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Found 1 result

  1. Hey astroneer team, I've been playing astroneer since it came out on box, or maybe just a little after it came out and since these last few big updates, I've noticed some things such as power sources and power collectors, (ex, "small battery", "medium battery", and "small wind turbine" etc, and these indicate that there are or might be bigger versions correct?, Well as I was wondering such things, I was thing of different power sources and collecters, and then I thought, why not make one huge system, where it takes certain resources to create energy, and attachments that store energy, and then bam, it hit me, and again like in the title this is a really big idea, ready? NUCLEAR REACTOR!, Yes I understand it will obviously be quite a while till such things could probably be implemented, but hey, it's quite a cool concept right? Or at least to me it is, anyways, if you devs think this could be any bit possible, I'd love to see it, all of it really, from startup build, to complete polished game integration, well, the reactor will be polished maybe ?, but the game has quite a ways to go, so much potential, it really is quite an awesome game, and I've always been into space and crafting, and then you guys made this game, and I was like, hell yeah, sold lol, anyway, if you read this thank you for your time, and possibly the consideration of my suggestion, and thanks for creating such an awesome game. hope developments go well, and have will you do it, and I can't wait to see future updates and new technology integrated into the game, you guys do such an awesome job with this, so keep up the good work.