was visioning this kind of system: Player can build like a platform which act like a space gas station. NPC can drop there and have their ship refueled, repaired and maybe other stuffs. Player get reward from fulfill NPC's need. Like, rare stuffs, or byte points. Like that. Hows this sound?
  14. Windows Version. I know that we haven't been able to connect via tether to small platforms in the past however, now that every thing is compact and modular and we are encouraged to explore quickly I think we should be able to draw power from small platforms. See attached image. Trying to explore exotic and just want power for mods... Thanks! PS Love Love that the small fabricator boxes up the items i.e medium solar and storage!
  15. brgoshorn

    Small battery issues

    The small battery does not feed power to the Astroneer or to a vehicle when it is attached.
  16. So, I spent the weekend playing around with the new update. I had a few thoughts and wanted to hear what everyone else thinks. Scrapper Its neat to be able to scrap up all of the debris that is laying about and turn it into a usable resource. This has actually been the first time I have build a trade platform in ages. With the overabundance of resources and limited amount of things to use said resources for there isn't much need to do this but hopefully that will be balanced out in time (probably after the 1.0 release). Since the scrap is scattered about and not all of it can be put onto a slot it is almost necessary to attach the scrapper to a rover and haul it around rather than try to bring the scrap back to base. The only trouble is the scrapper uses a tremendous amount of power. I put it onto a large rover and only put 1 medium solar panel on it. Even in direct sunlight the scrapper sucked more power than the solar panel could produce and at night I was at a standstill. I thought about slapping a medium generator on it but as expensive as coal is to trade I figured using coal for fuel to make scrap and then trading the scrap for coal would become almost a wash. At that point, why use the scrapper at all? I probably should have just stuck a couple small generators on it and gathered up some organic since it is plentiful above ground. Again though, Why spend time collecting organic and scrapping debris when I don't really need the resources anyway. Rovers I absolutely love the buggy (small rover) This is the best thing for exploring tunnels since 1 unit of power lasts an extremely long time. It is really maneuverable and has no issues going up a steep incline. This has become one of the first things I unlock. I'll use it for surface recon. Take off with a pack full of beacons that I can lay out to mark cave entrances, ship wrecks or resource deposits for quick and easy collection when I go out with my large rover train. Only improvement I could ask for is a double slot on the back that could hold 1 research node. It gets really old having to walk these back to the entrance of my tunnel every time I find a couple of them. The Medium and Large rovers seem to draw much more power than they used to (or just have smaller built in batteries). These have become almost useless under ground. Like the scrapper, maybe I just need to find a way to supplement their power supply but they just don't seem to be able to go very far without constant power. I took a train of 3 medium rover down into a tunnel. I went from the surface, down a ramp about 3 layers deep, turned around and the thing was out of juice. I can slap a couple power nuggets on it to get it back up but it gets tedious doing that over and over again. With the current issue of research falling through the ground down about 3 layers I can quickly gather up a pile of about 20+ research if I find a deep enough cave system. I just don't have a good way of quickly getting it back up to the surface. Power I really do like the new power system. It is definitely an improvement over what we had a short time ago. The only thing I really want now is a better way to stockpile more power. My primary power source at my base is almost always solar but unless I have 12+ medium batteries it doesn't last through the night. I'll put a few wind turbines up but I never know if they are going to actually have wind when I need them. Plus I would like to be able to store more power on my rovers without having to take up too many open spots. As it is now I just dig a hole and fill it full of power nuggets I collect in caves that I can plug into my rovers as needed but I would love a large battery that could store 20+ power nuggets worth of power. Gathering or generating what I need is easy. I just need an efficient way to store it all without it taking up a tremendous amount of room.
  17. Hello, the solar panels on my rover-train turn on while stopped in a cavern. I waited until it happened again then captured this. Also when I connected it to the outpost the power loop began and I could smelt and research for free. Power loop: Small solar panel: Medium solar panel: I love the game btw
  18. As you can see, I still have a Small Battery with Power, but the "No Power" Icon is on over my head. Possible fix, your script probably says: Once battery on backpack is out of power Then turn Icon on. Keep that, but add a line for small battery to fill the backpack instead of running off of it. That would fix everything real quick. PM me if you want help.
  19. So my friend and I built a medium rover a little while ago and we decided to build a large rover too. I attached the two for towing and noticed that I was gaining power mysteriously. So we hooked it up to our base and it runs at full power now. We even disconnected where we get most of our power and we are still running at peak efficiency. We also had a medium battery that was being filled with power
  20. a biomass reactor you put in for example 10 nuggets of organic material, which gets compressed or synthesized like in the hydrazin catalysator. can be turned on and off and works as power source. this idea can be taken further, maybe an organic compression unit before the biomass reactor - which requires cannisters organic material compressed into cannisters then filled into the biomass reactor - power source
  21. Okay, the idea is simple, presuming that the Dev team insist on keeping the XL-storage Dome at it's measly 30~ish single slots, then why not make it generate power? (yes, literally just stick an RTG in it) This gives it something else to do instead of just being a "cheaper" storage space for 30~ish small items. Heck, it'd give a reason to use it! Starting up a new base? plonk down the XL-storage with RTG and you're set for a while. Well, if you have it produced as a package by the Medium Fabricator, instead of hard-mounting to a rover from a vehicle bay. ... I guess that makes this two suggestions in one. TL;DR Allow the XL-Storage Dome to be made in the Medium Fabricator as a package. Allow the XL-Storage Dome to generate power like the new main habitat's RTG.
  22. Ian Anderson

    Power overhaul or updates

    The ways to gain power in this game are very limited I feel and I the.k that if the power had more applications such as having platforms with battery life or large solar panels and large battery but at the same time make lithium a little easier to find would make powering your base at nighttime much easier and not so troublesome
  23. What is the deal with this unlimited wireless power we have going on?? Is anything getting done about that? It feels very cheaty to play right now because you never run out of power when running off and mining etc.. Is there something we need to do on the client side? I tried starting a new world, but that didn't work.
  24. i was doing my stuff on terran and moved a small generator but then it glitched under the start habitat i made it to get it out but then the power on the whole planet was freezed the solar modules and wind modules doesnt work anymore only generators produce power but if i connect a generator to a platform it connects the wire but the power doesnt work. batteries doesnt work either this problem is only on terran on other planets like barren the power works
  25. Summary: - Steam on Windows 10 Pro x64 - My power system goes super-sonic when I have a machine do something. Description: Probably a consequence of my liberal use of splitters, the power cables' animation seems to go absurdly fast when I turn something on. Here's a gif. If it's needed I can provide the exact details of my current power systems to aid in reproducing the bug.